People Disliking You Must Make You Happy

Have you ever been hated or discriminated against before?. There are crazy reasons why people dislike you. People will also hate you for “NO” reasons. This makes a lot of people paranoid. But in the real sense, there shouldn’t be any cause of alarm. They lament, but you decide.

why people dislike you
Know why people don’t like you

Can you really understand why people dislike you?. It is hard to understand how people can make you feel worthless for all the good things you have done in life. They will dislike you for NO reason or for unimportant reasons.

Honestly speaking, whatever you do in life, some people will hate you, others too will like you. Always appreciate it when people dislike you. Yes!, Some people will surely dislike you and there is no need stressing over that. No need to worry about it trying to figure out why people dislike you.

Some time ago, I published about ” the beautiful smile of your enemy“. Reading this   enhance your understanding of why such kind of thing should occur in your life.

Could it be possible that there is one man on earth that everybody like? Hell No!, that’s impossible. The sinless man(Jesus Christ) ever to live on earth even had haters and still have haters. He knows why people dislike him anyway. But that never discourage him.

Who are those who dislike you?. They might be your friends, co-workers, family members, enemies or anyone else. Their disapproval shouldn’t worry you a bit. Instead, smile at it and move forward.

Succumbing to their ill-treatment or comments about you will make you a virtual prisoner to them. That is mind control. Break free and live your life.

Possible Reasons Why They Dislike You

Well, let’s try to figure out some of the reasons why people dislike you.

1. Appearance: God created us with different genetics with different abilities. How you appear to others might be a reason why they hate you. Although you have no control over your natural outlook.

They dislike you because they THINK you are weird. They don’t like you because they think you are far from being awesome. If you give attention to these psychopaths negaholics you might go in for plastic surgery or use any means necessary to alter your outlook.

Nature is nature, and it is beautiful. Don’t let people who do not see your value influence you to do something silly to your body. If they dislike you because you are short, tall, fat, dark, white, etc. that isn’t anything to stress about.

The only best thing you can do is to embrace your God-given nature, harness it in a natural environment. I mean embrace what you can’t change and work out on what you can change., i.e. if you are too fat, you can work-out, ensure proper dietary for your own benefit. But not to impress anyone. This is about exercising healthy measures for your own sake.

2. Uniqueness: In life, there is nobody who can be exactly you. You are unique in appearance, character, and beliefs. This difference might trigger hatred from people.

Perhaps  you have special talents or spiritual gifts they envy. Maybe they hate you because you outsmart them in everything…they dislike you because you appear too dull, smart, strong, weak, wise, foolish etc. to them.

They will likely tell you what or who you are. But should you fall for all these assertions?. Not at all. Define yourself and forget about them describing who you are. They know nothing about you. Don’t relinquish your authenticity. If they wouldn’t mind their own businesses, mind your own business.

3. Your Rise And Fall: One funny thing about life is, if you become successful, people will hate you; If you become unsuccessful too, people will hate you. You will then find yourself in dilemma, trying to understand why people dislike you.

4. Your Mistakes And Perfection:
There is nothing like 100% goodness in People. They hate you because you make mistakes that appalls them. People do not want you because you are almost right in everything you do or say.

Considering The Other Side Of The Coin

To avoid being bias, let’s face the BITTER truth. Honestly speaking, there are certain appalling attitudes from people who make others dislike them. Nobody will like the greedy, annoying people, gossipers, backbiters, arrogant etc.

It’s all about behavioral patterns. You can mess up with your life. And this will let people dislike you. People will lose trust or interest in you. It’s human nature. To avoid stepping on people’s toes to hate you, you must:

1. Respect yourself
2. Comport yourself
3. Apologize and reconcile with people you have pissed off

The Bottom line

Never stress asking why people don’t like you. Because they wouldn’t honestly tell you the truth. Your success is why they are uninterested in you. The way you talk, walk, dress etc. is why they dislike you.

People will dislike you for no reason. Others for certain reasons like I have talked about. They are not far from being your enemies. Never mind them and their crazy reasons why they dislike you.

If you want to stay on top of all those who hate you; Then learn about the best ways to deal with enemies.

Have you got different ideas?. Feel free to share in the comment box. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones. I welcome your feedback as well.

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