Say These Prayers Against Your Enemies To Break Them In A Few Minutes

God has destined you for greatness. But the enemy never wants to see you happy, successful, healthy, etc. The Bible doesn’t forbid Christians to say prayers against their enemies in life.

Prayers against enemies

Remember this — in life, your enemies are important just like your friends. A preacher once said; enemies bring rewards (eg. David vs Goliath) and friends bring comfort. The Lord is about to throw a party before you in the presence of your enemies — Psalms 23:5. Amen! If life has forced you to seek divine help from Christ Jesus, then pay close attention here. This article alone might not be enough… Brace yourself. I believe in imprecatory prayers and I know they produce great results. Let me help you know how to properly say prayers against your enemies. Before that, I think you may be interested in reading some Bible verses for protection. Be in the full armor of God!

I often tell my lovely friends and readers that this world is full of darkness; I have seen it and I have seen the Light too. If you don’t want to invoke the intervention of God’s power; you can use these simple ways to deal with those annoying haters and fake people giving you bad vibes.

The spiritual warfare for instance is very real and so; Christians must know how to fight the good fight without getting weary. It’s not a joke to be a target of the enemy who also assigns demonic contracts against you. As an evangelist, I have had my share of this so I know what I’m talking about. Glory be to the Lord for redeeming me from all demonic and human operations against me. He is my Rock, refuge now and forevermore.

Some enemies lurk in the darkness and others too operate under broad daylight. Your strength can’t do this alone. Those who delight in your destruction are strong and more than enough. Some of them are invisible.

Kind David lamented:

“Those who hate me without cause are more numerous than the hairs of my head. Those who want to destroy me, my enemies for no reason, outnumber me. They make me repay what I did not steal!” (Psalms 64:4).

This is a very sensitive and controversial topic so I have to be very cautious. Do you feel like praying against your enemies? Hmm… Why not pray for them instead? Oh, you deserve Justice! And that’s right!

The blood of Abel cried out for vengeance, but the blood of Jesus Christ cries out for forgiveness. Even on the cross, he prayed to the Father to forgive his enemies.

I’m not trying to prevent you from demanding the Justice you so deserve. But you must be in a good stance before you can say any prayer against your enemies. There are times you can pray for justice and there are times that you can simply forgive.

But if your enemy is not turning away from his evil deeds — but keep on bruising your old wound; then he needs to be disciplined by God!

What Makes You Seek For Prayers Against Enemies?

First search through your heart. Is it full of bitterness, anger, hatred, jealousy, or any evil thoughts? You see, God delights more in saving people by bringing them into the light. However, if someone has touched the “eyes of God” then that person must be punished!.

God detests evil and disobedience. And while the Bible teaches us to pray for our enemies; it also encourages us to pray against our enemies; we must know when we should go in for any of these.

The evil one who wants to destroy you without a cause wouldn’t go unpunished! Because the Bible has made it clear that whatever a man sows; so shall he reap. Any evil thing they plot against the Children of God will backfire in Jesus’ name!

“The LORD is slow to anger but great in power; the LORD will certainly not allow the wicked to go unpunished” (Nahum 1:3).

In this post, I will cover some of the reasons you should pray against your enemies and how to do that effectively.

Many of us have been going through persistent attacks from the enemy. And surely these kinds of attacks must stop through the power of God. When you say an imprecatory prayer; you flex the muscles of God to use His rod of Justice.

Prayer Is Your Greatest Weapon

The power of God can redeem you from both spiritual and physical attacks from the enemy. It would be unnecessary to avenge yourself. Oh no! That is not your portion. Leave it into the hands of God and watch him give you justice!

“Do not avenge yourselves, dear friends, but give place to God’s wrath, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says the Lord” (Romans 12:19).

Yes, we want God to repay our enemies on our behalf or a friend’s behalf. That battle is not yours. Give it to God.

His righteous judgment will vindicate you from evil people. Remember that vengeance is a retributive justice of God. And I believe anyone who calls on him for justice would be heard.

King David said several imprecatory prayers because the pain his enemies were inflicting on him was becoming unbearable. He said some of the most acidic prayers you could ever think of.

I know I’m touching on a very controversial topic. Some argue —in this age of Christianity such prayers hauled at enemies are unscriptural. That’s never true. Light and darkness cannot stay together in peace. If you could acknowledge the fact that the real enemies are not mere humans but spiritual forces that come to steal, destroy and kill (John 10:10), you would be more acidic in your prayers than David. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but spiritual rulers and wickedness (Ephesians 6:12).

• David prayed against Saul and his army severally but when he had the opportunity on two different occasions to kill him, he refused —hence leaving it into the hands of the Lord.

• David’s son Absalom declared himself king on the throne. He raised an army against his father.

David recognized that his real enemies weren’t humans but spiritual forces backing them to destroy. He cried bitterly when Absalom’s death was announced to him. (2 Samuel 18:33)

David demanded God’s righteous judgment in all his trials. Because God searches through all hearts and observes every secret motive to reward or punish accordingly.

“I, the LORD, probe into people’s minds. I examine people’s hearts. I deal with each person according to how he has behaved. I give them what they deserve based on what they have done” (Jeremiah 17:10).

So if you believe it is time for God to righteously deal with your enemies; then get ready to use Psalms to pray against your enemies.

Ignorance of the enemy’s schemes is a big disaster. Now, let me continue. David used the Lord’s weapons from His armory to pray against enemies, you can also make use of this.

The Lord's armory against Enemies verse

“The LORD has opened his armory, and has brought forth the weapons of his indignation; for the Lord, the LORD of hosts, has a work to do in the land of the Chaldeans.” — Jeremiah 50:25

Powerful Prayers Against Enemies – From King David

You may put yourself in the shoes of King David when his enemies were doing their best to destroy his life.

He wrote this prayer in the Book of Psalms when Saul and his warriors surrendered his house to murder him – Psalms 59:1-17.

“Deliver me from my enemies, my God! Protect me from those who attack me! Deliver me from evildoers! Rescue me from violent men! For look, they wait to ambush me; powerful men stalk me, but not because I have rebelled or sinned, O LORD. Though I have done nothing wrong, they are anxious to attack. Spring into action and help me! Take notice of me!

You, O LORD God, the invincible warrior, the God of Israel, rouse yourself and punish all the nations! Have no mercy on any treacherous evildoers! They return in the evening; they growl like a dog and prowl around outside the city. Look, they hurl insults at me and openly threaten to kill me, for they say, “Who hears?”

But you, O LORD, laugh in disgust at them; you taunt all the nations. You are my source of strength! I will wait for you! For God is my refuge. The God who loves me will help me; God will enable me to triumph over my enemies.

Do not strike them dead suddenly, because then my people might forget the lesson. Use your power to make them homeless vagabonds and then bring them down, O Lord who shields us! They speak sinful words. So let them be trapped by their pride and by the curses and lies they speak!

Angrily wipe them out! Wipe them out so they vanish! Let them know that God rules in Jacob and to the ends of the earth! They return in the evening; they growl like a dog and prowl around outside the city. They wander around looking for something to eat; they refuse to sleep until they are full.

As for me, I will sing about your strength; I will praise your loyal love in the morning. For you are my refuge and my place of shelter when I face trouble. You are my source of strength! I will sing praises to you! For God is my refuge, the God who loves me.”

Prayer Number 2 — Psalms From King David

I want us to take one more prayer against the enemy from Psalms 140:1-13. He wrote down a lot of prayers against his persecutors.
Prayers against enemies from David

“O LORD, rescue me from wicked men! Protect me from violent men, who plan ways to harm me. All day long they stir up conflict. Their tongues wound like a serpent; a viper’s venom is behind their lips.

O LORD, shelter me from the power of the wicked! Protect me from violent men, who plan to knock me over. Proud men hide a snare for me; evil men spread a net by the path; they set traps for me.

I say to the LORD, “You are my God.” O LORD, pay attention to my plea for mercy! O Sovereign LORD, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle. O LORD, do not let the wicked have their way! Do not allow their plan to succeed when they attack!

As for the heads of those who surround me – may, the harm done by their lips overwhelm them! May he rain down fiery coals upon them! May he throw them into the fire! From bottomless pits, they will not escape.

A slanderer will not endure on the earth; calamity will hunt down a violent man and strike him down. I know that the LORD defends the cause of the oppressed and vindicates the poor. Certainly the godly will give thanks to your name; the morally upright will live in your presence.”

Other Helpful Prayers To Destroy Your Enemies

1. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by the power of his cross, his blood, and his resurrection, I bind you Satan, the spirits, powers, and forces of darkness, the nether world, and the evil forces of nature. I take authority over all curses, hexes, demonic activity, and spells directed against me, my relationships, ministry, air space, finances, and the work of my hands; and I break them by the power and authority of the risen Lord Jesus Christ. I bind all demonic interaction, interplay, and communications between spirits sent against me, and send them directly to Jesus Christ for him to deal with as he wills. I ask forgiveness for, and denounce all negative inner vows that I have made with the enemy, and ask that Jesus Christ release me from these vows and from any bondage they may have held in me. I claim the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, over every aspect of my life for my protection. I pray all these things in the precious name of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Pray for strength

2. Strengthen us in the power of Your might, O God. Dress us in Your armor so that we can stand firm against the schemes of the devil. We know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:10-12)

3. “My God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold, and my refuge, my savior; you save me from violence. I call upon the LORD, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies (2 Samuel 22:3-4).”

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How The Enemies Fell In Their Traps As Recorded In The Bible

Like I said early before you think about praying against your enemies; make sure you do that with a clean heart. Because God has said to listen to the prayers of the righteous.

He will avenge them because vengeance belongs to Him. God has annihilated the enemies of His Children on several occasions as the Bible has recorded. He will do it for you if you pray for justice against your enemies.

How The Hate Of Haman Backfired Through Prayers

From the Book of Esther, the Bible gives us an exemplary lesson about how God deals with the enemies of His Children. Haman conspired to kill Mordecai, the Jews, and possibly Queen Esther. King Ahasuerus unknowingly approved the evil scheme of Haman.

But what did Mordecai, Esther, and the Jewish tribes do? They prayed and fasted for 3 days s. God listened to their cry. And their enemies; led by Haman received the exact evil they plotted.

“So Haman was put to death by hanging him on the pillar he had made for Mordecai. Then the king’s wrath became less” (Esther 7:10).

The Bible says to the children of God that no weapon formed against them will prosper. You can read more about this encouraging message from Isaiah 54:17.

May God answer your prayers against your enemies just like He did for Mordecai, Esther, and the Jewish Tribes in Jesus’ name!

I believe these samples of prayers would be a great help in fighting against the schemes of your enemies. Never allow them to overcome you with their evil plans.

Because the Lord of Heaven’s Armies is on your side. He is ever ready to avenge you. Just say a prayer and trust Him.

God loves His Children —He cares for them and has promised to be on their sides —protect them from evil men and agents of darkness. Keep on praying… Stay blessed in the mighty wings of the Lord.

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  1. I like to pray psalms 109. I have yet to see my enemies go down. It seems I forever pay the consequences of my actions from years ago but my enemies keep getting away with everything they do to me. I keep asking God to avenge me. Hopefully someday He will and I will see it. Then He reminds me Jeremiah 11:11- Therefore this is what the Lord says: I will bring on them a disaster they cannot escape . Although they cry out to me, I will not listen to them. Praise the Lord.
    Also the Lord laughs at the wicked for He knows their day is coming. Psalms 37:13
    All glory to God. God bless.

    • Hello Isabella,

      Our God is full of justice and surely He will avenge you. I’m happy you mentioned Jeremiah 11:11. A look at verse 20 is a good prayer point as well:

      “But, the LORD of hosts, who judges righteously, who tests the heart and the mind, I shall see your vengeance on them; for to you have I revealed my cause.” — Jeremiah 11:20

  2. please I need powerful prayers to destroy enemies of my progress. everybody should pray for me in Jesus name Amen 08030691049

    • Hello Dr. Roy Unumuemu, May the God Lord redeem you from your enemies and destroy all their evil schemes against your life. Amen! You can use Psalms 35:1 – 10 as prayer points. Stay blessed!


  3. Please do pray for a financial breakthrough for me, I don’t have a house or a job, not even money to buy food.

    • Hello Sonia, as you strive to seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness (Matthew 6:33) may His grace and favor be on you by providing your needs in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  4. My enemies have plotted evil schemes against me,they spread lies about me and destroyed my career completely,they have ganged up against me,am in a dilemma….please pray for me

    • Hi Hannah, may the good Lord listen to your cries and glorify Himself through you by restoring everything the devil has destroyed in your life —in Jesus’ name I pray! Amen!

      • Deb Roberts
        My daughters live in boyfriend and my daughter scammed me out of my last 8k $
        I am senior with no funds now
        They put me out of our leased home and made me homeless
        I need my money returned to me and
        Salvation for these people

        • Hi Deb Roberts,

          This is very unfortunate… To suffer such a big loss ($$$) from your own daughter. It’s a fraudulent act that is punishable by law. I suggest you continually pray wholeheartedly for the Holy Spirit to give her sleepless nights until she returns the money and repents. However, the Lord will discipline (divine discipline) her, together with anyone who conspired to break your heart this way.

          “For the LORD disciplines those he loves, just as a father disciplines the son in whom he delights.” (Proverbs 3:12) Read also Revelation 3:19.

    • I live in one place and the mother of my kids live another place and my kids live another place….I am asking for a prayer for me to recover all I have lost my family and my marriage and my business and financial ..

      • Hi Stephen,

        May the good Lord bring peace, love, and unity between you and your family. May his grace restore to you every good thing you have lost in Jesus’ name. You can use Psalms 34:4 – 22 as your prayer point. Stay blessed!

  5. Community Stalking in 50 states especially Georgia and Texas. Demonic attacks from the entire communities since early 20s. Mexicans Hispanics Blacks Whites etc living in apts Sutton Place Dallas Tax. Professional people joined this cult. Witchcraft is at hand. Kingdom of Darkness is at hand sabotaging families to fight each other.

  6. I have prayed for my husband to stop cheating but praying not working he never home and ever time he needs to be with her he always pick argument so when he do that I just walk away and ask our lord to keep close to the holly sprit

    • Hello Stacy, sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, The devil has succeeded in destroying many marriages; The very institution God made. You may send me an email by going to the contact page and I will add you to my prayer list. You can also read my article about some of the reasons why God doesn’t answer our prayers right here.

  7. I really do appreciate what I read. I have had a clue on how to handle my enemies. They never get tired. I have been having terrible spiritual attacks that even manifest in the physical. I pray you join hands with me and help me out. I trust God, and I believe he is delivering and restoring me. God remains supprem.

    • Hi Martin, I’m glad you find this post helpful. You have been given the power to overcome your enemies through our Lord Jesus Christ. Keep on holding onto the faith and move any mountain of obstruction through persistent prayers. May God give you victory in Jesus’ name.

  8. this is sick and not Christian, Jesus said to bless your enemies. you have twisted it around for the devil to work.

    • Hello khalani

      Yes, Jesus said bless your enemies. I will surely turn the other cheek if someone slaps me. How do Christians understand this compared to what is said in Ephesians 6:12 – 13? It says to put on the full armor of God and fight to the end. The devil may come with a beautiful and innocent face. Be vigilant!

      Whatever your argument is —God is a Just God and He has never changed.

      “You must not afflict any widow or orphan. If you afflict them in any way and they cry to me, I will surely hear their cry.” (Exodus 22:22 – 23)

  9. Thank you so much for this wonderful message n prayer against enemies. .My enemies are my neighbours n their children. Unwantedly creating problems.. we r totally innocent. I lost peace of mind and always tensed. I want them to shift from here . I continuously prayed n one unexpectedly shifted. It was a great miracle.” If you worship me the Lord your God I will be the enemies of your enemies . Your enemies will turn n run away from you all these verses I used to claim n pray. . One more bitter enemy is still here n very irritating n am always worried. Kindlyprayforme. …Thank you.

    • You are welcome Sweety, I’m glad you find this content helpful. Keep on praying and the Lord will search through the hearts of anyone closer to you and judge them righteously.

      Our Lord is a Righteous Judge. I pray that a year by this time all your enemies will be nowhere found near you. May the Spirit of the Lord protect you and give you victory in all your battles against the enemy. Amen!

    • I request everyone in this group to pray for me ,Have 2 Enemies that have destroyed me by destroying my business and by opening their new one.
      I am a believer and I know what God is just about to do .please pray for me .

      • Hello Kate, since you believe in the Lord, may He deliver you from all your enemies. May He listen to your cries, restore to you every good thing you’ve lost, and bring you joy in Jesus’ name.

  10. Father god it’s your daughter praying for evil enemies on the job, it’s been a year being harass, jealousy, evil plot. One particular enemy Evelyn Odia who only talk about vodoo, slander my name after I helped her, team with my enemies against my god will facilitate. I been praying and fasting waiting on god timing. Every tear, every hurt be return ten fold upon her and off springs. I came to ask to keep me in prayer and protection I am try not to come to they level vengeance is the lord.

    • Hello Kathyann Jackson, the devil truly uses people closer to us to fight and destroy our lives. But since you believe in the power of Jesus Christ, keep on praying and fast at least once a week. I believe strongly that the Lord will vindicate you. May God fight your battle for you. Amen!

  11. Yes ibwould like too comment about the 🙏 I just read& they were so powerful& encouraging words too my soul&too my enemies that tries there best too come against me& no weapon that is formed against me& my relationship & life& my children& famiky shall nor prosper in the name of the farther son & the holy ghost.. Amen…

  12. Oh Lord, protect us from an evil force broght onto us. She is spiteful, jealous and vindictive. Let the light shine on us and xover us with courage and peace.


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