Being Different From Other People Is A Blessing

Don’t be a slave to people’s thoughts of you. It is a dangerous thing to lose your sense of belongingness, self-identity, and uniqueness. Why not be different from the people or others around you?. To achieve greater success you must create your own path and brand yourself. Fight against all odds by embracing your true self. There is nothing beautiful than that.

Learn how to be different from others and enjoy the benefits of true happiness

For a true kind of happiness and success—you must know how to be different from others. A world of 7 billion people with different interests, faces, sizes, dreams, goals, beliefs, and choices— why not embrace your true uniqueness?. Be proud that you are not a copy of someone. Brand yourself to attract the right things and people to you. Imperfection is the truth behind every single person you see around. So there is no need to stress yourself.

Hey, I’ve told you already; there are 7 billion people in this world. You are one of them. Do you know something? Out of this huge number of people, 99.99999% don’t even know you. And this is not a joke.

You need not stress yourself to impress anyone. If you’ve got the flare, impress yourself. Be different in a way that your charisma will gravitate the right people to you.

And it will only work out by being the best version of you. Be natural because there are too many fakes out there. If Mr. A or Mr. B doesn’t like the way you look, that is his own cup of tea. It is a dangerous thing to be loved by everyone. People will surely hate you or envy you for some reason or no reason.

Our generation today is facing a very big challenge about unnecessary comparisons. They have failed to acknowledge the beauty of nature and it diversified gifts which make each one of us unique. There are many heart-touching reasons that inspire us to be content with the little we have.

If you are one of those guys who doesn’t know how to be different from others— it is time to embrace your true uniqueness. Don’t dare mirror the lives of those you deemed to be beautiful, wise, wealthy, intelligent, smart, happy, presentable, etc. than you.

There is nothing wrong with you being different from them. You either decide to accept your uniqueness or you fool yourself to be played on. No matter how small you look— there is something special about you. My dear, know your value.

“Even Kings and emperors with heaps of wealth and vast dominion cannot compare with an ant filled with the love of God.”
—Guru Nanak

I am hopeful before you finish this very post about how to be different from others— you would never underestimate or overrate yourself by comparing yourself to others.

It is not necessary. Although the situation is very tempting. That is why you need to find a better way of knowing how to be different from everyone.

Being Different Is Simply Beautiful

Someone just reminded me of the true beauty of embracing your uniqueness. It is a blessing to accept yourself exactly how God made you.

What would happen if we all paint our houses with the same color?: with the same architectural design?. What would happen if the size of clothes, shoes, panties, etc. in the market are the same?. This is what calls for diversification. It is a must for every one of us.

If you believe you have an abhorring character — discipline yourself to change. To be different without comparing yourself to people: stay positive to yourself. Avoid being a slave to anger, jealousy, hatred, violence, indecent life, etc. These are the things societies frown on it. The simple reason is— it is morally wrong.

Comparison Is A Disease

Have you been comparing yourself to your predecessors or contemporaries just because you are not the best you wish to be???.

Understand the fact that we are characterized by different behaviors. And all together make the world a beautiful place. The amount of energy within each of us differs, the sensitivity of each of us also varies.

We can never have an appetite for the same food. Some people are even allergic to certain foodstuffs or dishes. Why would you force yourself to eat broccoli, hotdog, sausages, etc. simply because someone you envy or admire eats. Meanwhile, that is not your to-go.

A trend like this indicates loss of ” Self Identity”. You have failed to accept your uniqueness.

“Do yourself a favor never compare yourself to others because comparison swallows your God-given gift.”
—Euginia Herlihy

The Influence Of The World’s Definition Of One’s Uniqueness

Fake lives are everywhere. People are no more interested in being real. Maybe we should put all the blame on the media.

Everyone wants to fit into the so-called “normal category.” Denying your true self to act like someone is a shame.

The problem of social media has implanted the corrosive idea of ‘inadequacy‘ into the minds of billions of people. It makes people feel abnormal so they will do whatever it takes to be normal.

Show some difference in your lifestyle

This situation has blindfolded our youths to Know how to be different from others. And that comparisons lead to fake lives. Not everything we see on social media is real.

How To Be Different From Others

1. Acceptance

Before you even think of learning how to be different from the crowd— accept your true self. Know your strength and weaknesses. This will help you to fix all the lapses making you feel like garbage. Recycle that garbage “you” without throwing yourself away for something different and better.

I don’t care whether you are cute, ugly, richer, smarter, stronger, ambitious, or super-intelligent than me. The most important thing is I am at peace with who I am and what I have. Just be content with what you already have. Envy is a disease. Self-love is the real answer.

2. Be Real

After accepting who you are— you need to be in charge of everything that defines you. Be proud you are different from them. Don’t allow people to disillusion you. Whether you like it or not people will find something bad to say about you. Forget them. You are not here on earth to impress anyone. Fake life is a disease.

The moment you decide to be real to yourself and the people around you, the better you get to know those you genuinely love you.

3. Say No To Comparison

Your thoughts may mess up with your brain by comparing yourself to certain people in your society or on social media. Your friends, families, co-workers, colleagues, etc, may try to ridicule your looks, beliefs, and dreams. You need to concentrate on what makes you happy. Trash all the negative talks. Let it flow over your ears like water.

Even if you will ever compare yourself with anyone, it should be sensible enough. I mean make sure you are doing your comparison with the right people. You can’t compare an orange with an apple. Orange with orange may be called a healthy comparison but I do not even recommend it. Be different and be proud.

Be different quote from Albert Einstein

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”
— Albert Einstein

4. Brand Yourself

It is time you gather all the things that make you different from the rest and design a brand for yourself(Positive branding please). I don’t mean let a designer make you a logo.

Just let people identify you with your unique dressing code, character, looks, beliefs, interests, and so forth. Be proud if you have any specialty like your talent and other abilities.

Stephen Wiltshire, for instance, is autistic but that disability isn’t his identity. His real brand is extraordinary artwork. Wiltshire is currently one of the best artists in the world.

He sketches a whole city out of his memory. This makes him incomparable There would always be no one like you. And you would also not be a copy of someone.

Be proud of knowing how to be different from others. It simply feels like having a copyright of who you are. You are the author of your life;/thank God for giving us the gift of choice. So go ahead and choose to be the best person you are.

5. No One Can Change You

If you are an I liked by people you love or care about; it could be a little disheartening. But since you are in charge of your life, you are the only one who can change you. Nobody can change you unless you are ready to reinvent yourself.

If you really want to change something about your life, it may be a little difficult; howbeit a third person. If you have a bad habit, then I recommend you learn how to get rid of it. Not necessarily to please anyone but it will have an undesirable effect on you.

The Irony Of Being Different From Others

Interestingly some experts believe comparing yourself to people is not all that bad. Why would anyone even make such an arguable assertion?. Ok, it goes like you are comparing yourself with the wrong object.

The reason behind such talk is about the comparative objects in question. Are you comparing yourself to the right object? For you to know how to be different from people you must:

1. Avoid comparing yourself with people
2. Compare yourself with the right objects.

There would always be a difference between you, the people, and things around you. Know your level. Change the school if you have no classmate or co-equal on board. Anyone who doesn’t know how to be different from others is fake.

Think yourself a butterfly— not a bird or think yourself a bird, not a butterfly. That is if you truly know your abilities and who you are. A fowl wouldn’t compare itself with an eagle.

A frog wouldn’t compare itself with a bird. They all have different habitats and abilities. Avoid this kind of wrong comparison.

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