4 Reasons Why It is Good To Take Risk In Life

Honesty, it is good to take risk in life to learn about the possibilities and impossibilities of life choices

It is good to take risk
It is good to take risk

Risk taking in life is something that presents itself to us.It leave us with two choices.To take risk in life prepare for the two results below;

1. Take action and see the outcome.The outcome will either result positive or negative.

2. Don’t take action and stay where you are or be what you are.

When we are born, our parents protect us so much that they never want to see us taking risks which may hurt us.But as a grown up,you don’t expect someone like your parent to dictate for you on the kind of choices or risks to take in life.You are all by yourself.In this very article, the aim is to inspire you to undertake proper risks in your life.By doing so,I will share with you some of the benefits of risk taking. But please,bear in mind that risks have two outcomes as I have listed above.

Do not be too hard on yourself to take unnecessary risk. Before you take any risk,ask yourself “can I bear the negative outcome, should if it didn’t workout?”.If your answer to this very question is “Yes”, then I will classify it as proper risk,if “No” then, inappropriate risk. I wouldn’t recommend any of my friends or readers to venture into that.People are afraid of  taking risks,they are afraid of failure.Fear is an enemy of progress so don’t befriend it,be bold to take the proper risk and accept the outcome, whether good or bad.Below are some of the benefits of taking risks in life.

1.It teaches good life  lesson:
Whenever you take risk in doing something, you learn something entirely new in your life.Whether the risk yields anything good or not you learn a lesson or lessons out of it.When you decide to test the speed of your car on the high way and  your car catches  fire for over speeding,next time will you go beyond that speed limit?. No!,because the first risk you took has thought you a lesson so you will be cautious.

This is not a failure, it is a lesson and it will help you discover the abilities and the disabilities of your car.And that is a kind of discovery for you.Whenever you take any risk and you don’t succeed, never say “I have failed”,instead say “it didn’t work” so that next time you use a different approach that will likely work.If the second approach also doesn’t work,you can keep on trying because the more you keep on trying the more your dexterity increases.

 2. It relieves you from the enemy of progress (fear):
Anytime you take risk,you conquer the fear in you.Fear is like a darkness that shrouds everything around you.The moment your courage overshadows your fear,you will experience a kind of happiness in your life.All those who are not controlled by fear are likely to succeed in life than those who allow fear to dictate their lives.There is a saying I like very much and I have quoted it a couple of times in my recent articles. It goes like “the cave you are afraid to enter holds the treasure you are looking for”.In my article about fear,I made it clear that fear is not real,it is an illusion that prevents us from facing reality.

Be courgages enough to take risk and after the risk, you will enjoy the benefit of  risk, that is being happy. For instance there is this particular girl at your workplace, school etc. that you really love but you are afraid to tell her.You will find your self frustrated but if you would be bold enough to take the risk of telling her exactly how you feel,that frustration will quickly vanish. How would you feel if you proposes and she accepts?, relieved?.Yes off course.What if she refuses?.How would you feel?,embarrassed?, disappointed?. Yes of course.

These are two are examples of the outcome of taking risk as I talked about earlier. If she rejects your proposal it doesn’t mean you have failed. Go and try again, maybe she is trying to know how serious you are.If still it didn’t work out, the benefit it leaves you is by making you learn that she is the wrong person you have chased, so find the right one.Go find her.Never give up.

3. Risk taking in life is rewarding:
The positive side of risk taking makes you feel happy than winning a multi million dollars from the lottery.It pays a good price for the effort you used to take that very risk.For instance when an entrepreneur invests his money into a business and the business expands, all the profits coming is the outcome of the risk of investment.You will surely reap multiple times of income above the money,time or energy you used to invest in that business.

If you are reading this article and you feel like investing into something,go ahead and don’t let fear draw you back.The profit is what should motivate you to invest, forget about failure,be a positive minded person and always speak encouraging words into your life and it shall be well with you.Maybe you intend to buy shares, treasure bills,start your own business….,go ahead for the reward.After that your risk taking reward would be more than you have invested. In life you always  have to offer something to gain something.

A thief or armed robber knows the risk involves in going out in the night for operation.When he returns,the reward is all his.But please committing crime by taking risk is something every community frowns on it so please don’t involve your self in any criminal activity to earn money.I will pray that the police finds you as soon as possible.

Can you imagine the reward soldiers get for risking their lives on peace keeping missions?. It is huge enough for them to feel happy and be on top of the world.If you  are petrified by death, then forget about being a soldier. That is one of the  risky jobs on earth.It is only courageous men and women who venture and their reward is enviable.

4. Taking risk breaks you from pessimism:
When you start taking risks in life you become accustomed to it.It becomes part and parcel of you. This helps to boost your self-confidence and makes you become a role model for others.After your risk taking in venturing into business has yielded a lot of profits, many people would like to get close to you to mentor them. You then gain popularity and reputation for your business.

You will  realise that your taste for risk taking has increased in the sense that when you are taking risk again you don’t feel like it is risky, because you know how beneficial it has been to you.You can play around forest trading to earn more money to run your business.

In conclusion, taking risk in life is a good thing. I would like almost everyone on earth to try taking risks occasionally.Do not be afraid. You can take a note-book,record all the risks you have taken and sum up the result, it would help you understand life better and risk taking. But please do not take any risk that you are not ready for the outcome and if that risk is likely to take your dear life from you,think twice before you venture.

In risk taking,you also have to offer something to gain something in return.Example is joining the forex trade,buying shares and treasure bills.It is just like using bait to catch fish.Did you enjoy reading this article?. I would like to read your comments, contributions and feedbacks.

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