Important Things To Know About African Paradise World

Sometimes you would need someone or something to remind you to wake up from sleep and do the impossible. It is all about stepping forward to claim what belongs to you. Smile.

This blog is purposed to give inspiration to Christians around the world. Lessons from the scriptures are unrelated to any denominational doctrines.

The information you would find here cut across decent social lives that worth living. Role models from our 21st century whose legacies are like a golden tree need to be cherished. Together we can all make this planet a better place.

I am not affiliated to any denomination and so all Biblical passages are not powered by secular teachings. God is love and so wants all believers to gain salvation through his only begotten son— Christ Jesus.

African Paradise World wants you to understand the simple fact that “life” is complicated but it is up to each one of us to simplify it.

The biggest question is in the “how?.” Well well… Remember what the scripture says:

“Jesus looked at them and replied, “This is impossible for mere humans, but for God all things are possible” ( Matthew 19:26).

To have knowledge is to fear God. And making good use of knowledge resolves any problem that is stealing your happiness and success.

Never say it’s over whiles you still have breath in you.

Get motivated now. Stay in touch and let’s explore new things that affect our lives. Christians and anyone ready to discover heart-touching truth from the Bible and life, in general, is welcomed.

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