The Beautiful Smile Of Your Enemy

All smiles are beautiful but some are infested with deadly viruses so you should be on guard to stay safe from any unseen destruction. Smile to your enemy and put him to shame

The smile of enemies
The beautiful smile of your enemies are fake

Are you the one giving your enemy a beautiful smile or it is your enemy giving you a smile?. Well, that is just a visible expression and it could be deceitful. What is hidden inside the heart is what matters most, so before I proceed; I highly recommend knowing about who a fake friend is.

I know you are curious to find out how an enemy’s smile could be beautiful yet very poisonous. Yes of course enemies give out the most beautiful smiles you could ever witness.

The objective of this very post is to reveal to you how dangerous those close to us could be. And how you can smile to the people who hate you. Oh yeah, that is one of the many ways you can deal with your enemies.

There is a saying that goes like, “Fear those close to you.” At least we all know that a smile signifies positivity, love, kindness, appreciation, happiness, or approval, but to the enemy, it is entirely different, the story changes totally.

A smile is something that needs to be reciprocated. However, the intention behind that smiley face is what matters.

There are hard-core enemies who can give you perfect smiles but in their hearts, all that they want from you is failure and death.

These kinds of enemies disguise themselves as friends so it is always hard to figure them out unless they are exposed. They are always in your inner circle, they smile to you a hundred times a day. My dear reader, they hate you more than anything.

What Happens When You Smile To Your Enemy?

He gets confused and wonders why you maintain such kind of positive attitude. Just like how the Bible has said you should show love to your enemies. By doing so, you heap coal of fire on their heads. I bet you —they will feel very uncomfortable!.

A smile in general is very good for your health and total wellbeing. It may not be good for the enemy because it doesn’t come from a genuine heart.

They Want You To Fail And Be Miserable

The worst thing they never want to see or hear is to find out that you are becoming successful or happy in life. We call them enemies of progress. Just like the friendship between Judas Iscariot and Jesus was an intimate one, the end result was Judas betraying Jesus Christ.

His beautiful smiles all day and night were fake. So, I want you to note that those people or friends that form part of our inner circles smiling to us every day are not saints.

There is a proverb that states; “The enemy you know is better than the Angel you don’t know.” But here is the case some of your friends who appear to you as Angels are enemies. They smile at you each day and night. You also smile at this enemy every day.

If you disbelieve that some of your friends or people giving you beautiful smiles are dangerous; it will shock you if you find out that there wasn’t any genuine intention to show approval to your success or happiness in life.

You must know that some of these people who give you beautiful smiles are snakes in the grass.

There have been a lot of issues of break ups in friendships/relationships due to some hidden intentions behind their friendly attitudes.

They cover their bad intentions with beautiful smiles. They defy the beauty of smile in secrecy so it is hard to figure it out, that is why you shouldn’t trust anyone.

At least let your trust be hard for people to earn and don’t be moved by every beautiful smile you see around, some are traps to bring you down in life. It is cool to see your enemy and smile. This will be a thorn in their flesh.

Be subtle and let your friendship with people be like a glass prism. Let it be crystal clear to figure out those who are giving you beautiful smiles with the wrong impression and know how you can share your life with them.

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