How To Make Your Expectations In Life Materialize Without Regrets

Indeed we surround ourselves with so many expectations in life. Do we even see them fulfilled?. Our plans might fail but God’s purpose for us will never fail. Let this inspiration about the best ways to attract what you need most materialize.

Thinking about what can make you successful is about relying on positive life expectations.
Is it not about your future? Yes, it is. You can make it the best if your expectations are full of positive thoughts. You just have to power it with action.

Would you believe if I tell you almost everyone you see out there is thinking about the future?. Although it is uncertain but we are told to remain hopeful. You have a bigger role to play… Here is another crucial aspect of our existence as humans; “expectations in life.” It is as if we are supposed to ‘roll the dice‘ and allow it to be the determiner of what we need most in life.

As you find yourself reading this post, I intend to draw your attention to some of the crucial expectations in life. You certainly have one or two things in your mind. I mean there is something you seriously want to see it happen in your life now or in some few days, months or years time.

So far as you keep that to yourself; you alone know it. Yes!, it is perfectly normal to expect certain things to happen. But care must be taken. Because when expectations fail… it is just like a time bomb… You may lose yourself during that moment of failure or disappointment.

“I find my life is a lot easier the lower I keep my expectations.”
—Bill Watterson

Life expectations are not guaranteed to materialize. Unless you seek God’s intervention wholeheartedly. Even with that; it should meet the will of God. Sometimes a divine intervention is needed to unlock anything hindering your goals.

Before you finish reading everything, you would understand some of the commonest expectations in life, how it affects you and how to stay safe from any unforeseen disappointment which could literally drive you mad.

Your parent surely wants you to be a productive being. They want you to be happy, prosperous and leave a good legacy behind. Apparently, this is what God also expects from you. He is the best loving father you could ever have.

Truth Behind Peoples Expectations In Life

I believe before the beginning of this year you were full of expectations. Whether it is from your own plans or that of a third person; it wouldn’t happen by magic.

Perhaps you expected to make $10,000 in the first six months…you had wanted to get married before this month… Now the question is; have you met your own expectations?. If “No” then it means there more you have to do. So far as what you want to achieve is realistic — keep pushing.

To expect something to happen in your life requires something. It might be your time, energy, money, a third person’s help or any other resources you have.

Most often we are into positive expectations. It begins with our most important needs. This takes us straight to Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs.

I remember talking about the 4 major transitions in life. Our plans, hopes, dreams and everything we hold in life ends when we die. Ironically we expect death to lay it’s icy hand on us someday. This is true because we are all destined to die. It is one of the harsh truths anyone can tell you.

Bear in mind that you can’t defy nature (death). So expect it in the long run.

After hurting you with the bad news; let take a look at other positive expectations in life. Talking about life expectations —you likely expect to become:

1. happy
2. rich
3. a married person
4. a successful business owner or become successful in your career
5. the best in your field of work
6. the breadwinner of your family
7. whom you had always wanted to be
8. part of God’s kingdom

Possible Things People Expects In Life

I believe there are a number of needs that cut across gender lines, cultures, beliefs, ideologies, etc. Moreover, there are certain exclusive needs some of us need in life. I will try to cover most of these amazing dynamics in our modern societies.

A Student will surely expect passes in all his grades. An entrepreneur will want to accrue more profits from his investments. The single(bachelor) would like to find a good wife to marry and vice versa.

Just as I have mentioned above. Taking a steady look will let you know that we expect the best to happen in our lives.

On the contrary, your enemies expect the worse for you. This is the challenge you have to constantly fight against. Enemies could fight against your destiny, your goals and all the good things you have.

Failure to fight them with the right tools(prayers, fasting and your intelligence) will make you look like a white elephant.

The Actual Challenges In Expectations In Life

You can gaze at the horizon and think that ship you see there is close to your reach. No! your thoughts would be proved wrong when you make your own calculations to reach there. It doesn’t mean it is impossible. But it will take more time, perseverance, hard work and a positive mindset.

As if there are zero challenges in getting what you want; Man’s greatest need has been of money. Money can accelerate the execution of services. No wonder, the wisest and the richest man ever to live has made it clear that money answers all things. The rates at which a rich man’s need is met is relatively higher than that of a poor man.

According a press release by World Bank; almost half of the world’s population(4.3 billion) struggle to meet their needs.

Money can, therefore, solve many problems associated with mankind’s needs or expectations. Look around, young guys who are living in affluence can fulfill most of their dreams with the speed of light.

I often advise my friends and anyone in general not to trust in people. I also believe it is not a good idea to be excessively dependant on anyone for help. And I never contradicted myself by publishing an article explaining why it is good to ask for help.

When expectations fail it hurts more than anything. Tomorrow is not promised so be calm and conservative.

Saying No To Promises From A Third Person

I have already highlighted how safe it is to stay away from people’s promises. If you can’t withstand the hurt of disappointment — say a BIG NO to anyone who promises to help you in any way.

“If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed.”
—Sylvia Plath

It is far better to throw the challenge to yourself by setting goals that are realistic. Put in much effort and meet your target. If you are unable — try again. You haven’t placed your destiny into anyone’s hand.

You are in full control so work hard towards whatever good thing you expect to occur in your life. Just take full responsibility for whatever transpires when you lay down your plans to meet your target.

It is like dreaming big like the ocean and making it happen!.

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