26 Awesome Bible Quotes About Beauty

Bible Quotes About Beauty

By looking through the scriptures, you can see how God’s creation is blessed with beautiful things ranging from humans, animals, tress, cities and more. Several Bible quotes about beauty reveal the differences. This earth is full of beautiful things. However, the word ‘beauty’ differs from individual perspective. God also sees beauty in a way that … Read more

35 Bible Verses About Suffering To Inspire You Today

Bible Verses About Suffering

You aren’t exempted from the afflictions of this world. Stay strong and hopeful. Those who endure to the end will see joy. These Bible verses about suffering can help broaden your understanding and build your faith in Christ Jesus. Have you been contemplating why your life has been crushed with frequent pain and suffering? Isn’t … Read more

Never Miss These 38 Bible Verses About Fasting As A Good Christian

Bible verses about fasting

Fasting has been a powerful step towards God in times of trouble. Both the New and Old Testaments recorded how the Jews and Christians sorted to this religious practice. And Here are several Bible verses about fasting to inspire, teach and encourage you to make it part of your spiritual life. Are you looking for … Read more

33 Bible Verses About Relationships To Help You Become A Lovable Person

Bible verses about relationships

Are you a Christian who is looking for Bible verses about relationships? Here are several of them to spice your day. These scriptures cut across friendship, marriage, courtship, etc. Since God made humans —we have developed into different social classes. Love has been the greatest thing that brings unity, development, peace and happiness. When we … Read more