Do You Believe Life Is Hard?

Don’t let anyone deceive you that life is EASY. It’s not like a pie that you can even close your eyes and eat. No, you need to sweat, scream, cry, soar before you can see success and happiness.

Saying life is hard is very true but you should never give up
Life is hard. Yes indeed. But it doesn’t mean you should be lazy. Be stronger than the hardships you face in life. Resilience will bring success to your doorstep.

It doesn’t matter how serious you need something. If you don’t obtain it through the appropriate channel you will face the consequences and repercussions. There are natural laws, rules systems, beliefs governing our lives. It takes discipline and hard work to get what you want. It will never come easy that is why all agree to the fact that life is hard.

Life is hard, we say to ourselves sometimes when things screw up. Our plans fail, our hopes fade like smoke leaving us in despondencies. I don’t think anyone will tell you life is so easy. If anyone does, I tell you the truth, the person is not being honest or just trying to ignore its reality. In one of my articles, I explained how anyone can simplify life, no matter how crazy it looks. Instead of hiding the truth, you need to embrace the fact that life is hard. But you can simplify your own life to make it easy.

The amazing plan God had for mankind to live happily without stress and pain turned into a curse when the serpent (Satan) deceived Adam and Even. God said to Adam:

(“…cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt, thou eat of it all the days of thy life.” (Genesis 3:17)

This article is purposed to highlight some of the reasons why many of us find life so hard, what to do then and how to simplify it. We don’t live in a magical world that you cast spells to bring you whatever you want. And living as a Christian, you need to endure any suffering by trusting God and his timing. God is not a genie to fulfill a limited number of your wishes. You need to be spiritually prepared for all his amazing gifts. With God all things are possible.

“Our vision is so limited we can hardly imagine a love that does not show itself in protection from suffering… The love of God did not protect His own Son… He will not necessarily protect us – not from anything it takes to make us like His Son. A lot of hammering and chiseling and purifying by fire will have to go into the process.”
-Elisabeth Elliot

The hardship you face in life must rather strengthen you. Pain is temporal, so endure. Success will soon smile at you. God did not say the journey will be easy, but you need to be steadfast in the Lord. He loves you and cares for you.

Why Are You Here On Earth?

As you lament day and night that life is hard, you need to start asking yourself certain important questions. I mean questions that will make you humble yourself, stay calm in the boat no matter how strong the rainstorm blows against you.

You were born unto this earth without your choice. But you automatically find a race, country and earn a nationality. You didn’t decide to be on this planet. But after you become a grown-up, your parents wouldn’t decide for you again, your teaches wouldn’t decide for you again.

You have a natural responsibility of working for anything you need in life. God has already given you the MOST important things to make your life simple and capable of achieving anything greater.

The sky shouldn’t be your highest point of vision. If someone has made footprints on the moon then you have to dream big and work toward that. The sky is not the limit.

You would only be required to apply whatever your family, society, and teachers taught you. Nobody will live life for you. So if you find it hard, remember, there is always a way. You need to find it. But how?.

Life Is Hard – How To Make It Easy.

If you think life is hard and so you can’t make it, then you are lying to yourself.

Most often, people fail to recognize the positive energy residing in them. Life is not a competition. You need not be scared of what people have accomplished. You have no idea how they made it.

If you are ready to live a genuine life that will ease your pains, then understand this simple fact. “You are in competition with yourself.” Never stress to become better than your predecessors nor stress to be better than your contemporaries.

work hard like the ants
Learn from the ants. It hasn’t been easy for them to eat. They toil before they eat. How much more a multicellular organism like you?. The complaints are enough.


If you think life is hard so you will never strive to survive then apparently you are being a fool. The Bible says sluggard, go to the ant and learn her ways. The ant is wise and a very hard-working creature. You have zero excuses not to work hard.

You are the center of your own success and happiness. Now, I want you to stop lamenting and follow the following steps.

1. Positive Mindset

Tell yourself that there are good things in you. The mind is a powerful tool to put you into a good mood anytime you face challenges. Think about the possibilities, but not the failure. Anything taught about failure must be a failure to a success story that will give you the inspiration to pursue your lofty dreams.

2. Planning

Know exactly what you want to do in life. Before a builder put up any house, he has to rely on the building plan. What do you want to achieve now? (Short-term plan). What do you want to achieve in the future (Long-term plan)?. Take a look at how you can set a realistic goal for your future.

Without a plan, you will always complain that life is hard because you have nothing in mind to build on.

3. Hard Work

There is a saying that “action speaks long louder than words“.  So turn your positive mindset and plans into action. Step out and do something with your hand.

Life is difficult but you must work hard to achieve success

Make good use of your talent, money, and energy. I mean be harder than life and you will come out as a conqueror. Work hard and enjoy its fruits.

4. Learn From Role Models

You are not the only one finding life difficult. Many of the successful men you see out there really faced the bad side of life too. They surely have some secrets to share. Learn from them. Read success stories, listen to motivational audios that will give you the inspiration to know that you are not alone.

Life is hard, it is like a disease that kills slowly. This disease is curable and so why would you let it kill your life?. The antidote lies within you. Use it!.


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