9 Practical Ways To Deal With The Ups And Downs In Life

9 Practical Ways To Deal With The Ups And Downs In Life

You don’t need anyone to tell you about life’s ups and downs. You have seen and felt it all. But how do you deal with it? Here is the inspiration to move you through all the good and bad days.

A woman with signs of ups and downs in life

Hello out there, can you honestly tell me about your current mood? You might be feeling down for many different reasons. On the other hand, you might be feeling happy. Whatever the case might be on your side, I’m here to remind you about life’s ups and downs. Don’t expect to see honey dripping into your mouth every day. Some days you have to accept the sour taste of lemon.

Never think of enjoying a smooth ride every single day. Some days will be super boring or leave you with nightmares. Stay calm. That is life. We all face good days and bad days. We lose, we win, and keep on fighting hard to maintain a life worth living.

But the only difference you can make is how to cope with the bad side and eventually find yourself up again. Sadly, you can’t stay up there on the mountain top forever.

Once in a while, there would be earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, etc, while you are on top. Will you survive and maintain a positive attitude? Of course, you have to.

You wouldn’t always have the power to control what comes into your life. Even if you fall down —your composure would make the difference. This will prove real maturity in life.

The Harsh Truth

As I once shared some of the harsh truths in life; let me highlight one of them here as I believe it reflects the topic at hand today.

Many people make the mistakes of complaining too much when they are having bad days like these two guys who did something silly and had to clean up their mess.

Can those complaints bring any change? Hell no! It rather keeps you busy wasting your precious time and aggravating your emotional problems.

Life is like a roller coaster, you would have a different feeling when you are up there, a different feeling when you are down there, then another feeling depending on the momentum. Together, they all make it fun with a remarkable experience.

Roller coaster about life's ups and downs
Up and down rollercoaster

Life will surely take you down somewhere along your journey to success. Like seasons, things will change. When it’s favorable, learn how to make the best out of it — when it is unfavorable, you still have to learn how to make the best out of it.

Life’s Ups And Downs In Question

Life situations will test your mental strength. If you easily break down and lose hope in life, then you will often find yourself wading through the mud for long.

It takes a strong mindset to transform all the bad moments into something positive. We need the good side of life so badly. And it comes as a reward to your endeavors. Comparatively, our cognitive biases steal away most of our happiness.

On the scale of happiness and sadness, you can choose happiness to outweigh sadness or any negative emotions. The simple truth is happiness is a state of mind. It is a choice that anyone can make even if he is down. Even in the darkness, you can still find happiness.

Your life, education, job, marriage, relationships, dreams, etc, will all go through many different challenges. By embracing all the good and bad moments —mold or sculpt them to your desire shape. This will reveal your true ability and willingness to live a life full of positivity.

Facing Obstructions With A Smile

It is very normal to find yourself in awkward situations like disappointment, injustice, discrimination, failure, fear, hopelessness, brokenness, depression, etc. All these will try to put you down. But how long will you allow these negative emotions to rule your life?

Come on, dust off all these negativities, and put on your shoe of confidence.

ups and downs in life examples

Believe that you are meant for something better and so you will never settle down for any of these life degrading situations. Right there, you have made a good choice to climb up the ladder of happiness.

Stay Away From Them

Who? I mean the cynics, narcissists, and all the bad guys you could ever think about. If you really want to deal smoothly with ups and downs in life, then be mindful of those you entertain in your life. They rejoice anytime they see you down.

And any progressive move you make is a treat to them. Oh yes! There are ferocious creatures like that among us. The song they always sing is “fail fail fail”, “go down down down....” Stupid song from insensitive humans. Some will even chant for your downfall. Ah ah… Such foolishness.

Have you noticed this in life?: There are people who always feel obligated to verbally degrade their fellow humans with the mindset of putting them in the right direction.

They can’t simply be a little nice to the guy who is trying hard to lose weight or put on weight at the gym or the guy who is fighting hard to move from rags to riches: Neither the one who has a good initiative for a startup.

I believe you get the scenario here: anyone who fails to inspire or motivate you to make progress in life in any way doesn’t deserve your time or attention.

A cat on the food looking up
“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what the sunflowers do.” – Helen Keller – Random Acts of Flowers

You would always stay down and hopeless if you don’t surround yourself with positive-minded people.

As for me, no situation or misfortune is going to bog me down any longer. You know why? God is on my side; He is my strength!

How To Deal With The Ups And Downs In Life

In summation, there are certain important things you can do to stay hopeful even if you are buried in the mud or the ash heap. Come out and dust yourself off. Now get ready to deal with life’s ups and downs.

1. Stay positive always. Like protons(+) that always remain positive in every chemical reaction — so as you should be.

2. Never give up when life knocks you down. At least you are not dead. Rise and continue your journey to the top.

4. Take it normal. Your downfall is nothing unprecedented. Life’s ups and downs happen to every mortal being. If you face painful situations, remember that nothing is permanent. This too shall pass away!

6. Learn how to cope with negative emotions while you maintain strong mental health. Your mind is the weapon of change.

7. Life’s ups and downs teach your valuable lessons such as nothing good comes on a silver platter. And this world isn’t a good place for the weak or the lazybones.

8. Stay with people who contribute meaningfully to your life by encouraging you to chase your dreams and stay hopeful about tomorrow.

9. Your internal wounds will surely heal. You, therefore, need to be patient.

I believe this piece of content has given you the inspiration to deal with life’s ups and downs without giving up on your lofty goals. You need both the sunshine and the rain to have a beautiful day.

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