How Worshiping God Helps You Connect With Him In Spirit

We proudly call ourselves Christians—yet we don’t see the God we serve. Doubt sometimes fills our heart but the Bible is our source of inspiration, hope, and happiness before any scientific proof of the existence of a living God who lives among us. Your duty is to worship God throughout your life.

Understand the reason why you must worship God all the time.
Jesus said if mankind would hold back his praises— he can command the stones to praise him.

Are you are Christian? Do you really believe in God?. Have you made up your mind to worship God? I supposed you answered “YES!.” That’s great. It takes a strong faith to worship the creator of heaven and earth. It takes faith to reclaim what belongs to you but have been stolen by the enemies, the Devil, and his angels.

Many have too many doubts in their hearts— wondering if God really exists and if he thinks about them at all. Hey! don’t underestimate the power of prayer and its connection with God.

There is something interesting that just came up to inspire Christians around the world to keep the “faith” alive. I write today to remind you that we serve a living God who watches over us from morning to evening and throughout the nights. Never ever feel hopeless or anxious when you don’t see your prayers being answered. Worship God without any doubt and miracles will overflow.

I believe you have asked God to help you in so many ways. Yes, we all need him to give us our daily bread just like he feeds the birds in the sky and clothes the lilies in the field with beautiful colors.

If your request isn’t about financial freedom, then it is about marriage or good health, healings, strength, education, wisdom, protection, freedom, job, business, etc.

God expects Christian believers to present their needs to him and he has promised to answer. Know about the amazing promises God has laid down to make you happy and prosperous in the future. If you haven’t received the answer yet — you don’t have any valid excuse to give up on God. Hold on and think about the possible reasons why God has not answered your prayers.

Worship God All The Time—He Is Not Far From You

According to the Bible— God is close to us than we can even imagine. Indeed we can not see him with our naked eyes. This shouldn’t cause for an alarm. He is a Spirit. We should, therefore, worship God in Spirit and in truth.

“You shall walk after the LORD your God, and fear him, and keep his commandments, and obey his voice, and you shall serve him, and cling to him” ( Deuteronomy 13:4).

The atheist would arrogantly dispute the existence of God because we cannot see him. In fact, in my entire Christian life, I have encountered a number of atheists who feel pricked anytime they come across my message about the living God we worship. They feel soo offended if a believer talks about God.

They often fail to mind their own business. My concern is to inspire my fellow Christians who are fighting the good fight. Let no temptation, sorrows or pains cause you to lose faith in God.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD” ( Joshuah 24:15).

One day you would be rewarded for your faithfulness. Keep on praying. Your healings and miracles are about to happen. There is nothing sweeter than seeing your prayers answered right in front of your eyes. Want to have such kind of experience? Keep on trusting in God unconditionally— worship God with all your heart.

God Is Alive— Latest Scientific Proof

We don’t worship God in vain. Now a new brain scan study of a number of religious devotees revealed there is Spiritual connectivity when one prays or meditate.

It’s not a long time since I explained how our brains and hearts work together in my article “following your hearts.” So if you allow God to live in your hearts — then automatically he lives in your brain too. Your consciousness becomes filled with the presence of the Lord.

Scientific research conducted by Philadelphia-based neuroscientist Andy Newber has revealed that God is closer to us than we could think of. He said:

“We can see what’s going on in us as we think about God, experience God and pray to God.

“We are looking for physical manifestations of God.”

And so he and his team tried to capture that through scanning the brain activities of Dr. Morgan Freeman using RMI. How? Morgan was made to pray for about 12 minutes.

The results of the two scans (before meditation/prayer and after meditation/prayer). It appeared that during the meditation the frontal lobe of the brain became blossomed.

The same experiment was conducted on an atheist. He was told to concentrate on God.

Newber said:

“We asked him to concentrate on God and he wasn’t able to activate his frontal lobes very much.

“So, in fact, if anything, as you can see, it actually went down a bit.

“Even though they said they were concentrating on God, they were not able to do a very good job, because they did not believe it.” You can read more about Newber’s experiment by visiting expressUK

This experiment should, therefore, give maximum inspiration to all Christians that we worship a living God. Christians have zero excuses not to worship God. You can increase the connection between you and God through prayers, fasting and reading the Bible.

When we pray we use the power of the tongue. And as a matter of facts, words can destroy or build up a person. Have you thought about how curses manifest?. Yes! That’s what I’m talking about. Let your prayers manifest for all flesh to see the glory of God.

You can look out for quite time ideas that can help you have special Spiritual interaction with God. This will help fortify the Spirit living inside you. Some of us are already having the seal of God on us. And it is about spiritual awareness that makes us strong in the Lord.

In Summation

Calling yourself a Christian should reflect through your whole life. You must know that you are in the world but not of the world. Worship God for he has not forsaken you and he will never forsake you. Don’t permit the challenges you face today to kill your faith.

Pay no heed to anyone or anything that makes you question the reality of God. He is right with you. Pray until your prayers get answered. We worship a living God who has revealed himself to us through nature and among us.

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