Quit saving your money’ – Chris Reining’s Secret On Obtaining Financial Freedom

Here is another eye-opening message from a young gentleman who attained financial freedom at an early age. There is no myth about moving beyond the sky. You too can make it happen only if you are ready to go that extra mile.

How to obtain financial freedom in your life that will bring success.

Before I begin it all what is financial freedom?. It is about having enough money or wealth without working anymore. Your wealth or assets will do the work for you. When you grow up, you can enjoy life fully until you die.

This stage correlates with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (a psychology theory) in which self-actualization is the highest level of being financially stable in all perspectives.

It is time to transform your failures, wishes, dreams, and hopes for a beautiful ending. You need this kind of guidelines to make the impossible possible. You were not born to be poor a wretched. God delights in seeing you prosperous that is why He has given you a functioning brain to reason.

I often ask myself:

⇒ How does it feel to be rich?
⇒ How does it feel to live in a mansion?

Being vigilant on your finances can answer questions like this perfectly. To all my fellow Christians reading this; Being rich is not a sin nor having wealth is a sin. But the question is do you love your riches more than God???…

I am adding this caution so that the world does not blindfold you to forget your God. After all, all these monies and wealth would be left behind when you are dead and gone.

You may be interested in reading my article about why God is interested in financial freedom for his lovely Children here: “Bible scriptures on finances.” In addition, you can also read about this; Bible verses about financial growth.”

There are many speculations surrounding the best ways of obtaining financial freedom. Seriously this is one thing most people dream of but it is not on a silver platter.

In this post, I would like to share with you the unbelievable message a self-made millionaire who retired at the age of 37! shared with the world. His name is Chris Reining. How did he make it possible?. We will look into it and I am hopeful you will find it very intriguing and helpful.

Many attend seminars or undertake courses to attain financial freedom. But this gentleman has something absolutely different. It worked for him and maybe it will work for you too. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Every successful person would tell you one or two secrets of being financially stable. I recommend figuring out the best that will work for you. Be committed and in the long run, you will maximize your profit.

Why Financial Freedom Is Good For You

You would not stress your self using your energy to work. Instead, your money will do that and bring in huge returns. Just like Bill Gates who sleeps and wake up to about $30 million. That is unbelievable but it’s very realistic and practical.

Money is relatively hard to earn and sustain; with proper financial planning, you can be the next billionaire. I once published an article explaining why poverty is a matter of choice.

As far as you spend money on food, clothes, shelter and other bills; you are legible of being financially successful. You have zero reasons to fail so tighten your seat belt and see the magic happening.

Reining said saving alone wouldn’t’ help. You must make your money work for you by investing in businesses or any career you are passionate about. Just like I explained in this article “Why you must invest in your self.” I will let us take a closer look at it. That is in respective to Reining’s method.

Financial Freedom Lesson From Chris Reining.

In 2010 he set a target of gaining financial freedom at age 35. His goal was to raise a sum of $1 million. He saved more than half of his income minimized his expenses and worked assiduously to complete his target. He retired at the age of 37 in the year 2016.

There is one thing he said that I would like you to take note of;

“If you want financial freedom, it’s not about working harder, or smarter or longer. It’s about making the shift from working for money to having your money work for you, and you can’t do that by saving. You have to invest.”

He further justified his claims saying saving your money for several years will generate a small percentage of profit. If you invest the little that you have saved in your business or career the marginal profit will exceed what the bank will give you as a profit.

So true. Money is ‘seed’ and so you must sow it in a way that will increase in value. This sound palatable to anyone ready to enjoy financial stability. You can visit
Reining’s official website to know more about him.

Did you find this article about financial freedom helpful?. Don’t forget to share with friends, co-workers, families and loved ones. Spread the knowledge and help someone today. Don’t be selfish.

The Bottom-Line

Savings alone cannot make you successful. You must invest to accrue more profit. You can do this if you are really determined. Start today and in a few years, you will reach your target of being financially stable.

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