7  Tips To Help You Discover How To Know Your True Friends

Have a way of exposing your fake friends from your true friends

How to know your true friends
True friends are hard to come by

Friendship is very common and so it happens anytime,anywhere, any day.Some friends are from childhood, some were strangers and some were resident neighbours. No one can truly live  without friends because they form part of our lives.Here in this article I would like to present to you steps on how to know your true friends. It is very necessary for everyone to figure out who his or her true friends are,because some of them are fakes,behind their smiles are full of hatred.

First and foremost true friends are reliable,in terms of keeping secret.Any good friend would keep your secret without coughing it out to any body.You can then confide in a friend of such calibre. You can boldly share all your secrets with him without feeling insecure. And on the other hand a fake friend will expose your secret to people, including your enemies. If you have a friend like that it would be wise to keep your secret away from him or her.

Secondly true friends  are helpful.Whenever you are in need such friends will help you with something little. They can help you in almost everything you need provided thy have it.If it is money,clothing, favour, or other items,they will give you without being stingy.

How To Figure Out Who Your True Friends Are

Again for  all of you to figure out how to know your true friends, test them and see if they will pass. Well,I think you are contemplating on how to test them.Don’t worry I will give you a clue. You can tell them you are seriously in trouble that you need their help and wait to see the kind of respond and how they will execute that response.

You can test them by saying, the police have arrested you;you have had a minor accident;you have lost huge amount of money;you have failed your exams;you are sick etc.If they respond positively by getting close to you to see to your condition, then I will count it as a good friend, if they couldn’t pay you a visit, maybe the distance between you him is too far but give you their condolences or good wish,I will consider that as a good friend, if the friend refuse to say anything about your situation, then that person is a fake friend.if they choose not to care,or care less,then that friend is a fake friend.

Spirit Of Forgiveness And Compassion
The fourth step to help you know about your true friend, find out if that friend is able to forgive and forget or not.As you move with your friends,a time will come that you will offend him or her.”To err is human,to forgive is divine”.

If you say sorry to your friend or apologizes to him for a mistake you have done and he refuses to accept your apology, that friend is a fake friend. He actual don’t want your friendship so don’t push it harder. Find a new friend who would show you the ability to forgive and forget when you offend him.

Any friend who chooses to see the good side of you without making you feel awkward is a true friend.They will never let you feel unimportant by using derogatory words on you to kill your spirit or confidence.I  mean a friend who encourages you to pursue your dreams,advises you on important issues and at the same time reprimands you when you do anything wrong is a kind of good friend.

Being In The Limelight
A friend who reprimands you surely wants your goodness.Keep him always.He will in turn advice you to find a better way of living a successful life without falling apart.

Often In Touch
Moreover,a good friend  will always keep in touch with you.Even if it is not often, he will occasionally call you to find out how you are doing.A true friend would never delete your number from his contact list even if you change your number, unless you tell him “hey dude,I’ve changed my number so delete the old one for a new one”.Only good friends do this But the fake one will just delete your number or blacklist you.Don’t worry anyway, without his friendship you can still enjoy life.

Like A Family
A true friend is like a family, he will go to the extend of sharing everything with you,food, clothing, money, etc.He will visit you in the house to share many important things in life with you.he can go out with you to relax and have fun,he gifts you occasionally  and make you feel him as a family member who is ready to sacrifice anything for you.

If you are hurt he is also hurt when you are happy he is also happy.A true friend like this is ever ready to die for you and honestly these kind of friends are hard to come by.

As I conclude I hope the above tips have helped you a lot to figure out how to know your true friends. Be cautious with fake friends for when you fall into a huge pit,they will leave you to die or pretend they are helping you but literally they are not. Stay away from fake friends and be safe.

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