It Takes A Whole Lot To Move Forward In Life – Don’t Get Stuck!

It Takes A Whole Lot To Move Forward In Life – Don’t Get Stuck!

Moving forward in life isn’t about speeding up your movement toward your lofty goals. It is time you realize making effective use of your time, energy, money and other resources is the best step in achieving your plans. As long as you stay focused; no obstruction can derail you from your ultimate goal.

If you want to start moving forward in life, prepare your mind to endure all the challenges. Success will finally be yours.
Life is a journey. Tell yourself ” forward ever, backward never.”  When you get tired rest and continue later.

Here we are, in a hectic world that almost everyone is aspiring for something bigger. It all begins with a single step. Let me take a minute and ask you: “are you moving forward in life?.” Perhaps yours is “Yes” others will respond “No.”

Life is a 4 Major Life Transitions That Affects You. It begins right after you got formed in your mother’s womb. You are still growing till you end up in the graveyard. You are surrounded with so many choices that act like accouterments for executing a particular task.

In this post, I would like to fill all my readers with the best of inspiration that will uplift the Spirit within. We all have different dreams but the ultimate goal is to be happy and successful. John Lennon once said all that he wants to become is “happy.” It sounds very simple, understandable, and interesting.

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” — John Lennon

I recently published an in-depth article explaining why setting goals should be definitive and realistic. To be successful in the near future, you need to be a frugal person.

Without controversy, happiness is a choice. It doesn’t matter whether you are rich or poor. However, we all ought to make significant progress in life. I presume you have read my article about tortoise motivation… Slow by sure.

I am hopeful you set some goals before the beginning of this year. Maybe you even planned what you want to achieve early at the beginning of this year. Take a minute and ask yourself “am I moving forward in life?.”

It is disheartening when you realize things are not moving the way you have expected. Stress, hopelessness, and despondencies will set in. My dear calm down. It is never too late. It is always necessary to be courageous when your plans aren’t giving you what you want.

Letting go of all the bad experiences open new portals for you to tread on. You are destined for greatness. You simply have to believe this. After all, you become what you accept. You get whatever you settle down for. Don’t belittle yourself.

For a better understanding of your total life plans for the future, you need to know how to track your progress, make the necessary adjustment to fit into your current situation without changing the purpose. Always you have to keep on moving forward.

Tell yourself “backward never.” Use these quotes to keep going through all the challenges in life. Surely, you will reap the reward.

God Expects You To Move Forward

By nature God wants us to grow in wisdom, be in good health and feel happy through his blessings and amazing grace. Just like a seed is supposed to sprout, grow strong in the ground, and increase in height bearing good fruits.

Learning Lesson From A Stranger’s Advice

I remember, a few months ago: I met a certain gentleman who was battling his own life challenges; doing his best to achieve his lofty goals. He said, my friend, we don’t have enough time here on earth.

So if you have the best card hidden in your sleeve, cast it. Don’t waste too much time. It is good to know how to live your best life at any moment.

Sometimes we don’t always have to wait for the right time. It is possible to create the right time now. Action speaks louder than words. Putting in much effort into your dream life will bring a huge difference.

In summary of that gentleman’s advice:

⇒. If you can marry, do it now

⇒. If you want to give birth, do it now

⇒. Do you want to build a house? Start now if you have the power or the chance.

⇒. Time and tide wait for no man.

Lastly, this stranger said something powerful and heart touching. What do you think that could be that I am so passionate to share with you?.

Well, it goes like this: When you are growing you don’t visibly notice it. Today you will be young, in the next few years, you will be increasing in age.

Take a look at your photographs in the past 10 years and compare them with your current looks… That is your reflection being how you have worked hard or prepared yourself. A big difference!!!. The truth here is; you never felt that gradual change.

Keep moving forward in life quote

This means by nature we have to move forward. It is common in all living things. You must step forward and make your life better than it used to be.

A little advice I would like to add is; listen to your conscience when making critical decisions. In fact, some of us have to learn how to make good decisions. One wrong decision can destroy your whole life on earth. On the other hand, a single decision can result in a tremendous change to success.

Your conscience is always right. You are the best to advise yourself so far as you know the exact part of your shoe that pinches. Follow your heart and you will make it to the right place.

Moving Forward In Life Through The Crooked Road

Never make a mistake thinking it is easy to accomplish greater things. Dare not think of cutting corners as well. Genuine hard work, determination, resilience, and all the sacrifices lead you into a blissful future. The payoff is always great.

When moving forward in life, forget about your contemporaries and predecessors. You are not in competition with anyone. You are in competition with yourself.

Hard times will come, but your attitude will determine the result. It takes serious people to fight for their goals. Sometimes you need to be aggressive when chasing your dreams. It will never come on a silver platter.

Take, for instance, the friends, loved ones, and families who discourage you. They will certainly belittle your ambitions. It is either you accept their theory of impossibilities or psych yourself up to make it happen.

Maybe you would like to read my article about the 7 steps to success. Like I said early, life is a journey. I mean an expedition. You need to overcome every single obstruction. Even if you fail today, try again… You would be proud you never gave up.

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