Did Anyone Tell You How To Simplify Your Life?

You need to simplify your life in order to achieve a greater result in your life. There is an inspiration behind any good thought that comes into your mind… Yes!, your conscience is right. Untangle yourself from all misconceptions, burdens etc.

If you simplify your life, you become successful and happy in life.
The more you complicate yourself, the more your mind wander to meet a complicated life. It is time you simplify yourself to see the true beauty of life. It is not a rocket science but by simple principles that liberate you from all the drama.

The Journey Of Living A Simple Life

Happiness is calling… are you ready to simplify your life to enjoy a better life?. When life beckons you, you must respond with gratefulness and eagerness to put up your maximum best in living a life full of happiness and of peace of mind. How does life beckons anyone?.

When life beckons you each morning you wake up from the bed, you have to be grateful because not everyone got that divine favor. However, one of the awful truths in life is; one day life will not beckon you, you will be nonexistent.

The purpose of this post is to show you how and why you should simplify your life. It doesn’t matter if you own everything in this world. You must simplify your life. This post is more like an extension of my article entitled “The Prize of Humility in life.”

There is a moral lesson from the ex-President of Uruguay (Jose Mujica ) from 2010 – 2015. He drove in “1987 Volkswagon Beetle”. Jose Mujica chose to live a simple life and that is unbelievable. He is termed as the “Poorest president in the world.”

It would shock you to know that, some of the renowned world billionaires even live a simple life. It is not by force to buy expensive clothes, houses, jewelry, etc.
For example, Mr. Carlos Slim Hélu( Networth in 2017 – $54.5 Billion). He does not spend on luxuries.

The Bible says, in nakedness, we came and in nakedness shall we return to dust. The most beautiful things in life are for free, why complicate yourself ?. You are not a robot but a human, destined to live a simple and acceptable life.

In fact, life is simple, but mankind’s greediness, disobedience, wickedness and evil thoughts have made this earth a difficult place to live. God never intended to make life complicated for anyone. But here we are, finding it so hard to comprehend the purpose of being a living being.

Although we are multipurpose organisms, it takes simple things to live a happy life. The choice is always yours.

“A simple life is good with me. I don’t need a whole lot. For me, a T-shirt, a pair of shorts, barefoot on a beach and I’m happy.”
– Yanni

Because of our wickedness, I wouldn’t argue should anyone tells me life is complex. That is how the person in question sees and feels about it. But unfortunately, we made this place a slaughtering house and a garbage collecting site.

The economy has broken, diseases and sicknesses everywhere, mortality rate increases, injustice everywhere, immorality has become an accepted culture, war, perversion etc.

These and many other evil practices are making it difficult for you to simplify your life. But whatever the case is; you can still live a simple life.

Practical Reasoning

For you to simplify your life you must understand certain basic facts. The Bible has made it clear that our desire to attain certain things open unforeseen gates for temptations.

Each and everyone wants to be the best, everyone wants to taste success by any means necessary. This breeds unhealthy competition, hatred leading to many forms of conspiracies.

Frankly speaking, life is simple but we have too much darkness in us which is preventing us to see the beauty of life and how simple it is.

We have complicated ourselves in life. We have made it look like an Algebraic expression. The question attached to our evil thoughts and behaviors questions our integrity and conscience.

The invisible mathematical question goes like this;
Simplify the equation:
24x – 4(12x – 10x + 2) + x

In order to simplify your life, you must first simplify any complicated equation in your life. Don’t ask how. You created it. By the way, I will share with you some of the best ways you can live a simple life.

How To Simplify Yourself

1. Be Yourself
Dare not be an imposter. Let the real you face any challenges that crop up in your life. Don’t pretend you are happy whiles your back aches. My friend, be real. Trying to be someone or trying to live someone’s life is one major cause of problematic life.

2. Be Grateful
You heap coal of fire on your head if you envy anyone you think he/she is cuter or nicer than you. If you know you can’t afford the expensive lifestyle of a friend; it doesn’t mean you should go the extra mile of making it possible. You will end up with a huge debt hanging around your neck. Greed is a disease don’t let it infect you.

3. Dance Like There Is No One Watching
Do the little things that make you
happy. Happiness is a choice and so you must choose it. If you listen to the noises or watch the drama going around you, you might be lured into a trap. Not everyone who smiles at you is a friend.

Let anyone who criticises your life or anything that put smiles on your face feels uninvited/unaccepted. Mind your own business, create a paradise for your self. Have fun, laugh out loud, enjoy your favorite hobbies and work hard toward your lofty dreams.

4. The Pay Off

If you are able to simplify your life:

1. You earn respect
2. You become a role model
3. Life becomes simple for you
4. You end up becoming the happiest person in the world

The world is already a messy place but it does not mean you should mess up in life. Be wise enough to know that there are things that are useless or have very little value – Avoid them outright.

Anyone who is able to simplify his life gets rid of the burden of:

♦. Anxiety/depression/Stress
♦. Inferiority Complex
♦. Health Problems
♦. Marital Problems
♦. People’s evil thought (bad influence)

You become like a free bird that moves freely in the air enjoying its flight and the beauty of it. You are liberated from evil thoughts, failure, or insolvencies in your business or career.


Life is simple as A, B, C, D, don’t follow the masses. Most often, you have to follow your intuition. There is something better in you and as a matter of fact, you belong to something greater.

Don’t bite what you can’t chew. This is greediness. I already told you to avoid it. Don’t be like the greedy man whose both inner cheeks are full of food and yet want to take an extra bite.

Believe me, it won’t take long for him to vomit everything out. Simplify your life and you would always feel happy.

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