The Truth Behind Setting Realistic Goals

Did you know most people who fail in life don’t find time to set proper goals?. Having a business plan or great ideas for the future requires a serious approach.

Before you start setting goals, you need to have a journal to make it effective
“Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: now.” — Denis Waitley

One of the deadliest mistakes our today’s youths make is the failure to set clear goals. Setting goals is the Genesis of a successful life. You really need to learn how to stay focused on your dreams. It doesn’t work so easily but with determination, hard work and perseverance you can achieve all your lofty goals.

In this post, I would like to ring the bell in your head that it is time to set definite goals, why it is absolutely necessary and how to do about it. I have already published an article about this idea somewhere else. But I believe I have to make it known to all readers of African Paradise World.

Often at times, I ask my friends: “have you got goals?”. “Yes of course” They respond with a quick answer. Their rantings keep on going… “I wanna be this” “I wanna that”… Well, its good to hear you surely know setting goals is a good thing. But there is one problem…

You need to be careful. Know the difference between reality and fantasies. Citing to me your so-called goals without proper insight sound like a mere wish to me. Arguably you can even make your wishes come true only if you attached to it what really matters.

In fact, there are a lot more to do to make any future plan materialize. Let’s take Bill Gates for instance. He said goodbye to all forms of distractions when he poised to make his vision come true. How did he do that?. Gates quit obstructions such as TV, social media, fun, etc. for 5 years.

He is a good example when talking about setting goals in life. It is possible if you approach your future with a very good plan. Remember: Time is money.

Before I begin it all; let me take a minute and ask you: Have you set definitive goals? How is it going?. Some time ago I talked about how to track your progress in life. You must know each and every moment in life if you are going through progression or retrogression.

Yes, I was about to tell you about the major loophole in people claiming they have goals in life. The problem is they don’t have journals. In view of that, I don’t classify it as a definitive goal. Journals help to formulate and implement whatever you have planned to achieve. Above all, you will end up beginning the day with positive thoughts , despite all the battles you have to fight in life. You can read my article about about thoughts of the day which features different positive mindful ideas for the whole month.

In other words, setting goals that are definitive are what we popularly know as SMART GOALS. The SMART Goals acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound.

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Acceptable

R – Realistic

T – Time-bound

Setting Goals Deals With Realistic Reasons

People set goals for different reasons. It could be a long term goal or a short term goal. In all, there is a target. People set short term goals to:

1. Lose/gain weight
2. Complete a day task
3. Run a short career course
4. Heal from addiction

Others too may set long term goals such as these:

1. Turn a date into marriage
2. Build a dream house
3. Save money for future success
4. Establish a business
5. Finish college with flying colors

There are more other reasons which I cannot cite all here.

Do you have any excuse for not setting definite goals?. If you are one of those guys I believe you will reconsider your decision after reading this post. You need to have a second thought.

How It Affects Your Life

It is not by surprise that almost everyone is searching for the key to success. Yes! each and everyone wants to enjoy financial freedom, feel happy, healthy with peace of mind.

We all want to be happy and successful in life. But before you begin seeing and feeling that awesome feeling you need to follow a good plan.

Setting goals in life put you on the right track until you reach your destination. You will always find yourself on point. The destructions can cause you to quit chasing your dreams. You will also know where you are coming from, where you have reached and where you are heading.

Anyone who fails to set goals is likely to be a failure in life. Yes! I challenge you today that all your excuse for not setting a definitive goal is invalid.

Your life is like a building. Before you begin chasing your dreams; you need to have a strong foundation. A strong foundation will determine the strength and quality of the house you want to build.

It begins by investing in yourself to be a good tool for building a prosperous future. Adding value to your personality is essential.

Why People Don’t Set Goals

There is a saying that everything happens for a reason. Let’s consider some of the arguments employed by those who don’t have definitive goals.

People actually don’t see the importance of putting their goals into books or make it well formulated.

1. “l have everything in my mind

Perhaps you are one of the guys who don’t place importance on writing down their goals. It is pretty common. But the truth is; you can’t stay focused on those goals and track its progression. It is likely you will lose focus or get it twisted in a way you never intended.

According to experts, the conscious mind can stream 1500 thoughts per minute. So imagine having so many thoughts in your mind every single day. The possibility of being forgetful of essential ideas in your goals is very high.

Even if you think you are so smart or super intelligent, you must attach a journal to your future plan’s. Setting goals must be clear, focused and well monitored.

Although the human brain is faster than supercomputers. Until recently that China manufactured the world’s first supercomputer called “ Sunway TaihuLight” to challenge the power of the human brain.

2. Life Is Unpredictable

Many think setting goals should be a mere thought. But that is never true. Although the future is not yet known you still have to keep your plans clear enough. Indeed tomorrow is not promised but positive mindset and hopefulness can bring you your reward.

Misfortunes might happen, situations might force you to quit chasing your dreams but with well-established goals; you still stay on track. Chase your dreams like your life depend on it.

Fear of the future is a very bad idea. Step forward with a positive mindset. Do your best today, tomorrow and the future will be brighter for you.

Forget about the “what if…” and set proper goals in your life. Pray over it and God will take you through.

The Beauty Of Setting Definitive Goals

I believe you will agree with me on this one. There is nothing beautiful than seeing the good results of your persistence in implementing your future plans accordingly.

It’s not a Rocket Science. Just put down:

⇒. Your goals

⇒. Why you have set those goals

⇒. When you expect to achieve

⇒. What will help you make it feasible/ things or support you will need

Then finally be flexible. When it needs to be modified, do it to meet your current situation. You don’t have to lose focus when using them.

You would feel proud and honored when you take your journal; track whatever you put down from the previous years to date. That will act as a history for your success. It works just like your hospital folder that helps doctors to properly understand your health conditions.

You will always be given the best of diagnosis. You will know exactly where you started, how you started and where you are heading to.

A Letter From The Future

Before I finally end this article about Setting goals in life; I would like to Chip in this hack… Sometimes you need to become very optimistic. Even, after preparing and clarifying your future plans; you can go an extra mile to affirm your success in a very interesting way. Affirmation for success works like magic. Yes! Speak positivity into your life. There is power in the tongue; don’t forget that.

Now, follow what I’m about to tell you with rapt attention. After writing down your definitive goals, write a letter to your future by visiting future Me.”

Write in details what you want to achieve in the next months or years.

Provide the e-mail address to be sent to. You will get options to choose when you want that letter delivered to you. You can choose to receive that letter in 2 years, 3 years… 10 years… time.

I Hope this has been very helpful to you. Have a beautiful future. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.

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