Is It Really True That Time Is Money?Find Out Now.

Where do you belong in these two controversies; “Time is money” or “Time is Life”?.

Time Is Money
Time Is Money

Time Is Money, is that true?

Time is money is a statement or a saying we often here in our lives.But do we really understand?,does it have any implications on us?.As I wonder the relationship between time and money I became intrigued to know more about it.

In this very post I will share my thoughts about the saying “Time is money” with you.Many people  have different views about the relationship between time and money,some of them are economic scholars, some of them are business men and even the lay man on the street has his views, just like anyone,just like me.But whatever the difference is or whatever way it is, time and money will still affect us both directly and indirectly.

What Is Time?.

Time is a non-renewable resource,when spent you can never recover, money is a seed when you plant it in a good soil it will yield plenty fruits. You can plant money by investing in businesses or use it in a legal way to generate income.

Some people are trying hard to nullify the meaning of “Time is money” and their argument is, time is time, money is money; others too say time is life but not time is money. Now I have highlighted some of the controversies surrounding “time is money” assertion.

Understanding The Relationship Between Time And Money

I will look at time and money in  the very way it affects our daily life activities.The general explanation behind “time and money” is that, when one uses his time efficiently he can maximize his profit and on the other hand if someone misuses his time,he will incur loses in life.This is one reason why the poor is getting poorer and the rich richer.

We all have the same time period to spend in  a day  and each they is 24 hours.Can that 24 hours be classified as money?.Well, we all know work done deserves payment, and the payment is done according to the time spent in a day so that time spent will be the value of your money.For this reason many people like me don’t Joke with their time.

When time is lost you cannot recover, hence the saying “time and tide waits for no man”.There is no reverse button for recovering time lost.Time is the basic factor for calculating length of the day, weeks,months and years and it starts from seconds.When you sit there without doing anything in day then it means you have misused time and so you have lost money.

On the other hand, someone has used the day to earn money;you can maximize your income through selling goods, or offering services to others and earning money in return for the time spent on these activities.

Time Usage And Its Reward

Honestly, if you use your time profitably you will gain a lot of money and this will help you to understand the concept of time is money.When you have certain goods  to auction in the market and you sit home watching television or sleeping, will you earn any money?.Unless there is a lazy kind of job like sleep and get paid which I have never heard of.You can rather turn your laziness into profit.No one will actually pay you for no work done.

When you use the time to auction your goods in the market you will get income from all the purchases made.Some people let time work for them,because they have finished their parts by making particular investment in any kind of business they like.

As time passes by,their money also increases,so in few years time they will become rich for making good use of time.For instance one of the richest men in the world today,Bill Gates has invested huge amount of money in many businesses, every hour he gains money out of it.

There are a lot of important things to learn from billionaires today.I was recently watching documentary on television and I got to know when he sleeps,he will wake up to a profit of $10 million in the morning and that is incredible.Today Bill Gates earns $30 million a day.Time is indeed money.

After making you know that time is money, I will go ahead and talk about some of the controversies about the time is money concept. If anyone tells me time is life; I will not object that.It is very true.Why I’m I saying that?.Each day is up to 24 hours and when the sun rises and sets you will be aging.

Some Controversies Over The Relationship Between Time And Money

Time will pass by and pass by again and in 10 years time you won’t be the same person you are in terms of your outlook,social standard, and financial status.Time will change you.If you are having enough strength as a youth,years will come and all your strength will fade away like smoke, if you are having a full-grown black hair, some years later your hair will turn grey.

This means time is taking part of your life.And it is a non-renewable resource. Let’s take today’s date 20/10/17 for example; this very date will never occur again till we all leave this planet. That is why it is advisable to use your time profitably.

The next date in a year time will be 20/10/18.Everything you say today,do today or any decision you make today will affect you in the future but not in the past. Time in the past has passed away and its unchangeable.

The future is not certain so anything can change.but TODAY i tell you;You can control your life to have a better destiny no matter what.The life everyone lives on earth has an end and it has an expiring date so use time wisely before it is too late.There is a native American proverb about time is money concept  and it says;

“Every time you wake up ask yourself;”What good things am I going to do today?”.Remember that when the sun goes down at sunset it will take a part of your life with it”.

The above proverb has a very good message or lesson for you and I and everyone living on earth today.Don’t sit there ideal each day without making good use of time, else your life will be miserable, poverty will embrace you.

It would be better for you to invest in your life today and reap in the future. Or work hard today in a way that your income will maximize to have enough money to sustain your life for the future.How can you maximize profit?. People have done it and it has helped them a lot.

To maximize profit through effective time-use you can do double work at a time only if you can. Let’s say you are a government doctor, you can also set up your own clinic or pharmacy in your house to generate income from these two sources.

If you are a teacher after school classes you can arrange for extra classes in your house and charge your students some amount of money. If you don’t have a specialized profession you can still maximize profit from the 24 hours  period by opening something like super market or any venture to help you maximize your profit.

If you concentrate on doing one particular job,surely you will benefit from time to help you in life but that profit  wouldn’t be enough compared to someone who will be doing two different jobs at a time.

In summary,I would like to inspire everyone to make good use of his or her time to increase productivity. Who doesn’t want money?. We all want, but time is a factor. Time is money and at the same time,time is life.Personally, I don’t object to any of these concepts. What about you?. Feel free to comment or contribute to what I have talked about. Your feedbacks are also welcomed.


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