You Are In Competition With Yourself

Tell yourself; you don’t have a competitor. You are the champion and second to none.Forward ever, backward never.

Self competition to success
Self competition is healthier than competing with others

I believe the above topic drew your attention, Yes!, now I have you attention; Listen attentively, I would like everyone reading this post to understand that life is not a competition so dare not worry about what others are doing or achieving. You are better in your self,God has made you perfect and everything you need to prosper is at your disposal. Yes!,you have it within you,just unleash it ,unleash that spiritual gift, unleash that talent,be opened to your self and see success knock on your door.

Getting Ready To Compete With Yourself

In this busy world where life is hectic for most of us,we simply allow our  friends, coworkers, families and strangers influence us in the wrong way.He has a lot of money,cars,companies so you feel like you are useless or last in life.No way,that’s a false idea.

Your friends are getting successful marriages  and you are not even getting the best of date to end in marriage so you become worried, your friends are building mansions,earning huge monies and establishing businesses but you have none so you feel useless.

My dear reader, you are getting the understanding of life wrongly and that has convicted you wrongly. All your thoughts about this doesn’t hold water.

Important Things To Consider Doing

In life do not try to be better than your contemporaries nor your predecessors, instead be better than your self each day.Life is not a race, mind your own business and whatever you are doing,do it best,do it with all your might with dedication and surely you will be the best as the saying goes like “practice makes perfect”.

Know that there is time for everything, if it is not your time or fate to reach the highest level(self actualization), don’t force your self,know your limit and work toward it gradually and you will become successful.

When you use yourself as the centre of development you will succeed in life. For instance,if today you can  walk or jog for 1 km, the following day try to walk or jog for 1.1kms and that little distance added shows improvement in your own self. Never mind those who are jogging or walking for 20 km a day.

They have no role to play in your life because the body and the well-being of your personality is different from that person who is moving at a different pace.

If you challenge yourself but not your contemporaries nor your predecessor you will become better than them in the long run.Because you have competed with your self for a greater output or success and this kind of success has no competitor. You reign your world up to the top.

If you work by producing items for people, work on your production abilities by increasing it a little by little according to your ability not that of a different company that is booming. My friends don’t go there. Improve upon your own business.Every little improvement counts and together you will be the best producer in the long run.Don’t rush for success.

If you can do anything that can make you happy,keep on doing it  little by little forgetting about everyone who might be doing the same thing. If you are a footballer and your friends are  getting the best player awards never feel awkward or think you are useless, just play it well and improve upon it “even”, if you do not win any trophy, you are the best for your own self,this is not narcissism nor self conceitedness, it is self-improvement or development that leads to success. If you do it will,you will be happy with yourself despite all the records others are making.

If you do not compete with your own self to become better each day,you will end up feeling scared by someone’s success. Sometimes, we hear that,in life journey,over taking is allowed;this means those who are successful are not so special to remain first all the time. If you improve upon yourself each day,you will realise that you have even exceeded everyone who seems to be ahead of you in life,just like I said;you have no competitor. The competitor is yourself.

The Full Inspiration To Ensure Self Competition To Success

Move forward like no other’s business, as you compete with yourself by bettering your abilities and capabilities, always assume that there is no one ahead of you nor below you in life in terms of success.With this you will be the best version or yourself.Life is all about you and what you do.

Don’t wait for someone to come and tell you to move ahead before you move.Even if you face challenges in life,never give up,because the road to success is not always smooth. Be strong and dedicative and with perseverance you will conquer, never fear.

Be resilient to become successful at your own abilities regardless of the noise around you. Give it a try by tracking your little improvement in  life for 6 months or a year and see the tremendous change you will see in your life.It is your life,make it better each day and surely success will embrace you.

I believe my little inspiration today has found a good place in your heart and mind.If so,let me read your comments or share your thoughts in the comment box. You can also share to inspire someone today.

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