Never Be Ignorant About What Brings About Failure In Life

Anyone is vulnerable to failure— so as anyone is capable of tasting success in life. It is all about knowing what brings failure and how to find an everlasting solution to it. Your job, marriage, finance, etc. might be in jeopardy. Or perhaps it is already dead. It is time to wake up.

Anyone who knows what brings failure in life is one step ahead of successOften we hear about numerous mistakes that people make in life, and the result is failure— coupled with so many consequences. Why must that happen?. It is in my interest to tell you about what brings about failure in life today.

It begins with “you in question” before you point finger at whoever or whatever you supposed is the cause of your downfall. Do we even learn lessons from that petty petty mistakes we make?.

Failure is not a respecter of anyone. Forget about being happy, rich, strong wise, etc. today. If you lose focus on what is driving you into that “happy life” you will fall and never rise again. Yes! That is a word of caution before I even point to you what brings about failure in life.

Your downfall could be financial constraints, marital problems, unwise decisions and choices, bad friends, mistakes and so on an so forth. All these possible causative situations are negatives. So all these negatives pull you backward from where you have reached until you screeched!!!…. Step on the brake pedal.

Nothing Is Certain

Life is beautiful, life is sweet; in the same way, life is hard, life is meaningless. Anything can happen today. I mean anything at all. Think about that. We grow with what we have momentarily. You are in control of your decisions and choices and each time you make a decision you move an inch to the future or you move an inch to your past. This is what we call progression or retrogression— respectively.

Nobody wants to backslide or go back into the pit he struggled so much to get out of it. But unfortunately, by mistake, they go back to their past lives. This is more like a curse. If you are in a situation like this; don’t fret, you can breakthrough.

Could Failure Be Your Destiny?

Well, destiny is such a complex issue in which many people misconstrue. God never wants bad luck for those who trust in him. A child of God will surely go through so many trials but victory will always be his reward; that is if your faith is strong like a mustard seed.

This post is to help you awaken your conscience and that talent and energy within you.

Back to the destiny issue. You are in control of your destiny. If you doubt— and before you call me a “liar” read my article about “why you can control your destiny.” It is not certain. The extreme of destiny is what we often call “fate.” And the only fate that is certain for everyone is “death.” Yes, death is inevitable. So what brings about failure has to do with what you do today, what you say and how you handle things coming into your life and going out of your life.

What Brings About Failure In Life?

You and I know that laziness results in lose of self-respect, poverty and unproductive life.

“Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.”
—Bradley Whitford

Yes! Action speaks louder than words, but before that, there is something else. It is what brings about failure in life— the real cause which I’m about to tell you.

In fact, for me to cite what brings about failure in life; the list will be too long that I wouldn’t have enough time to write here. In view of that I will like to consider the most pressing situation plunging people into failure.

Wait a minute, let me list a few of the things that bring about failure in people’s lives before I talked about the real big issue.

1. Living A fake life to please people
2. Making wrong decisions and choices
3. Investing in wrong people and other things
4. Fear of taking steps(risk-taking)
5. Belief in false stories, preachings, teachings, sugarcoated words
6. Visionless life
7. Improperly daily planning
8. Lack of personal boundaries
9. Laziness (always reluctant to work).
10. The schemes of enemies (enemies of progress).

I believe these 10 factors about what brings about failure in life is enough. Take a good look; contemplate and ask yourself if you fall short in any of them. It is time yo wake up.

Now listen attentively whiles I share with you ONE Major thing that brings about the downfall of people. It sounds so ironic hearing renowned people who made insane money and got broke in the latter part of their lives. You may visit Wired History Ranker to know about some historical figures who died broke after having a lot money in their coffers. The question is “WHY?”. In the same way, you could hear real life stories of people who succeeded in life from zero. A word of caution: Don’t give too much attention to worldly possessions.

Would you believe if I tell you that poverty is a matter of choice?. Yes! It is. This is a very controversial topic but the truth is you have the power to turn things around. However, I am very sure you wouldn’t dream of choosing poverty. But unfortunately, people choose it without realizing it.

They will never be free from suffering unless they come back to their sense.

The Major Reason Answering What Brings About Failure In Life

Failure begins in the mind. That is if you throw in the towel whiles there is so much time, energy, lofty goals within you. I am talking about the mindset. Remember that your mind is a powerful tool that can make you achieve anything achievable within your interest.

Dr. Bruce Lipton(how to reprogram your subconscious mind) who happens to be a stem cell specialist revealed that to be happy, successful, poor or sad are all choices. You either stay where you are or you move.

The problem is where we began life. You may have been taught that you came from a family that host poor people. So you are not different from them. It’s a lie— be the difference.

He explained this in an interview that before the age of 7 our subconscious mind becomes programmed to stick to the idea that you are poor already because you were born into a poor family; you have failed in your marriage, business, school, etc because this is what it is.

My dear in order to break that chain of misconception programmed into your subconscious mind— you need to reprogram it with positive thought and action.

How?. Believe that you are not a failure and start taking positive thoughts each day. If you constantly say to yourself that you are happy, you will never fail, your future is bright— that subconscious mind which according to Dr. Bruce Lipton is a 1,000,000 times powerful computer than the conscious mind.

People barely use just 5% of their brains in their entire lives on earth. This means the there are 95% of the brain that you are not using. In fact, this shows that you are Underutilizing your brain power.

It is after reprogramming that subconscious mind that you can boldly step out to make a difference. Unleash that talents, spiritual gifts, lofty goals and energy hidden inside you.

Failure begins in the mind whereas success also begin in the mind. The choice is always yours. Remember these beautiful words from Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“The mind is the limit. As long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it, as long as you really believe 100 percent.” —Arnold Schwarzenegger

Now, this is what I have for everyone looking for what brings about failure in life. If you find it helpful — don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.

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