Powerful Bible Verses That Will Make You Work Hard In Life

There is much beauty, pains, happiness and fun in sweating for money, profits and reward. It is time to brace yourself with Bible verses about how to work hard. To be successful in life requires you to sacrifice your knowledge, energy and time.

Selected Bible verses about work hard lessons for Christians

It’s a beautiful day once again and I believe your “gift of life”(breath) is keeping you inspired and hopeful about the future. God is not done with you — so far as there is breath in you. It is time you learn some Bible verses about work hard lessons and why you must even work hard.

In most of my posts, I make it audibly simple for everyone to understand the importance and the blessings behind hard work. You may be interested to take a detour to read my article about Bible verses for business growth

Take a minute and read this too: motivation to help you work harder. Complement it with what I’m about to share with you now. Your spirit will become lively and make you proactive to put in more effort to live a happy life.

Today it is about Bible verses about work lessons. God expects you to do something if only you are capable.

However, there is a big question mark on issues and incidences relating to child labor. Children need not to trade for money — especially in the streets.

The Bible contains all the things mankind needs to live a happy life. It actually covers every single aspect of our entire existence on earth. God cherishes hard work. He rewards with abundant blessings.

What Do You Do For A Living?

I guess you are already working. If the opposite is the case then I will presume you are willing to work for a living.

Unemployment is a bad situation for any serious person. Even if the payment of a job sucks — you may consider it and manage until… The lazy have very little concern about work. He might even have no concern at all.

But I am hopeful after reading this whole article about Bible verses about work hard lessons — things will change.

Sometimes when thing’s get tougher in life — we lose interest in almost everything; including our jobs, careers, business and any legitimate thing that bring money into our pockets. How can you live your dream life if you are not working for it?.

I believe these are the times’ people become in need of Bible verses about hard work. You need genuine inspiration from God to stay strong.

Reasons Why You Need Bible Verses About Work

You wouldn’t have to place too much importance on worldly knowledge about living a successful life through your dream job. As a Christian, I believe the best source is the Bible.

Whenever a Biblical reference is made to put God first — then it means a whole lot.

“It is vain for you to rise early, come home late, and work so hard for your food. Yes, he can provide for those whom he loves even when they sleep” (Psalms 127:2).

“Simon answered, “Master, we worked hard all night and caught nothing! But at your word, I will lower the nets” (Luke 5:5).

These two are interesting verses that will draw your attention to God’s power. It doesn’t contradict the topic at hand. God is all-powerful and so can do anything for those who love him.

Before you even consult a career coach, an economist, motivational speaker, etc. open your Bible and feed on Bible verses about work hard lessons.

God will direct you to mobilize any resource in your hand for a proficient disbursement or proper allocation of any resources you have. You would be able to formulate the best business ideas, future plans, etc. through critical thinking.

As the scriptures say: there is nothing new under the sun. Irrespective of the kind of job you do — God appreciates it; He endorses it; as long as it is not illegal or sinful.

People still find themselves in skeptical situations. This make them question themselves about why they should even work or keep on working.

It all began in the garden of Eden when the first species of mankind (Adam and Eve) was cursed to sweat before they eat.

Without work how can you earn money? eat? buy clothes? pay fees and other bills?.

In times of insolvencies in your business — do not give up. By making use of Bible verses about work strategy and as well as that which talks about business growth; you would bounce back to reclaim whatever you lose.

Bible Verses About Work Hard Lessons In Life

Apparently, we don’t spend our time and energy to work for nothing. A work done needs to be paid!. Unless the person in question decides otherwise;

1. “Then Laban said to Jacob, “Should you work for me for nothing because you are my relative? Tell me what your wages should be” (Genesis 29:15).

2. “She asked, ‘May I follow the harvesters and gather grain among the bundles?’ Since she arrived she has been working hard from this morning until now – except for sitting in the resting hut a short time” (Ruth 2:7).

3. “Whatever you find to do with your hands, do it with all your might, because there is neither work nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom in the grave, the place where you will eventually go” (Ecclesiastics 9:10).

4. “The king and Jehoiada gave it to the construction foremen assigned to the LORD’s temple. They hired carpenters and craftsmen to repair the LORD’s temple, as well as those skilled in working with iron and bronze to restore the LORD’s temple. They worked hard and made the repairs… followed the measurements specified for God’s temple and restored it” (2 Corinthians 24:12-13).

5. “In all hard work there is profit, but the talk of the lips leads only to poverty” (Proverb 14:23).

6. “The farmer who works hard ought to have the first share of the crops” (2 Titus 2:6).

7. “Elders who provide effective leadership must be counted worthy of double honor, especially those who work hard in speaking and teaching” (1 Titus 5:17).

There are more Bible verses about “work hard and enjoy happiness.” I believe the above lists have been very helpful to you. Stay positive and motivated to do your best in whatever job you find yourself within now.

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