50 Regret Quotes To Forget The Past And Stay Positive

Regret Quotes

Life experiences teach us to avoid repeating silly mistakes. Every human has once regretted doing something good or bad in life. Quotes about regrets can inspire and teach us that we aren’t alone and nothing is too late. Life is full of choices and every single of it has it’s respective result. Whether good or … Read more

How Many Times Should Christians Pray? Answers From The Bible

How many times Christians should pray

How many times you should pray isn’t recorded in the Bible. It’s an individual choice that should be continuous. However, it is recommended to be a daily activity. Christians sometimes wonder if they are praying less or too much and wonder again if something is wrong with their prayer pattern; Thinking that might cause them … Read more

65 Inspirational Quotes For Teens Ready For A Successful Future

Inspirational quotes for teens

Teenagers are indeed growing to be the future leaders. They must be well groomed to grow in wisdom with good morality. Inspirational quotes for teens alone can help them explore the best advice for living a worthy life. The youthful days are full of excitement, temptations and troubles as well. Being in your teen is … Read more

7 Crucial Things To Pray For As A Christian With More Ideas

Things to pray for

Jesus instructed all believers to live prayerful lives. Since there are different problems surrounding us, we ought to know the relevant things to pray for. Have you thought of why sometimes you barely get to know about the things to pray for? Look, the Bible has instructed us to pray at all times and on … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Never Back Down Or Never Give Up

Never back down never give up

From a Christian perspective, life is full of painful experiences but those who endure through the help of God come out triumphantly. Those who never back down or give up reach their lofty goals. Here comes a powerful motivational message, ‘never back down, never give up.’ I hope it sounds inspiring in your ears and … Read more