When You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Life

When all hope is gone, it becomes hard to think straight. In life situations, things and people will test your patience and intelligence. You owe it to yourself.

Facts to help you find answer to your nagging question "what should I do with my life?".
You have only one life. The decisions you take, choices and every single action you take has its own result. Choose not to hurt your life in any way. Look at the brighter side and smile.

Have you ever asked yourself “What should I do with my life” before?. What made you say that?. Let me help you find a solution to this nagging question. Life is calling, you either respond or ignore to be weary, sad, useless and unproductive. When does life calls?. The moment you were born. You are supposed to go through all the life transitions. Actually not all but the most important ones – life & death.

It is said life begins at 40. But is that really true?. Well, I find it interesting to share with you some insightful answers that answer your question: “what should I do with my life?.”

What Should I Do With My Life?

Your life is precious than gold, jewelry, wealth and anything deemed precious on earth. Know your value so that you don’t trade it for anything unworthy.

So what does your mind tells you to do with such a priceless gift from God irrespective of your circumstance?. I pray you don’t be like the guys who sell their lives to the devil to gain fame, money, and riches. It is unwise to do that. If you fear God you wouldn’t have any deal with the Devil.

Things To Consider

Before you start contemplating your value in life and what to do, you must reminisce how you began life as a kid. This post will answer your question, what should I do with my life” in a simple way.

It’s like being in dilemma. A crucial decision must be made to go ahead with whatever agenda you have.

Your life would never be the same if you make the right choices. If you ask a kid, what do you want in the future?, he will gladly say Doctor, Nurse, Pilot, Soldier, Lawyer, Teacher, Engineer etc.

We have all once thought of going into a particular profession but as we grew up our interest changes. Now you are all grown and have a different interest altogether. Or maybe a situation may force you to compromise your decision to be a Doctor, Teacher, Engineer etc. into something else.

Any time someone begins to ask himself “what should I do with my life?” he is either confused about a situation or:

♦ Lose hope/interest in himself or something

♦ In hot waters (troubles)

♦ Lacking ideas to fix a problem

Interesting Facts

You are on a journey. One day it will end(death). But since your journey hasn’t ended, you still have choices, plans, time and energy that will help you achieve your dreams.

According to the Bible, our forefathers used to reach 900 years and over. In our 21st century, the life expectancies vary from 70 to 80 on average. There are a couple of things we do that shorten our lifespan. But we haven’t even realized that.

Time is irreversible so if you have anything good in mind do it now. You should do something better with your life because time is money.

According to Science if the average night’s sleep is eight hours (ie one-third of a day), one sleeps one-third of one’s life. If you live, say, 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days.

You need enough sleep to prepare your body for work each day. You can’t cheat nature so don’t deprive yourself of sleep.

Make sure the remaining 2/3 of your active hours are spent wisely. Life is short. Don’t keep on living in doubt by asking yourself what should I do with my life?. You have the answer just below your nose. It is you!.

Suggestions To Help You Know What To Do With Your Life.

1. Self Discovery
Before you ask Google or anyone “what should I do with my life? ask yourself first. Google or nobody on earth knows you better than yourself. What does your conscience tell you?. “It’s impossible?“, “It’s possible?“, “commit suicide?“, “keep on fighting for your dreams?” or what at all?.

The battle is within your head. Win with a positive mindset and surely you will know what to do with your life. I recommend doing something praiseworthy and productive.

Finding Your Abilities/Talents

The questioning still goes on. “What am I good at?”… you are the perfect person to answer these questions. This is about developing what you can do to earn you profit.

Naturally, God has given us talents to help us earn a living through it. If you can sing you may pursue that passion to be a musician/singer. If you can draw, sketch, design, paint etc. you can become an artist. Having any kind of talents require polishing it to become your career. Just look out for talent development platforms to help showcase yourself to the world.

Sometimes negative feelings such as:

♦ Death anxieties
♦ Depression
♦ Broken-hearts
♦ Inferiority Complex
♦ Fear

And many others compel people to keep on asking themselves what should I do with my life ?. If you find yourself in any of these emotional pains, I would implore you not to do anything silly to yourself.

Transform all those negative feelings into positive activities that will bring a good result to you and those around you. Imitate from the guy who nearly killed himself because of depression.

You know what he did?. After a failed attempt to hang himself he went out to swing with the rope.

This is about energy transformation. Whatever situation you face out there has a positive side. Have a deep thought about it. Look at the brighter side of life and you would also find answers to your own question “what should I do with my life?.”

I’m not going to tell you what to do but I hope this article has enlightened you to know how to handle complex situations that even put you in dilemma. Don’t forget to SHARE. Inspire someone today.


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