Effects Of Negative Emotions And Why You Must Avoid It

Being emotional at times is normal, but to let any negative feeling control your life is dangerous. Many of us haven’t yet realized the effects of negative emotions on our health. Don’t let it be to late.

Effects of negative emotions on health could destroy your beautiful life.

The effects of negative emotions always drain the positive energies in us. They have a direct effect on our health. So be mindful about how you unleash your emotional energy. Emotions are strong enough to destroy a person’s life. There are many possible health complicated issues. Our emotional feelings are connected to various organs in our bodies. So, there is a strong correlation between them. If you are addicted to a particular negative emotion like anger, fear, etc, it is time to change for the better.

This article will explain to you some of the effects of negative emotions on health and why you must avoid it. In one of my recent posts, I published on 5 things that shorten life span. Apparently, this is an extension of what destroys the beautiful lives we have.

Many haven’t noticed it. In this case, you must embrace the positive side of life always. How you allow your feelings to flow has a serious impact on your life. It also has a number of effects on people around you. To better enjoy the amazing nature of your emotional response to issues happening in your life; you may take a detour to read these quotes about emotions.

Understanding The Effects Of Negative Emotions On Health

1. Anger warning to your liver

Anger is one popular negative emotions many people find it difficult to control. The quick-tempered thinks it’s normal and so nothing is harmful about it.

Uh oh, you got it wrong. Why?. Anger is normal but failure to control it is dangerous to your health. Scientists have made us aware that anger is connected to the liver. Don’t stress it too much with stressful feelings.

2.Grief — warning to your lungs

We all grief at times, but too much of it has negative effects on your lungs. In Chinese medicine, it appears that many lung disorders develop through disturbed lung meridian.

This very meridian is weakened by old grief. Why would you grief so much to put your lungs in danger?. Learn how to let go of what belongs to the past and live in the future with positive vibes.

3.Stress – warning to your brain
Stress has made millions of people incapacitated for work and other normal activities. Stress is one of the serious effects of negative emotions that affect your brain and heart.

It differs from person to person. It might be work overload, relationship issues, financial problems, etc. Stressing too much about anything can kill you.

Behaviors out of situations normally have direct effects on the heart. Someone who overeats elevates high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. But how?.

People who are anxious or feel discomfort in a situation tend to comfort themselves with fast foods, smoking, and drinking. It results in artery damage that causes heart attack and stroke. These are some of the bad habits examples that shorten life span.

4.Fear – warning to your kidneyNegative effect of stress on emotions

Most often, I condemn fear, why?. Because it is not real; It is illusional. You have to stay real; Face your challenges with a positive mindset. Intense fear or anyone petrifies by the smallest challenge in life puts his/her kidneys in danger. The kidney does a whole lot of work like detoxification to make you stay healthy.

Don’t be surprised to find out that kidney disease symptoms happen due to issues related to fear. It often happens because of emotional insecurity or instability.

But how?. Because the adrenal glands are located at the upper part of the kidneys which produces adrenaline in response to the fear being experienced by the person, which is then released into the bloodstream.

How To Deal With The Effects Of Negative Emotions

All the effects of negative emotions on health above are controllable. There is no need to sit there with your hands in your lap for things to worsen or destroy your life. You must take a step now.


Life is short indeed, but you don’t have to make it shorter than usual. Negative emotions are like toxins that kill slowly. This is because people haven’t noticed it.

Well, how can we know the effective ways to deal with such kind of toxic emotions?. It appears that I have once talked about the best ways to deal with all these negative emotions in my old posts. So what I will do is to share the links below to help you have an in-depth knowledge of how to deal with them.

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3. Why You must not fear to fall in life

I hope this article has helped you. Learn to control your negative emotions. It is one of the secrets of living a long and happy life. Your comments, contributions, and feedbacks are welcomed. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.

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