3 Reasons Why You Must Believe You Are A Winner Over Life Challenges

Many times most of you fail to recognize your winning potential. A true winner never quits. It is time you learn about how to believe you are a winner in all folds of life. The fact is: you only need a reminder that is full of inspiration to propel you to success

Good reasons to learn how to believe you are a winner
Life throws challenges at you now and then, but literally, you are in no competition with anyone. You are in competition with yourself. Conquer yourself each day and you will become the best in life. Success will always be yours.

It is very unfortunate that many people are ignorant about their winning power. Would you believe if I tell you; “You have been a winner always and will always be?.” I want you to stop underrating yourself. I want you to start reprogramming your subconscious mind and believe you are a winner. You cannot live life without facing any challenge. Challenges are what make you stronger and more successful in life.

Today, I want to remind you of how to believe you are a winner. Yes! you are. It is not just a wish but literally, you are a winner, you have won many times in life. Your problem is; You haven’t realized it.

Fact File On How To Believe You Are A Winner In Life

1. You Are A Winner At Conception

Where does life begin?. Right after fertilization in the womb, isn’t it?. You first won as a single sperm being able to fertilize the egg. How did you do that?. Consider this fact:

♦. God knew you before you were born.

♦. He (God) has purposed your life for something greater. There is a purpose for your life, don’t live an empty life or dreams.

You may need to read these Bible verses about victory to feel inspired. Be prepared for victory and celebrate all your wins.

Back to how you won your first life challenge. Out of about 14 million sperms, you were the ONLY ONE who made it to the Fallopian tube. You won your first life challenge. Why not find inspiration and continue your winning agenda.

Just believe you are a winner since when you were a spermatozoa
Photo: Illustration of sperm(in the form of a man)fertilizing an egg in the Fallopian tube. Before you became an embryo in your mother’s womb, you won as that special single sperm to fertilize the egg. You are indeed purposed for greatness. You won so never stop winning. Let it be your hallmark.

Has anyone told you to believe you are a winner in this hectic life?. If you believe, there is a reason for everything, then the reason for you to reach the Fallopian tube without being destroyed shows you deserve to live; You deserve greatness. Yes, you should be the winner and you are. You can always win. Even if you fall in your endeavor to achieve something, you can try again and you would come out triumphantly.

What happened to your contemporaries during the journey through the fallopian tube?. They were either knocking on the wrong door of the fallopian tube or losing energy to swim further. You won! Believe, you are the life of a winner.

2. You Are Still Alive As A winner

The second most important thing on how to believe you are a winner is about your survival to date. Should if you don’t know;

1. There is an estimation that, in every hour 6,316 people die.

2.  And in each day 151,600 people die.

Visit “ecology” for more statistics. You have to believe that you are a winner in life.

This should inspire you to be grateful in life. You are constantly winning in life. Remember that, you are no better than those who die each hour and each day. It is simply because there are greater things purposed for you. You need to keep moving forward. There is a saying that goes like this:

“So far as you have the life you have everything.”

3. You Dare Not Give Up

Apparently, you have all that it takes to live a happy life. How much does happiness cost?. Not a dime. Try searching for the cost($$$) of happiness and you would be astounded by the price. Giving up in life might be your greatest mistake.

Remember, you began life as a winner, not a loser. So far as you have lofty aims to achieve, keep working toward it. As it is said;

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”
– Vince Lombardi

Dreams come true, so when you dream, dream big. Never ever give up. You do not have to be afraid of failure if your plans or dreams hit the rock; Your courage must increase. Perseverance is what I am talking about right now. I mean; believe you are a winner.  Learn how to affirm your success and happiness before you even see it. Let’s take this scenario for example.

There are 8 different paths leaving you in a dilemma. Only one of these paths leads to the treasure you are looking for. What if each path is 200km away. Yes!, never expect the journey to success to be easy. Now, you tracked down on the first path to the end. You found nothing. Exhausted and disappointed, will you give up? Hell No!.

Would you give up simply because your first choice yielded nothing?. I hope you will say “No“. Good to hear that. What if the second to the 7th path also yielded nothing?

You must always believe you are a winner. Think positive and work assiduously toward it. Winners are hard-working people. They have to earn anything they set their minds on it.

Bear in mind, the more you fail, the more you get closer to success. In one of my oldest posts, I talked about the “beauty in failure.”

Now it is left with only two paths. One definitely holds the treasure you need. There is no need to give up.  If ONLY YOU DON’T GIVE UP, you will find the treasure. It is as simple as that. I believe you now know how to believe you are a winner already.

Did you find this article helpful?. If Yes, remember, sharing is caring. Together we can make the world a better place. Dare not give up on your dreams.

I tell you the truth; DREAMS COME TRUE. You then become what you think of or what you want to be. Let people know that you are the life of a winner since you get formed in your mother’s womb.

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