Here Is Why Poverty Is A Matter Of Choice

Stop living in a world of fantasies and tap into reality. You have control over your life, so make the right choice today. Poverty is a matter of choice. Choose rich-life over poverty despite all the challenges you face. Find the inspiration to help you step forward.

Here are reasons why poverty is a matter of choice
It’s your choice to say “YES” or “NO” to your life circumstances. Why succumb to Poverty while you have arms, legs… and a functioning brain?.

In this 21st century, mankind is living in a time of the greatest kind of affluence in human history. There are many choices in almost everything we do. Yes!, you have to make a choice even if you are in a dilemma. Who the heck will choose “poverty?.” Nobody wants it but they blindly embrace it like a friend.  It doesn’t auger well for many people to hear that poverty is a choice.

I know this very topic(Poverty is a matter of choice) will spark a compelling argument among my readers. There is no need to be confused. Since you have a functioning brain; you can work hard and intelligently break free from the cycle of poverty. It’s a matter of planning; just like someone who lives a homeless life to survive for a period of time.

In this post, I will share with you the most effective means to make a better living despite all the life challenges you face out there in your daily life. Sure, there is always a way and it is up to you to find it.

Perhaps one of the hardest questions to baffle you is ” why some people are so rich and others are poor?.” There is an answer to this question. Before you finish reading this article you will never think the same again. You have the power to make a choice.

Learn how to say a big “NO” to your lowly life. Feed the brain with positive thoughts and surely you will be a conqueror. Self-doubt kills potentials.

Considering The Background Of Your Life

The moment you are born unto this planet, you automatically get a name, nationality, family, and even religion. None of these is a choice you made but you can change it when you grow up.

In the same way, you can change or improve your living standard if you find it unbearable. Honestly, we can never be equal in terms of the quality of “standard of living” and financial freedom. But with hard work and determination, you can improve your life.

Don’t let your poor beginnings bog you down. Poverty is a matter of choice and so dare not embrace it. Smaller beginnings often make great endings.

It’s A Man-Made Thing

God did not bring you into this world to become poor throughout your life. Hell No!. Check out some of God’s promises to make you happy and successful if you diligently look out for him.
poverty is a man-made thing; said Nelson Mandela

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by actions of human beings.” — Nelson Mandela

I believe most of you out there will agree with Nelson Mandela. We are the cause of our own miseries, greed, laziness, hatred, corruption, lies,  and all the inhuman activities our fellow plunge us into is what’s making others grow poor.

Things To Do To Avoid Poverty

If poverty is a choice, then what should you do to choose rich life over poverty?.

Dr. Bruce Lipton who happens to be a stem cell specialist has found out that; people have been programmed from childhood to believe that they are poor, and so will always be poor.

It is so hard to break this misconception because it has become part of the subconscious brain. Start thinking of possibilities. Think rich and do what brings about success and happiness.

Your Excuses Are Invalid

There is no need to bathe in a pool of excuses. This is a bad habit that prevents people from reaching their potentials. Face your fears and work hard to conquer it. Be a man enough to take bold steps. Yes, step out of your discomfort zone.

You are Right. Some people were born “silver spoon in the mouth“, others were born on “quick stand“, ash heaps, rags, etc. It doesn’t matter, you can come out clean in the long run if you really want to.

Don’t keep on lamenting, there is no job, no money and nowhere to go. If no one is giving you a job, CREATE one for yourself.

The simple formula most successful people use is self-investment. It goes like;

Buy a clothe for $1, resell it for $1.50 out in the market.”

If you keep on doing this for several days, you will start earning money for yourself. The bible says work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor. God says “sluggard, go to the ants and learn her ways.”

Find new ways of getting out of your messy life. Perhaps you need the inspiration to step up your game. This is what I’m giving you now.

Anytime you learn new things and apply them in life, your brain releases a chemical called endorphins which makes you happier and optimistic about the future.

At least you can even turn your lazy moment into profit. You have zero reasons to choose a “poor life” over rich life. There are many ways to breakthrough. Think, plan, and work hard. You necessarily don’t have to be rich but to be able to meet your basic needs.

God is so kind that he gives everyone the opportunity to live a happy life. Do not ever think God is not fair to you. Do not ever think he is tempting you with evil. Rather he has got plans to make you prosperous.

Recently, I found myself reading the bible randomly and I noticed that God never tempts us with evil. Instead, our desire to acquire something brings out temptations onto us. How?.

Searching For The Perfect Gift Of Success

Everything you need to become rich is within reach.

‘Normal Vincent Peale’ once said;

When God wants to send you a gift he wraps it up in a problem. The bigger the gift God wants to send you, the bigger the problem he wraps it up in.” —Normal Vincent Peale

It is not a long time ago, I published on talents and spiritual gifts. You might think you were born into this world with nothing worthy to live on. It could happen that you hardly meet your basic needs and so you feel worthless and so want to give up.

Search within you. Ask yourself, what kind I do best naturally?. God in his own knowledge gave each one of us natural tools to help us live a happy life.

These tools are found in various talents that can generate income for us. ie. When used wisely. Learn how to discover your talent and develop it into a career that will give you financial freedom.

Mistakes That Make People Unknowingly Prove That Poverty Is A  Choice

I know it wouldn’t sound pleasant to most of you when I iterate that poverty is a matter of choice. There are various circumstances that plunge people into poverty and hardships. Indirectly you make a choice to be poor instead of the opposite. No one loves to be poor but sadly they love what brings about poverty and failure.

The truth hurts but it sets us free from problems and its complications. If you haven’t learned about how to invest in yourself then you bear the heaviest problem in the world, as long as success and happiness in life are concerned.

♦. Stop Acting Childishly

Time changes and renders effect on everything we do. As a matter of fact, you have to change that childish character when you grow into an adult. Do it quickly before you blindly choose poverty over riches and happiness.

When you were a child, anytime you receive money, you don’t think about the source of the money nor how the money was earned.

What do children normally think of after receiving money from their parents, friends, or anyone? Sweet candy of course. They salivate and become impatient to satisfy their taste in the short run.

The motive behind the money is about;

Spending” and “Happiness.”

Now you are an adult complaining of no money, happiness, freedom, peace of mind, etc. Do you think if you implement your childish behavior into your adulthood would do you any help? Hell No!.

Psychologists call something “conditioned response” to receiving money. Which means you become eager to spend money you have received from any source.

It is time to put stop to such bad habits. It only leads to poverty. Instead of the “SPENDING and ENJOYMENT”, let it be;

SPENDING” and “SAVINGS“. The amount of income you receive doesn’t matter. You can still save something. Little drops of water make a mighty ocean, remember that.

♦. The Big Radar Of Time – Time Management

The essence of time management is to ensure total self-discipline. This helps to stick to your priorities. Just like the old saying; Time is money. Yes, indeed time is money. But how do you even spend it?.

Successful people don’t spend most of their time on less important things. Psychology says television alone can make you poor or rich. Too much television can lower your energy level, make you gain weight, and unfit for hard work.

This is the reason why successful people don’t spend too many hours on television. It is one of the secrets to success. Know when to turn on the TV set and when to turn it off. Time is money, use it for something more productive.

There are certain things we do that are more valuable(perhaps 5× or 10×) than others, although they all require the same minutes or hours.

To finalize everything, you have to understand that no one is coming to save you from your miserable life. The solution begins with you.

Should I “beg you?”. OK “please” make a decision today to invest in yourself and work so hard in a way that shows that your future depends on it. Poverty is a choice people make indirectly.

♦. Plan Ahead of time – In doing so write and rewrite your goals each day to meet daily challenges.

♦. Be Courageous – Take a leap of faith and go all out. You need to better your life by any good means.

♦. Don’t be afraid of failure and rejection – Failures also feel sorry for themselves when things go wrong. Winners or successful people take valuable lessons to restructure all future plans.

Learn lessons from every mistake you make in your endeavor for success. Be positive and look for the good side of every problem you face. Poverty is a matter of choice, don’t give it a chance. Make a good decision to stay positive in search of a better life.

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