Reality And Fantasy Lessons: Facts You Should Know About.

Reality and fantasy lessons are two things that have influences on us. It affects us in life. Fantasy can inspire people to move on with life. At least, we have all experienced the two before.

Reality and fantasy
Reality and fantasy are two different things

Before I start to share with you about reality and fantasy lessons; Let toggle between the two. Reality and fantasy lessons are two things we cannot combine. They are two opposing things. Reality deals with things we can see or feel. Fantasy deals with imaginations. Everything about fantasy is unreal. But they sound good to the brain.

Today, “African Paradise World” will share with you some reality and fantasy lessons. The first thing you have to bear in mind is; Reality is about 100% possibilities. You can feel it with your senses.

As for fantasy, it is 1 out of 100%. The reason is; some fantasies can come true. I may call it a “wish” and Yes, some smart guys really know how to make their wishes come true. This will depend on many factors. Fantasies are just like wishes that are not reliable. But coincidentally it can happen. That is obvious anyway.

To some people, fantasies inspire them to do the impossible. Others see it as a waste of time. Everyone has his/her beliefs. But it doesn’t change what is real from fantasy. Fantasy usually excites the brain to make you happy virtually. It will make you feel happy but it is unreal.

Many people fantasize about things when they are sad, or when they really need something. Fantasies will make them feel so excited. Sometimes people call fantasy “daydream”. A daydream is some very pleasant to the mind. But it is far from reality. You can sit in your house or lie on your bed to fantasize about things. Things that can not get your reach. Things that you can’t afford to buy… Things that are thousands of miles away.

Now, in the next paragraph, I will share with you some examples. But in the meantime, you may have a look at some of the most interesting quotes that talk about being real in life. Then, get ready for some examples of reality and fantasy lessons. I would prefer to take them one after the other. So stay cool with me.

Some Reality Examples You Should Know From Fantasy

Reality is always close to us. They are things that are possible in life. The first example of reality I want us to consider is; Saving money to buy a new car. This is very real and is possible. But it will depend on your financial status. Or how much you earn a month.

Someone can save money for only three to six months and buy a new car. Others can spend years before they can buy a car. These are all about setting realistic goals and working assiduously toward them.

If you want to see and feel real and how it works; Set targets that you can achieve not what others can achieve. If your monthly income is very small.

Your reality might be the purchase of a bicycle. If you earn a small amount of money and your target buying a car or airplane, it becomes a fantasy.

Because you can spend the rest of your years on earth and will never be able to buy that car or airplane. Understand what life reality really means and how it affects your everyday life.

Let’s move to another real example. You have a girlfriend that you want to marry. It is very possible. When you suggest this to anyone, the person will applaud you. It is a matter of preparing yourself.

You must look for money to buy a wedding gown and other items. You would have to buy your own suits and other things. Besides, you must go through all the laid down procedures. Everything about this is real.

Once again, let’s say you are a bodybuilder. You want to get abs, big thighs muscles, or increase your body mass. It is possible. This is 100% possible. Find inspiration to achieve that.

Now, let us learn about the last reality example. You are a student, you want to pass all of your exams. Or you want to get your first degree, master’s degree, etc.

There is nothing impossible about this. You must prepare yourself well. That is all.

Some Fantasy Examples Over Reality

As for fantasies, they are not real so they are plenty. You can have as many fantasies as you want in a day.

A fantasy example like, feeling like you can fly. You are not superman, how can you fly?. You are not a bird, how can you fly. Even, Superman is not real. He is a comic character. The real Superman actor(Clarke Kent) is a normal being like us.

Fantasizing about flying is not something real and it is impossible. Not forgetting Chadwick Boseman whose stage name is known as Black Panther. He is a normal being like us. Unfortunately, he is no more alive.

Some kids have tried to mimic the fantasy life of Superman but they sadly met their death. It is a dangerous thing to try to make fantasies come through.

Other fantasies are very dangerous. These kinds of fantasies excite the brain alone. These fantasy examples are plenty.

Someone might think of any beautiful celebrity. The fantasy might be very deep. It could even end up in sex. Yes, sexual fantasy. It is not possible, no matter how you love that celebrity. It is a waste of time. Just be real. Let reality speak.

Another fantasy example is thinking as if you can perform magic. I mean to do something magical. Let’s say, you are in a hurry to the lorry station.

You have to join the bus as soon as possible. As you reached the bus station, you realized something. You have forgotten your documents, money, etc.

Someone like you starts to fantasize. You want that item with you in the next minute. Ah ah! that’s impossible. You are not a teleporter. And your fantasies wouldn’t do you any good. Be real, board another car, and go for it.

In Summation

Now, I want to summarise everything about reality and fantasy lessons. Life has the opposite of everything. And as a matter of fact, everything happens for a reason.

If it is not about reality, it is about fantasy. The best for everyone is a reality. Because, in reality, everything is possible.

You only need a little inspiration if it’s hard. Life itself is not on a silver platter. You have to work hard to achieve your future dreams.

For you to live a peaceful and happy life. Forget about fantasies and face reality. Be a real man. Reality and fantasy are two opposing things. Always think positive and put it into action.

I hope this very topic about reality and fancy lessons have helped you. If you like, share your thoughts in the comment box. You can also share this post with friends

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