Why Giving Up Can Be A Good Thing In Life

Life is full of challenges and as a matter of fact, sometimes it is OK to give up. There are other ways that would be helpful to pursue your dreams. Giving up doesn’t show weakness but courage of character.

Here are insightful reasons why giving up can be a good thing in life.
Giving up doesn’t mean you are weak, it simply shows a strength of character and courage reflecting the perfection of your self-knowledge. There are other paths that would be favorable for you… Believe that you are born to win.

You Can’t Achieve Your Goals Without Any Effort

When you are required to use efforts far greater than your capability then you would understand why giving up can be a good thing. God in his own wisdom created a perfect world with everything mankind would need for a happy life free of charge. Now everything has changed because of sin. The lands, fruits, vegetables, meats etc. are no more for free.

You need to work hard, earn some money before you can get something to eat or a house to sleep in.

This invariably has turned the world into a Warfield. You need to be strong, ambitious and a hard worker before you can achieve any goal you set.

There is no need to steal nor take shortcuts. The end result is very detrimental. It always doesn’t feel good seeing someone trying to enlighten you on the reasons why giving up can be a good thing for your own happiness and success.

Should if anyone tells you to give up on your struggles to achieve something you dearly want, how would you feel?, foul play I guess. That doesn’t sound good, yes I know.

Let’s Face It

In this post, I would like to remind you that you are mere flesh and blood and so you have your limit. Each and every one of us has his own limit which varies from persons to persons.

This post is likely to spark a compelling argument but Knowing your limit would help you know when to give up and when to keep moving forward. Mankind is fragile and as a matter of fact, can’t hold every pressure that comes out of life challenges. If you dare, you will break.

I don’t want you to break by being notorious when things are really not right in your life. You need to give up. I will explain why giving up can be a good thing in your life.

Interesting Reasons Why Giving Up Can Be A Good Thing For You

Although you are already a winner. You have won battles since you were in your mother’s womb. But there are things you cannot carry on your head. Be honest to your self. Giving up doesn’t show weakness but courage.

If you give up at the right time for the right reasons it doesn’t mean you are weak. It simply shows the courage or strength of character. Look, nobody knows you better than yourself. Your self-knowledge surpasses anyone’s knowledge about you.

If you truly know your energy can’t help you carry 2 bags of cement (100kg) don’t be such an idiot to harm yourself. You are not him if the other dude can carry 2 or more… That is not your thing so don’t stress it. The truth hurts but it will surely set you free. There is an African Proverb that says:

“If you haven’t met your superior you brag to be the strongest.”
– African Proverb.

And then again:

“A Child breaks the shell of snail not that of a tortoise.”
– African Proverb

If you go in for a beast that is stronger, faster and heavier than you, how can you control it?. It will eat you up before you regret.

Let your conscience be at work. If the college course is hard for you, give up and make a swift change to where you can perform before you ruin your life with failure.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”
– Anna Quindlen

Giving Up Isn’t A Bad Thing

Yes, of course, we are always encouraged never to give up. Yes, in one of my articles I vividly explained why you should never give up. But we must look into this contextually and know when, how and why this and that. That would be fine. But how can a house-fowl swallow a live frog comfortably?. No amount of inspiration can make it successful.

You must be smart and realistic. Have you ever heard of a president, government official or any head of a company giving up his position simply because he is not up to the task?. Yes, it does happen. It is a wise decision to unload what your strength can’t carry.

Things To Do

We are fragile human beings, the simple fire could set us ablaze, the knife can give us deep cuts, the wild beast can devour us. We are not invincible.

In view of that, examine the level of your strength, intelligence, and your passion before you chase any dream you have in mind. With this, you perfectly know that you can handle it. Why then would you give up?. After all, you would understand why giving up can be a good thing when things aren’t favorable for you.

The moment you realize you can handle that task… These are the times you need not give up. But don’t be stubborn to cross borders you cannot come out with anything good. The bottom-line is Know your limit, know when to say ‘I will never give up and when to say ‘I give up.’

Other Things You Must Give Up To Achieve Success

Before you come into agreement with me on why giving up can be a good thing, you need to first work on yourself.
There are negative things about human behavior which hinders development.

Below are some of the things to give up as an individual. Do not cling to them anymore if you really want to taste success or see your dreams come through.

1. Egotism/ Prudence: If you are such people who are blinded by their own arrogance then it is time to give up. Anyone who trust himself so much always falls into troubles.

You do not own all the knowledge in this world, that is why you must humble yourself. Learn new things each day and never feel pompous if a kid pinpoints your mistakes or short-comings. Embrace that and make amends.

2. Rivalry/ Hatred: Life is a journey that calls on everyone to partake. It is not a competition nor an Olympic games. If you should be better than anyone, it should be yourself. No need to envy your predecessors nor feel too important than your contemporaries. You simply need to understand why giving up can be a good thing for you. It’s a simple fact.

You are mere human and so treat each other with respect. Harboring hatred in your heart is like sitting on a time bomb, one day it will wreck your whole life.

3. The Past/Bad Memories: To see all your beautiful dreams come true, let go all the bad memories and experiences in your life. The past is gone and you cannot undo whatever went wrong. No amount of grievance can turn the hands of the clock a second backward. Give up to your past but let that teach you valuable lessons in the life ahead.

These are some of the reasons why giving up can be a good thing in life. However, giving up to something you could really do to see your dreams come true would be your greatest mistake in life.

This gravest mistake would mean you are a quitter, lazy, failure…Time is money so don’t linger around what you can’t change nor do. Be wise and think twice.

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