Dealing Rightly With All The Enemies Fighting Against Your Progress

Enemies of progress are constantly working so hard to see you fail in your marriage, business, career, education, etc. They wish for your failure. This puts you on a very hot seat; Unless you keep them abased — success would barely last in your life.

Enemies of progress always want to stab you at your back. They hide in the darkness to destroy your life
“A good friend” is a foreign word to our modern generation. It’s a pity to find out that your are surrounded by an uncountable number of enemies.

Have you got people who hate you so much? — Enemies of progress. I presume you responded “YES.” Ain’t they a matter of concern? The truth is; as long as they put your life in jeopardy — you have to wake up.

Kindly allow me space in your busy schedule to share a piece of information that will protect you form your enemies.

It’s a matter of concern to figure out who are your true friends; and those kinds of enemies of progress. It’s undeniably true that every single human has enemies. They are everywhere; both within the spiritual realm and the physical world.

In this post, I intend to draw your attention to one of the most astounding realities of life. Before you finish reading it all, you will have a proper understanding of why certain people work so hard to bring you down. Even if it takes their last penny to destroy you — they will. This ain’t fun so stay with me and let’s figure out how it happens.

You are a fragile human who is vulnerable to so many attacks. You might be seeking peace, but someone who has decided to stay anonymous has conspired to destroy you and every good thing you have. At this age, don’t tell me you are unaware. Your enemy is lurking in the darkness waiting patiently to…

Who Are Your Enemies Of Progress?

I have talked about the crafty devices of evil forces, enemies and Satan himself. I want you to bear in mind that the moment you decide to worship God; you automatically become an enemy to Lucifer who is the author of evil.

For this matter, all the enemies of progress fabricating lies and conspiring to see you suffer in life are agents of Satan. Ladies and gentlemen, we are already at war. It takes a diligent spiritual awareness to drive away all the enemies operating in the spiritual realm.

What about the physical realm?. Well, I suggest you read one of my old posts that talk about how to deal with your enemies in a professional way.

Why They Want You To Fail

One funny and pathetic thing about the nature of certain haters happen to be like — even if you have nothing valuable in life; they wish for your failure and death. The question is what have you done to them?. Obviously nothing. Denzel Washington once said:

“Some demons will never like you because your spirit irritates their demons.” — Denzel Washington

It’s very complicated and unimaginable trying to understand why people dislike you. You hold something precious — they hate to see it glow like a luminous light. They simply can’t withstand its beauty.
Just as I am talking about enemies of progress who are full of hatred, jealousy, and anger; you need to know their tricks and how to shut them up!.

 A fake friend and a real enemy of progress

Perhaps you are making a little progress in life. This is one serious thing they hate to see. The worse part is when you make huge monies, get a successful marriage, reach a higher level in your education, get a good job, run a successful career or business.

They are real problems. Satan has infiltrated them with envy, hatred, covetousness and all the evil thoughts you could imagine. Break them down with the power of God through prayers. Prayers are effective against enemies. Just know how and when to say those imprecatory prayers.

It is your duty to fortify your personal boundaries. Don’t let them infest you with their diseases. Yes! They are sick!; Like viruses, Trojans, malware, etc. posing serious threat to your life. Wise up and stay away from them. And if they bring it one — know how to handle it with due diligence.

How Enemies Of Progress Get Access To You

Never forget what the Bible has said:

And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14).

I would like you to pay attention to what I’m about to say. It is very crucial, obvious and a must-know secret.

All those enemies of progress surrounding you mimic the false nature of Satan. Satan will never approach mankind in a savage-looking appearance. He wouldn’t come to you in his true identity.

Consider what happened in the Garden of Eden before the fall of man. This great foe(Satan) approached mankind as a friend. With soothing conversation, he made gullible Eve believed that he is helping her to become wise just like God.

Lucifer succeeded in deceiving mankind by whispering lies into her ears. The friendly approach is the best way of deceptive means to prey on the innocent.

If your enemy comes close to you with his true identity — you would slam the door on him. So how would he approach you and get your attention, explore your weaknesses and capitalize on it?.

Possible Transformations Your Enemy Takes

That enemy looking for your failure and destruction will come in the form of a/an:

1. lovely friend
2. sick person
3. innocent child
4. mad man
5. aged (old man/old woman)
6. beggar

Looking at the above scenario, you would know that all these kind of forms make your enemy of progress harmless and trustworthy. Maybe you would also be interested to read an extended version of this point: the beautiful smile of your enemy.

Your compassion, unguarded thoughts, and impulsive decisions can place you in a real big trouble. You may be entertaining a deadly enemy under the disguise of a loving friend.

Sometimes people still question why I keel on iterating why they shouldn’t trust anyone except God.

Not everyone who smiles with you is a friend. Leave a little secret to your life. Not everyone deserves to be your friend or know everything about you.

The one who would hurt you most is he who is closest to you. Watch out!.

Your Success And Happiness Aggravates Them

The hatred will become intense when they start seeing progress in your life. In view of the — you must be vigilant when moving with people who claim they are happy for your success. Enemies of progress become heavily offended anytime you make the slightest progress.

Their conspiracies to cut you off will hunt you down. You are vulnerable to their crafty devices. Let God be your protector. Make good use of that simple but powerful lever called “brain.”

Think twice before you allow people to have access to your private life and other secrets. Crosscheck those forming part of your inner circle.

Don’t hesitate to weed out the bad nuts if you uncover them. Snakes in the grass…

You can’t read the secret motives of the guy sitting next to you on the same dining table? Only God can help you find out. Not everyone who shares pleasantries with you likes you.

Behind your back is full of evil thoughts. Enemies are everywhere but you can’t see all of them. However, implementing the right solutions will shield your beautiful future life from possible destruction. You can deal with them effectively.

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