Real Life Success Stories Of 3 People And Others Who Succeeded From Zero

Real Life Success Stories Of 3 People And Others Who Succeeded From Zero

It is quite unusual to hear about real failure to success stories. There are many faces you may see around and think they have never felt pain nor failed in life before; simply because they happen to live a kind of flamboyant lifestyle. Wait till they tell you their life stories…

Real life failure to success stories

Time to get inspired by real failure to success stories. Just as we all know that life is a journey —we ought to be productive in every stage we find ourselves.  Life is a kind of expedition we do not know when and where it ends. By acknowledging and learning from some of the real life success stories in life —you would be inspired to keep on pursuing your goals. Even if you don’t have good conditions to succeed. Don’t quit. Eventually, you will wipe yourself clean from the dust.

Your life story will end the day you take your last breath. It might be one of the “failures to success” stories to people around you or the world at large. But now, so far as you are alive, there is hope.

Getting Poised To Taste Success

Let me quickly ask you. Where do you get your advice or inspiration? Is it from the wrong guys? Then be careful. If you seek advice from negative minded people —you will fail.

Never allow anyone to put fear in you if your dreams are as big as the oceans. Look, you must be proactive when chasing your goals. Anyone who has truly succeeded in life fought real hard. Be aggressive or hungry…. Breathe fire like a dragon if you want success as your trophy.

Inspirational quote to achieve success

Now I believe I have your full attention. I would like to share with you the real stories of a few people who have made it big in life. They teach us valuable lessons. They once or twice failed but they never gave up.

As you live today, ask yourself, “what kind of legacy am I living behind?” “What will people remember me of ?.” It actually extends to everyone who knows you. Your children, family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers.

Those prolific figures who have made great impacts in life are mere humans like you. Never presume they earned a great fortune.

Their life stories began from a tiny bubble, but they worked so hard to be successful. Are you ready to write your story with beautiful endings?. Then bear in mind that the struggle belongs to you alone. Nobody really cares so work harder.

Real Failure to success stories To Inspire you Today

Here are a few people out of the many whose real-life success stories had smaller beginnings but great endings.

You too can accomplish greater things if you are so passionate about your goals. But before you read any further you have to brace yourself with the diverse ways people have been able to overcome their life challenges.

You may, therefore, be interested in reading about the inspirational story behind the ‘ugliest woman‘ in the world.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

From failure to success: Life story of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born on July 30, 1947, near a town called Graz in Austria. Arnold’s childhood life was not an easy one. He didn’t find life on a silver platter but his ambitions were so great.

Schwarzenegger was born to an alcoholic father, Gustav who was a policeman. He didn’t like Arnold as much as he liked his older brother.

Gustav is reported to have beaten and intimidated Arnold for no good reason. He showed a great kind of favoritism against Schwarzenegger and even nullified his dreams of becoming a bodybuilder.

As a young ambitious gentleman, he was fond of bodybuilding and so pasted photographs of men with huge physiques on the walls of his room. His father thought Arnold was gay but that was never true.

Schwarzenegger wasn’t pleased with his father’s behavior. Upon the death of his father (Gustav) in 1972 he refused to attend the funeral, neither that of his brother who died through motor-accident in 1971.

Achieving His Dream

Schwarzenegger made a switch to the US in 1968, acquired citizenship, and started pursuing his dreams. His failure to success began right at that moment. He found himself in the movie industry.

Schwarzenegger’s ambitious life gave him exactly what he had been yearning for, despite all the challenges he had, right from home. Joe Weider, who was the head of the International Federation of Body Building became fond of that young chap, Arnold.

The Federation was the Sponsor of contests such as Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia. This, however paved way for Schwarzenegger to showcase his talent to the world.

In the contest, he won the “Mr. Universe” five consecutive times for the first time in history. Additionally, he won Mr. Olympia crowns 6 times in his bodybuilding career.

His dreams did not end there. Arnold stared in a couple of movies in Hollywood. His first appearance made him win the “Golden Globe Award for Best Newcomer for his performance in Stay Hungry in 1976. Other movies include Conan the Barbarian (1982), The Terminator (1984), etc.

A Governor – A Winner – Failure To Success Story

In the year 2003, he contested to be the governor of California. Schwarzenegger won a seat in a special election. In 2006, he again won his bid for re-election making him extend his governorship. He left office in January 2011 and continued his movie career coming out with The Expendables 3 in 2014, Terminator Genisys (2015)…

At age 71, he is still into bodybuilding looking for the physique to star in Terminator 6.

So from Bodybuilding to Movies and Politics, he is also an activist on battling global warming. Today, he delivers some of the best motivational speeches in life to millions of people around the world. He always breaks the rules for goodness sake. He has a remarkable ‘failure to success’ story for you and me.

2. Jessica Cox

Failure to success: Real life story of Jessica Cox

Talking about the real-life success stories of life success stories; I can’t say much without this inspiring young woman.

Here is another failure to success icon we should give her all the due respect. I have been longing to talk about this young inspirational woman who was born without arms.

I would prefer to write about her inspiring life in a single post someday. But for the mean-time, this piece will do a great help. Her situation is Similar to Pastor Nick Vujicic who apparently happens to have no arms or legs.

Who is Jessica Cox?. Jessica was born in 1983 in Sierra Vista, Arizona in the USA. He was born without an arm but that did not steal away his dreams. Doctors could hardly understand why…. and many questioned her life if she could even live a normal life.

To Jessica, she did not succumb to his disability. In High School, she abandoned her prosthetic arms thinking she has to embrace her natural state. I mean she stopped using that at the age of 14. She felt better without that load of artificial arms.

As confident as she was, she was ready to step out to make an impact in life. She learned Taekwondo to strengthen her mind and body. Jessica was able to do a whole lot of tasks without feeling the need for arms.

Achievements Of Jessica Cox

1. A Tool Of Motivation

Cox is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. Just like I keep on saying, the lifestyle of such people defines the word “inspiration.”

How does it feel seeing a young armless woman giving you the motivation to keep moving forward?. You have arms, legs, and everything intact yet you want to give up to your dreams. I’m sorry it doesn’t make sense in a kind of world like this.

2. A Pilot

Jessica is the world’s first licensed armless pilot. Her name is in the Guinness Book of record as the Only Pilot who has been able to Fly with the Feet. Isn’t that amazing?. You too can do something greater despite any challenge you face.

3. Drives A Car

If she has been able to fly a plane at an altitude of 10,000 feet without arms, then what can prevent him from driving a car. She is simply amazing. She made it from failure to success.

3. John Rockefeller

John Rockefeller success story

He is known to be the richest person in Modern History. His net-worth nearly leveled with Mansa Musa of Mali according to history.

Rockefeller was born in the year July 08, 1839, in Richford, New York. He was born to William Avery Rockefeller and Eliza Davison. Mr. William was a Salesman and the wife(Eliza) was jobless but very dutiful for her housekeeping chores.

Before I further up, I would like to remind my readers that, in one of my posts (Correlation between education and Success) I enlisted John Rockefeller as one of the successful men who did not attain higher education. A true failure to success personality to inspire everyone today.

He simply learned how to do business with his father. He was lending money to people with appreciable interests. John did not really like schooling. However, after graduating from Commercial College, he attended a 3-month study in accounting course which broadened his knowledge in sales and marketing.

Achievements Of Rockefeller –  Failure Success Story

When Rockefeller was 31 years old he established the Standard Oil Company in 1870(the largest oil refinery in the world in those days). The Company grew to own 70% of the world’s oil deposit.

As this historical man forms part of the real-life success stories; let’s consider his incredible achievements. John Rockefeller’s income was $3 million from the activities of the Standard Oil Company.

Rockefeller owned:
♦. 9 banks
♦. 16 railway companies,
♦. 6 steamship companies
♦. 9 real estate companies.
♦. 6 steelmaking plants,

As a devout Christian, he was fond of fulfilling his divine responsibility(Charity). He gave out freely to people who were in need and went ahead to create the Rockefeller Foundation.

He died at the age of 92 with 12 inspiring rules such as:

“Work less for people. The more you work for someone, the faster you become poorer. Such “work” makes you a “slave”.

This is something we must all take seriously. You need to think of investing your money into a different venture that will earn you money. No need to keep on being a slave to someone else…

“If you are poor, start doing business. If you do not have a penny at all, then you should start-up business right now with all possible dispatch.”

This rule might not augur well for some people, but this is factual. Maybe you need more enlightenment. Just read my post “Poverty Is A Matter Of Choice.”

Hey, guys I nearly forgot to tell you about Fred Lam (The starting from zero gentlemen) who was a dishwasher 13 years ago.

Today, he is a multi-million dollar man. I recommend visiting ClickBank to brace yourself with the heart-touching interview they had with Fred Lam. LAM BELIEVES ANYONE CAN BE AN ENTREPRENEUR.


As time goes by I realize how important it is to add more life success stories of people who started from zero.

Let me introduce you to this guy called Ed Sheeran. An English singer and songwriter. Born in Halifax, England in 1991.

Ed Sheeran

He is a top rich man now. Knowing about his little beginning will surely inspire you to dream big and work hard towards it.

Ed Sheeran was poor before hitting stardom. When he was a kid he underwent surgery which had an undesirable effect on his life. I mean the surgery wasn’t very successful leaving him with speech problems and a kind of lazy eyes. He was big meat for bullies in his children because he was considered to have weird looks.

While growing up, he had his share of homelessness for 2 and a half years. He slept outside Buckingham Palace and parks. So this guy was broke in his early twenties. His net worth was $0 in the year 2011.

Ed Sheeran’s Transformation

As a young man with singing talent and vision for a brother future — he started slowly… He came in big into the music industry winning the hearts of thousands with his songs.

In the year, 2018 his net worth was $68 million; in 2021 his net worth is a whopping $300 million. He is a millionaire at age 30. The moral lesson here is; you must never give up on your lofty goals.

The beginning is often hard for everyone but your struggles and suffering will pay off in the long run. Never accept brokenness by giving up in life.

The Bottom-line Of These Life Success Stories

I believe these real life success stories have been a great help for you. And I am hopeful from now onwards your fears and mediocrity will change for the best.

There are good things about you, unleash them and see all your beautiful dreams come true. The real charm that will make you succeed in life is hard work and perseverance.

Don’t forget to share with loved ones if you find it helpful. I believe someday your friends, children, loved ones… will share your failure to success stories with the rest of the world.

Believe that you can achieve something bigger, no matter how small you begin. There is limited to your imagination, dreams and thought. Go in for them BIG and work hard and diligently towards then.

If you wants to succeed in your endeavors; read about these powerful and real life failure to success stories of people who started from zero.

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