3 Things Making You Feel Like A Stupid Failure

You are just one in a million people who think they are lost in life. To feel like a failure is just a warning sign to play your cards well. The solution starts with re-engineering your mind and taking the right steps.

When you start feeling like a failure you need to think positive and make a difference in your life through actions

Hey you! is any situation making you feel  hopeless? Are you feeling like a failure?. This article is just for you. Don’t skimp through. Have patience and learn what would practically change your situation. Read everything with rapt attention. I’m going to hit on the nail to help you turn things around.

Once a while you will experience the obnoxious feeling of inadequacy, loss, failure and loneliness. These are just human feelings that come as a result of our thinking and other activities.

When it is self-judgment it is likely that —that conviction is true. On the other way round it might be false because some of us have lost the proper usage of our conscience. Yes! I know some guys consciences are dead.

Now let me say, thank you for giving me your attention. In this post, I feel the need to share with you some of the reasons why you are feeling like a failure, how you can overcome such kind of negative thoughts and even rectify any damage you have already experienced in life.

Frankly speaking, our generation is putting much importance on unrealistic lifestyles that are far from what a normal man can achieve. In other words, they have redefined what we know as a “normal life” hence brainwashing people from facing their life challenges.

People are feeling like they have failed in life. But in the real sense, they haven’t. If for one or two reasons you are feeling like you are a failure; I am here to prove you wrong.

I have already talked about how to deal with negative emotions of such kind. Don’t kill your beautiful future with a temporal awful experience. Life goes on!.

Understanding What Failure Really Means

Before I delve deeper into this topic that hunts millions of people around the world; let’s find the meaning of “failure.” Then we will fight it against the truth. Do you really believe you are a failure in life???.

The definition of failure goes like this:

a. lack of success.

. the neglect or omission of expected or required action.

c. the action or state of not functioning.

I believe the meaning is well understood. If that is the case, then let’s continue to figure out if your thoughts of being a failure mean everything is over for you or not.

The Truth Within Reality As You Start Feeling Like A Failure

Hard times might knock you down flat on the floor. But it doesn’t mean your life is over. So far as there is breath in you — you can still accomplish all your lofty goals.

Look, I am not trying to deny the fact that people’s goals, expectations, and hopes fade out. Of course, you may not achieve what you planned to have within a certain period of time.

Better still we can call you a “failure.” It sounds awful and heartbreaking — I know —but there is no cause for alarm if you seriously want to be successful in life. There is one thing you have to know: Failure is temporal.

Your first attempt didn’t work out and so what?. Try again. I remember in my early publication of this blog site, I posted an article about why you shouldn’t be afraid of falling in life.

Thomas Edison, the man accredited for inventing the light bulb debunked people’s negative talks about his several unsuccessful attempts to his invention by saying:

“I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work” — Thomas Edison

Feeling like a failure? Inspiration To Help You End It All

1. The student’s plight: A student will sob over poor grades forgetting there is still a way. Winston Churchill is known to have failed a grade during elementary school.

It did not end there. He was placed in the lowest division of the lowest class in Harrow when he first entered, he twice failed the entrance exam to the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst.

After all these experiences he never gave up. His weakness did not determine his future. At age 62 he became a prime minister. If you are still feeling like a failure; it is time you rethink and reconsider your decisions.

2. The Entrepreneur’s Nightmare:

Raising capital to commence a business of your choice isn’t on a silver platter. What if after heavy investment in your career or business you fail to accrue profits?. Well, I will say nice try. You are bold enough to take the risk.

Yes! I never forget to remind all the success-minded guys that taking risk is a good move even if it doesn’t work out. I guess you know why… Henry Ford Ford is known to have failed and been broke five times before he succeeded.

3. Poverty and money matters:

Poverty is a disease. It is curable so start searching for the best remedy. No one is blaming you for coming from a poor family.

But your inability to harness your talent, use your mind and energy to be productive in life is a shame. Why not spend time to ready my eye-opening article that explains why poverty is a matter of choice?.

Things Making You Feel Like A Failure

Now, I want to cite some of the possible reasons why most people like you feel like their done in life. Right now, if you are feeling like a failure, relax, reorganize yourself and get back to your future plans.

If something or someone derailed you from the road to your promised land; Get back!. This time around with an iron fist. Resilience to failure is one of the secrets to a successful life.

As human beings, we have so many needs. We always thirst to satisfy them now or later on. This, therefore, calls for planning and execution of our goals.

To achieve anything worthy in life, you need to work for it. It is not a magical world that you have to conjure your needs and say you are a successful person.

Success is earned. Lazy people are not fit to achieve greater things in life through legitimate means which is graced by the Lord’s blessings.

It feels like I’m over elaborating… Keeping it short and concise, consider these reasons:

1. Unnecessary Comparison

The sickness of unhealthy comparison has eaten into the minds of so many people. Do you often feel like you are a failure because someone else has achieved something you haven’t?.

Your friend’s success story is far different from yours. Learn how to be different from the crowd. Create your own path. A red-colored apple needs not to compare itself with a green colored apple.

When you see your friends, coworkers, family members, predecessors or contemporaries getting married, building mansions, traveling abroad, living a luxurious lifestyle; there is no need feeling like a failure.

It’s a matter of time. Remember what the Bible says: “there is time for everything.” If you stay focussed, you will achieve anything you set your mind on.

2. Negative Mindset

If it is not a cognitive bias then it might be a challenge from your friends who are negaholics. Another awful feeling may erupt like a volcano when a psychological battle begins in your mind.

When you start feeling like a failure, the mind will like to code it and make you a prisoner of your own thought.

The mind works in an amazing way when you are a kid, your subconscious mind got coded with negative emotional feelings such as inferiority complex, low self-esteem, fear, mediocrity, etc. Now you are a grown up! Shake off that childish thoughts.

Unless you break this powerful self-doubt which has shrouded your potentials like a kind of dark magic.

Train up your mind to embrace positive thinking that results in breakthroughs. There is a saying that “you become what you think.”

Don’t tell yourself nor anyone that you are a failure… Even if your job has collapsed, you can bounce back —so far as you are still alive with a functional brain.

3. Fear

I have already covered a number of topics and reasons why people live in fear and panic. Now, those of you out there feeling like a failure let me ask: What is the thing that strikes fear in you. It’s like teaching curious students about mankind’s greatest fear and leaving them in awe.

Some think they have exhausted their precious lives in a way that they can never recover. All the songs they sing are about “failure to become successful in life” and “its too late to make it.”

People assess their lives and say…Oh-oh, I’m 35, 40… with no:

1. kids,

2. house

3. degree

4. spouse

5. cars

Then the fear of aging starts paralyzing you. Stay calm — age is just a number. Grandma could have her first degree at age 60. You can still make a difference if you think age is catching you. Focus on your goals.

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