A Quick Look At Kristina Mand-Lakhiani’s Self-Love Book “Becoming Flawesome”

A Quick Look At Kristina Mand-Lakhiani’s Self-Love Book “Becoming Flawesome”


When talking about self-love, it goes deeper to question the authenticity of every single being on this planet. Kristina has seen this just like myself and so has released her first book “Becoming Flawesome” by covering most of the important things affecting people’s behaviors, perceptions, decisions, and more.

Kristina Mand-Lakhiani is an ambitious woman who is an international speaker, entrepreneur, artist, philanthropist, and mother of 2 kids. She is a co-founder of  Mindvalley; a profound institution that takes the lead in teaching and publishing books within the personal growth industry.

After laying hands on Kristina’s 305-page book, I found myself learning new things about the reality of life. Although I have been a consistent writer on personal growth topics. I never stop learning because knowledge is power.

This book did well by talking about pressing issues wrecking the lives of thousands of people around the world. Some of them include self-sabotage, people’s negative opinions about you, the crazy things cognitive biases do to our lives, and how to handle them effectively.

Now, in this review, I will share with you what I found in reading Kristina’s first book “Becoming Flawesome.” 

Firstly it did meet my expectations as an experienced writer in the same industry. She is an inspiration to everyone wanting to go through positive transformations in life, especially women.

This book reminded me that women are often underrepresented in our various societies and institutions. If you are a woman fighting to lead and give out your best in the house or any field of work, then I believe Kristina has been a pacesetter for you.

She has made a bold decision by finding and developing her own path. She has established her values and held unto her true self that distinguishes her from her then-husband Vishen; who together founded Mindvalley.

Now, before you find yourself reading this woman’s book about self-love; I recommend getting yourself a diary. Why? After each chapter, you will find a practical lesson termed “reflection points.” It gives simple assignments to help lay your hands on practical experience i.e. your true version of the topic at stake.

This will help you memorize and practice some of the best ways to find your true value as an individual. It is one of the unique features I found while reading this book.

Interestingly, while I learned new things from her life experiences and other cited experiments; Kristina tried her best not to force her beliefs or philosophies on others. It means there is the provision for you to “discover yourself” and flow with the best version of yourself.

As a devout Christian, I know when talking about self-development in general we cannot exclude spirituality.  The world is well known for meditation as one of the remedies for stress, anxiety, depression, and several other emotional problems.

If you are highly religious like myself then you must also know that the Eastern religions and their kind of meditation are unscriptural. In this respect, anytime you come across the word “meditation” your conscience will quickly draw your attention to Biblical meditation not that of the Eastern religions which is so popular.

In Kristina’s book “becoming flawesome” she made a few touches on meditation; That of the Eastern culture which is widely practiced is inappropriate to me as an evangelist and any devout Christian out there when taken through the lens of the Bible.

Finally, this book is a masterpiece that can take you through a practical life transformation that brings success, happiness, and a great sense of worthiness to you in this unfair world.

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