5 Reasons Why It Is Good To Give

Know about why it is good to give out something to someone without expecting anything in return

Why it is good to give
It is good to give

In a world of 7 billion people, we are  classified into many smaller groups based on certain conditions or ideologies. Example is the rich and the poor,wise and the fool,the ruler and the slave and so on and so forth. Here in this article, I will talk about why it is good to give and  explain to you why you should add the act of giving into your life.The benefit is beyond measure.

In life,it is good to give to someone in need or even if that person is not in need, there are various ways you can still give out something. Psychologists uses theories and research to confirm why it is good to give but here I will prefer to explain it in a biblical  way.The bible encompasses all the life issues affecting our daily lives.Like I  keep on saying the bible is my greatest inspiration.

In Acts chapter 20 verse 30, the bible says “…it is more blessed to give than to receive”.How do you even understand this?.Giving being better than receiving?. Oh my God,are you kidding me?.Hell no!.Literally, the person receiving should rather be praised for enjoying someone’s gift or offer because he loses nothing. It is the one who has given out, who has lost something.But morally and spiritually, the one who has given out something is elevated to receive blessings and many favors in life.

It takes open-minded people to decode why the bible is saying it is good to give than to receive.The bible has it that you reap what you sow,so giving is like planting a seed in the soil.It will take time to grow and yield plenty fruits for you.So when you give someone $1 today,in the long run you will reap more than the $1 in a form of blessing from the Lord.It should be drummed into everyone’s ears that giving should come from the heart. If you are giving to the needy and it is not from your heart,your benevolence will yield nothing. It is therefore useless for you to give.

Before I go further to explain some of the ways you can give, let us consider some people like celebrities; especially footballers,they earn a huge amount of monies and honestly speaking most of them give to charity and that is good for them.Even if someone gives all his money to the orphans,poor, and the sick, they will still reap abundantly even if they die.Their reward is waiting for them in heaven.Now below are some of the ways we can give to people who need help:

Some Practical Ways To Give

1.Buy A friend or a stranger something:
Giving is not for rich people only, even the poor and those with meagre income can also give. When you are out there in public, you can buy something like water,biscuit, yogurt, a drink or anything to your friends or a stranger.

This could even bring happiness into your friends or the stranger’s life. In return they will respond positively.”Thank you”, ”God bless you”.Believe me that  sayings alone would  help you to be more successful  and happy in life.The blessings will work.God will open the floodgates of heaven and surely bless you as the stranger has said. Who knows maybe that stranger was dying of thirst but couldn’t buy it because he wasn’t having any money in his pocket. You saved him and his blessing too will save you someday.

2.Be Open to share your life stories:
When you sit by your friends or strangers feel free to share your life story and surely that person listening will learn some lesson from it.Maybe the person is fighting depression on certain problems and it could be that your story will coincide with his or hers to make that person know that he is not alone.In this case you, have given him something.

As I talk about sharing life stories with people as a good step of giving, I will soon share my life story for the first time on my this very blog.Yes!,very soon and I hope you can’t wait to read. You give by sharing your stories in different forms like I have planned to do mine through this blog site.There are other ways like writing snail mail letters, using gift cards,writing to prison friends, making a song of your life-story and so on.

3.Earning God’s Trust and favour:
Anytime you give,you become happy for your self. Although you have lost something  through giving but you will feel so happy within your self deep into your soul.I have felt that way severally, anytime I give.I believe any cherished giver will feel the same way.But the question is why?.Why because there is assurance for us that God  will bless us; because he sees everything under the sun and he has said to reward the cherish giver.

So, anytime I give; I feel relieved because I know God will bless me one day,he will bless my family,my work and everything I do.You don’t have to complain that you are giving too much because the more you sacrifice for the needy by giving him something the more your reward increases.Jesus said; “….give to the poor and thou shall have treasures in heaven; and come and follow me”.(Matthew 19:21).

But please make sure you give to those who really need your help, avoid those who are trying to take advantage of you,pray often to avoid any demon that tries to tempt you by turning your benevolence into evil against you.If you really want to show kindness then give to those who would not be able to repay you,and never ever expect pay back of your kindness from the one you have helped.Your reward will come from God.

4.Give compliment:
Giving is not always about money and material things in life, it could be a simple compliment to put a smile on someone’s face.Let’s say you see a friend or a stranger and you find something interesting about him or her,you can just give him or her compliment and it would send positive energy into that person.The person will feel important, should if he has fought inferiority complex. You can go by saying “your hair is looking cute”,”your shoes are so nice” etc.I hope you get what I mean. Send positive vibes to people you meet just to see them smile. It could be in a form of humour and when the person laughs it is a form of medicine. Laughter kills emotional pains.

5.Occational random act of  kindness:
Occasionally, you can throw a party and invite your friends to come and have fun.Here the bible says when you throw a party don’t invite the rich, but instead invite the poor because the poor wouldn’t be able to reciprocate your generosity.

“But when you host an elaborate meal,invite the poor,the cripple,the lame and the blind.Then you will be blessed because they cannot repay you,for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous”(Luke 14:13-14).

You can pick someone who is poor for shopping or pay for his school fees,lorry fare,buy gifts etc. for that person. Christmas is here with us again, how are  you planning to give?.Let  people who need help also feel that they matter in life and trust God, he will bless you abundantly.It is good to give from your heart always because God knows your heart, if you are a genuine giver never complain of losing money.Go ahead take someone’s child to school, pay for his school fees and help him to be successful in life,take the cost of  someone undergoing surgery,give to charities,say encouraging words to someone etc. Before you realise, this person would have been a doctor to take care of you free of charge.

There are a number of institutions and people who are doing their best to make the world a better place. Millions of  people are living in poverty, they need your help.Here I will recommend you to learn about Hands And Feet Ministries. I am really touched to know about their projects of helping people in need.It takes genuine hearts to help a child go to school, or the poor learn a trade  and so on.There is nothing blessing than putting a smile on the face of the needy. Below is a quick information about them;

Hands and Feet is a small, nonprofit ministry focused on helping people in need through a school in a high poverty community located in Mexico. We spread the Gospel message to the community through the kids at the school, and their parents. We help these kids by giving them more opportunities that are not available to them. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between those who can help and those in need.” For more information about our ministry and how you can help, visit Hands And Feet.”

I believe you have really enjoyed reading this article. If you hardly give, then today is the time for you to start giving because there is an awaiting reward for you.Take  a look around the world.What do you see?.Millions of people suffering from poverty,orphans finding it difficult to make it in life,widows crying for help,patients fighting chronic diseases, people displaced by natural disasters, homeless children living on the streets, the disable men and women finding  it difficult to make a living.

How do you feel about them?.Have you really given out something before?. If not then do it now. Let a soul smile and that smile would be a lot of blessings for you.Its a big world yet a small one because of technology.A global world that needs the help of people like you and I.Do your part to help someone.Stay blessed and don’t forget to share this article. I can’t wait to read your comments, contributions and feedbacks.

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