Do You Feel Tired In Life: 4 Inspirational Practical Ways To Grow Stronger

A time will come when you will get tired of fighting for your success and happiness. Like a freedom fighter fighting to liberate himself and his people from suppression. Refusing to succumb to failure makes you one step ahead of achieving your intended goal. Know how to renew your strength when you become exhausted in life.

When you become tired of this life, you need to hold on for a while. Start afresh the next day and finish what you started.
Rest at where you felt like you are tired of this life. Continue with a new energy and a positive mindset. You have zero excuses to quit.

Tired of this life?. Before you justify yourself with too many excuses(I can’t do this any longer”, “I’m fed up” It’s better I die”, “There is no hope for me” “I wish God never made me” blah blah blah). Yeah, I understand this kind of feeling. It sucks!. But wait…when nothing seems to work for you; don’t lose hope. So far as you have breath in you. There is a way.

Feeling tired of this life doesn’t permit you to quit trying. Once in a while, you will have that awkward feeling of giving up all the beautiful goals you have been fighting for.

Look at yourself anytime you wake up in the morning… and go back to sleep in the night— you are fighting a war. Oh Yes!. Life is war so when you feel tired of life by fighting too many Challenges you can rest, gasp some air and proceed. You must always be ready to face all the ups and downs in life without giving up.

“Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!.”
—Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

Until you lose your last breath— there shouldn’t be any problem, pains or sorrows to cause you to quit and be an outcast or a burden unto anyone. You too can enjoy financial freedom, good marriage, good health, genuine happiness, and success. That is if you keep on moving till you find yourself in the “winner’s circle. ”

What Could Make You Get Tired Of This Life?

Let’s figure out some of the possible reasons why some of us become tired of this life; how to keep the boat moving forward in the best of comfort. We make beautiful plans in the morning but things and people could force you to compromise it.

Your plans might be about building a house, buying a car, getting married, establishing a business, getting over anxieties, making a tremendous change in your life, etc. But things may never run smooth as you have planned.

How can you break that chain of failure, disappointment, shame, insolvencies, hopelessness, etc?. Well, I am hopeful before you even finish this post; you will stop complaining of being tired of this life you are living today.

There is one simple truth we can never overlook whiles we live on this planet— “Life is full of challenges.”

If you find yourself in a challenging situation—stay calm. Dare not think of giving up— unless you have a valid reason. Check out this article if you think you have a reasonable excuse to give up in life; “when to give up.”

As you read along with me, I will explain and inspire you with practical ways to steer yourself to the destination you want to reach. What at all is preventing you?. Do you think its unprecedented? Don’t lie to yourself.

This World Is unfair

Truth has been turned backward, just like what the Bible has said. Feeling tired of life is perfectly normal. It’s just like climbing a mountain; when you get tired you don’t quit. You rest and continue. This is how to overcome anything that tries to bring you down.

It’s a pity to find out how the rich and the privileged suppress the poor/less privileged. It is so sad. People buy justice with money. Honesty has become a foreign word to most of our leaders.

We work so hard to get better salaries, better working conditions, and promotions but that’s not happening. You work assiduously for years— yet you barely see an improvement in your life. Won’t you get tired?. Yes! You will. But don’t quit.

Dangers Of Feeding Your Tiredness

Time is money. When you are tired you may sacrifice your time to give your challenges more than enough rope to drag you in the mud. Are you tired?. Oh ok, that’s fine but what is your mind telling you?.

Does it inspire you to maintain a positive mindset or the opposite?. The moment you become tired of life — your mind become lose making you vulnerable to bad thoughts followed by negative actions.

Here is the case you push with all your might but can’t move that stone an inch. Things become worse when there is no one to help. You are all alone. Oh my God— life could be wicked.

Emotional breakdown may force you to commit suicide, devalue yourself, trade your treasure for a small price. There are millions of people suffering from depression(it is killing millions of people at an alarming rate) because things are not happening they way they want.

Yes, life could be stubborn at times. But whatever the case is— you have a choice. Happiness is a choice— poverty is a choice. Fight theses against the truth. In all learn how to make good choices.

How To Stop Feeling Tired Of Life

Most at times I feel like failure has constantly been in hatred of me. How?. I could hear that little negative voice whisper into my ears that “I’m incorrigible.” And that is true. There is no room for failure. I refuse to give up to my lofty goals and anything I believe in.

First, acknowledge the fact that getting tired of life is a human feeling. The next of the story depends on you. Will you sit down and fail or you will stand on your feet and keep trying?. Implement the following strategies anytime you become tired of this life.

1. Re-engineer Your Mindset

If you ever told yourself that you are tired of this life— it is time to rethink and come out with something positive. The mind is a powerful tool that could have a great influence in your whole life. Use it well by focusing on the possibilities, not the impossibilities.

When the mind says “Yes you can”— then you will begin to feel revitalized. Indeed you are tired for thinking too much and trying so many times; but it is not over. Now “decision has been taken.” You can still make the best out of the worse.

2. Touch The Root Cause

There is an African proverb that says when you pull a rope and it’s not coming— it means something is holding it back. Perhaps you have written your final exams several times but couldn’t score the grade you need. Or perhaps you have invested so much in business but couldn’t meet your target.

Maybe yours is about unfruitful relationships, marriages, etc. All the attempt to rectify the situation proves futile. Despondency will surely set in. But remember that anything that has a beginning has an end.

My question is: “have you touched the root cause of your problems?.”

Find a lasting solution to that problem causing you to quit and bombarding you with suicidal thoughts.

Seriously some of our troubles are deeply rooted in the spiritual realm. Until that yoke is broken you will never achieve what you have planned.

The Bible has made it clear that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but powerful dark forces — Ephesians 6:12. It’s a spiritual warfare!.

Your situation could be a generational curse, demonic attack or schemes from your enemies. My dear—pray with fasting. You need a divine intervention before you can see the progression in your life.

3. Dynamism/Change

You have to stay real and dynamic all the time. If you keep on approaching something with the same plan it becomes boring over time. If you change the way you handle certain situations— you will stop saying you are tired of this life. Life will flow by itself.

Learn how to mobilize yourself in a different way that will help you conquer that challenge from a “blind spot.”

Tests different strategies and surely you will end up of one or two that will break down anything making you feel exhausted in life.

4. Stay updated & Innovated

The last strategic plan to help you stop saying to Yourself that you are tired of this life— is about staying stronger, fierce and destructive to anything that obstructs you form being successful or happy.

The moment you begin experiencing discomfort; try the first 3 strategies. If it doesn’t work then you need to unleash that little strength in you. How?.

You are winner and you have been winning—even before you were born. Have no deal with failure.

Some mountains are hard to be broken. A situation like this doesn’t require you to change your thought nor your approach. It requires a change in tools.

Like I usually say: If that problem is too hard to crack— go in for a larger hammer. Face bigger situations with bigger accoutrements. You may call for help or borrow an idea or tools from someone else.

I mean look out for a professional who can deal effectively with your problems. It could be a Pastor, Physician, Psychologist, Career coach, motivational speaker, counselor, etc. Liberate that pressure on you and soon your tiredness of life will cease to exist.

Summation Of Being Tired Of This Life

Life is not for losers. You can’t give out flimsy excuses that you are tired because you tried once, twice, or thrice: All proved futile so you feel hopeless, exhausted, and disappointed.

If you can’t withstand a painful situation then you are on your way to destruction.

I believe from now onwards if you start losing hope— you will kill that negative thought that makes you feel tired of this life you are living.

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