3 Amazing Lessons From The Eagle To Make You Successful

Eagles are so special that; they can see their targets far away before time to feel assured of a successful catch.

lesson from the eagles
Learn some valuable lessons from the eagle. With vision, fly high and reach your goals like never before.

Eagles in focus: In this generation, people search for many ways of becoming successful, they wander from places to places, attend seminars, workshops, symposium or fight for higher education degrees to become successful. Why don’t you take a minute to read my article about why setting goals in life must be strategic?. Are you in for the short term goals or long term goals?. Start now and do it perfectly.

In this post, I will share with you simple ways you can use to up your life to a higher level of success. Sure, everyone wants to be successful, but the method in question is the problem.

Sometimes God speaks to us through nature. He wants his Children to learn from the ways of certain creatures such as the eagle and ants.

Here, I will show you how the eagle could inspire many of us to adopt simple mindset strategies to become successful in life.


The Amazing Nature Of Eagles

God made the eagle in a special way that its vision is superb, its strength and endurance is superb. Above all, the eagle is wise enough to deal with challenges that come on its way.

Most often, Christians should learn from eagles to live purposeful lives, fly high above all life challenges without getting weary. Make a way to where there is no way. Don’t follow the masses. Be like the eagle that flies alone to achieve its purpose.

The non-Christian too can learn the ways of eagles and be successful. Nature has a lot of lessons for us, we will not recognize it unless we take a closer look at it.

For you to be successful in adapting the ways of an eagle, first you have to develop a good vision for the future. Don’t be myopic, see through the future with the eye of your brain.

The eagle sees far beyond its place to find food, dangers and all kinds of occurrences before it gets close.l have learned something interesting about the nature of their vision, science has it that; the fovea on the retina of eagles give them sharp visions, there is a huge amount of concentration of the rod and cone vision cells.

When we compare the cones of the eagle to that of humans per kilometer square; humans have 200,000 and the eagle has about one million of it. That is a wide difference.

The Fovea of the eagle is two per an eye but we humans have only one per an eye as this helps them to see both sides and ahead as well. They can even change the lens and cornea of their eyes to extend their vision with much focus.

This should inspire us to change our shallow minds or future goals and concentrated on something bigger than that. Learn a lesson from the eagle. Set goals that will scare you and put you on your feet.

Finding Inspiration And Lesson From The Eagle

There is a saying that says; if your dreams are not scaring you, then it means you are not dreaming big for the future. So dream big like the ocean and focus on that by working tirelessly toward it.

When they use their powerful visions, they easily reach their goals(prey/food). They are swift enough to reach their target because they have determined to have that success. When there are stumbling blocks in front of you fly high like the eagle and see beyond it.

Life challenges might be marriage problems, unemployment, depression, diseases, and sicknesses. Don’t give up, especially if you are a Christian, keep on setting future goals, be futuristic with your mind and vision. Pray, think ahead of time and surely you will achieve something better.

Be strong enough to endure all life challenges. I remember a few years ago when my teacher taught me that, the one special thing about eagles that make people consider them as the strongest birds in the world is the power grip they have.

The power grip is the strength in their claws when they grab anything, even the strongest wind can’t derail them. They stay strong and firm to whatever they grab.

Recently, I watched a couple of videos about the hunting abilities of eagles on YouTube and to my surprise; I saw eagles grabbing preys 2 times greater than their sizes.

You can’t believe it; an eagle howling a lamb in the air. That very lamb was too heavy so the eagle couldn’t fly with it for long and it fell into the forest. I never thought such creature can do that. Eagles fight hard to get what they want (preys).

A Life With Vision And Hard Work Brings Success

So we humans should also be bold enough to hold on unto our targets. It’s like being in the wild, you have to be proactive to reach your target (prey). When you achieve success, hold it, no matter how big your success is don’t let it scare you.

The eagle is wise enough to fly above the clouds when it is raining. All other birds will be hiding or flying in the rains but it simply avoids heavy rains. However, experts say, it is only the bald eagle that can fly above the clouds; that is 10,000 feet high.

They can also change their environments when their preys are treacherous on the ground. For example, eagles will change the battleground when they find preys like snakes. They will take the snake into the air with their strong claws.

The snake is useless and vulnerable when it is in the air. The eagle then wins its adversary so simple. When life confronts us we must adopt good ways of finding better ideas or places to solve them.

If you don’t have peace at your workplace you can change environment because you have your profession and that profession will probably make you enjoy better working conditions and happiness when you change your environment.

Should if you stay in a house and your landlord hardly gives you peace just pack your luggage and find a different house. If your working tools are too old and giving you challenges change them. If reaching your target is becoming difficult, change your strategies or approach.

The Bottom-line

In summary, we humans shouldn’t be short-sighted like chickens, instead, we must have good visions for the future and work toward and surely we will reach that vision and become successful in life. The chicken can only see food within its reach but the eagle can see within and afar of all its food or targets.

A life without vision is useless. Let us all learn from the eagle by having good visions for the future, develop strength and endurance toward our challenges and be wise enough to deal with our challenges appropriately to be the victor.

Apparently, there are more amazing facts about the eagle that teaches us good lessons in life. It is time you learn a lesson from the eagle.

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