The Wisdom Of Ants – Go To The Ants You Sluggard… (Proverbs 6:6)

The ant’s lesson is mind-blowing and so we human beings should wise up to do all our responsibilities.

The wisdom of ants
Learn wisdom lessons from the ants – they are ready to teach you

The wisdom of ants in focus

Wisdom is not sold and so no one can buy it. The wisdom of ants in focus: It is one precious thing unique to humans but when a man becomes too lazy to reason up in life he becomes less sensitive and reasonable to the ants.

These creatures are very small but with huge wisdom, they can awe you to the max. King Solomon, the richest and wisest man ever to live made emphasis on the wisdom of ants and tells us to go to the ants and learn their ways.

“Go to the ants; You sluggard, observe its ways and be wise (Proverbs 6:6). Solomon identified the ants as astonishing creatures by trying to understand their ways and wisdom.

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Today many of us are chasing celebrities and big men in our societies and countries to learn their ways but the bible said to go to the ants. In this article, I would like to share with you how ants use their wisdom to organize themselves and prepare for the future.

You and I should also go to the ants and learn their ways for there is nothing more precious than acquiring wisdom free of charge from the ants.

You can go to the woods, your backyard, kitchen, garden or anywhere you think you can find ants, observe them, know how they organize themselves, march, transports items, and how they build Ant cities. You can spend months to fully understand their ways.

What Does The Bible Say About The Wisdom Of Ants?

The Bible said, “The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer” (Proverbs 30:25).

When you observe very well, you will see that the ants march in two different directions (inwards and outwards) and as they move together in lines to carry pieces of food items, some could be food crumbs left by people or little bones of fish and other items.

They gather all this food in their storage house during summer. And when winter or rainy season comes they will stay indoors and enjoy their labor.

The most amazing part is how they get to know it’s summer and so they should store up some food to face winter or rainy seasons. No one tells them, but with their wisdom, they are able to do that.

The wisdom of ants has intrigued many people like me and scientists. They can count the number of their eggs and ranges them in order of age. As the ants march to find food they leave tracks for their friends to trace to find the food source and back.

If you destroy their path or direction, quickly they will know that there is a breach so they will form another path by changing direction. Nobody directs them.

The ants are also very sensitive to the aroma of their food and so they can figure out where food lies within a certain distance.

The ants are very disciplined although they have no central leader, they love themselves, care for each other, and are ready to die for themselves. There is nothing like greediness among them. Together they work and together they enjoy the fruits of their work.

The wisdom of ants is hard to comprehend by people. Though they have tiny bodies at least they can carry food items ten times heavier than their bodies.

Personally, I observed their movements since I was a kid. Tracing where they are moving from and to is very interesting and as they march and bypass each other they seem to exchange greetings. Together they can carry dead insects like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and other dead flies into their storehouse.

Recently I found myself reading the book of Job in the Bible and to my dismay, I got to know that God deprived the peacock and the ostrich wisdom. What an amazing God! He gave the peacock beautiful wings and yet without wisdom, she doesn’t mind stepping on her own babies and killing them.

“She is hardened against her young once, as though they were not hers; her labour is in vain without fear; Because God hath deprived her of wisdom, neither had he imparted unto her understanding” (Job 39:16-17).

God who made all animals know them very well in terms of their abilities, reasons, understanding, and everything. As for horses, he gave them the courage to run fiercely in battlegrounds without being scared of javelins, swords, arrows and other war weapons.

Lessons From The Wisdom Of Ants

Now let us know about Ants lessons or Ants bible lessons. God himself is wisdom, I mean he is the source of wisdom, he is the one who gives to anyone who deserves it and deprives anyone or any creature that doesn’t deserve it. Every Christian believer must know that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (Job 28:28).

So if you fear the Lord then automatically you are wise or full of wisdom. This in no small way means the ants fear the Lord and so they are one of the wisest creatures to live.

Scientists have found out that they make use of moonlight and sunlight for navigation in their nests. So movement would never be difficult for them.

1. Caring

The second Ant’s lesson or Ants’ bible lesson is how they care for each other (Philippians 2:4). We must learn from the ants, how they want each other successful by showing support to help anyone who is in need. If you wish your friend good, then surely good things shall come unto you as well.

2. Love

Again the next ant’s Bible lesson is about how they show love to the extent of laying down their lives for others. They are ever ready to die for each other and the bible tells us that there is no love greater than for one to lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13).

3. Investments

The next ant’s lesson, I want everyone to take note of is how they invest in the future. They are wise enough to know that a time will come that would be difficult for them to get food or march searching for food, building ants cities and so forth so they prepare themselves by storing up food in their room. In the future when winter comes, or rainy seasons come, they wouldn’t be in any trouble.

So, you and I have to know that it is good to invest our future lives into something profitable to help us feel secure in the future, we shouldn’t wait for a catastrophe to hit us before we take a step.

Wisdom is priceless, everyone must seek it to live wisely. You and the family can read more from this ant story book.

As I’m recommending this book; it’s left with only two from the Amazon store. More would be restocked later so grab yours now and read together with your children. There is nothing more beautiful than growing in life as a wise man, woman or child.

We can invest in the future by acquiring, health insurance, life insurance, car insurance and all the good insurance you can think of. We should also be futuristic by planning ahead of time.

4. Trust/Honesty

Trust is another valuable lesson humans must learn from these tiny creatures. They don’t tell lies.

We can learn an exemplary life lesson from the worker ants or scouts. These ants leave in search of food. While moving distant away they lay down certain chemicals (pheromones) to help them track their way home. (nest)

They report the food source to the ant colony. With trust in the scouts, they move out for the food.

That is very interesting. I do remember hearing of a guy who intentionally removed a piece of bread from the location an ant scout spotted it.

The guy said he wants its colleagues to think the scout is a liar. Other ants joined the scout to help drag the piece of bread into their nest.

Unfortunately, the bread wasn’t there anymore. It has vanished. The moral of the story is; the scout never lied but it was a human who made the ant and its colleagues feel stupid. Humans are liars but ants are not.

May we learn from the ants to be trustworthy people and it will help build our various societies.

Finally, lessons from the ants tell us that, we should share what we have with everyone who deserves the profits of our labor.

Here it is for us to avoid cheating if we are to share something among ourselves. The ants share the food they have stored in their nest without discrimination. They are unified to defend their course.

More To Learn From The ANTS

I like almost every movement of the ants with the exception that;

1. They sting: When they come into contact with your body they feel threatened, so to defend themselves they have to sting. It’s very painful and the pain could last for a couple of minutes or hours.

2. They can invade your house for food:

Just like I said earlier, they are very sensitive so if you leave food crumbs in your room they can show up as uninvited guests marching around your room. They like food items like sugar, bread, roasted groundnuts, dead insects, etc.

If you need more Bible stories from the book of Proverbs I recommend the Wisdom of Ant book entitled Pearls of Wisdom by James I. Samuel. You can use this link or click on the image below and find out more.

In conclusion, As human beings, we are God’s greatest creation, we are worth more than everything God created because he made us in his own image.

And for God to tell us to go to the ants to learn wisdom, sounds a little satirical, because the kind of wisdom God gave us to take care of all creatures surpasses that of the ants.

But why then should we go to the ants? God said that because some of us are too lazy to the extent that we feel bossy or lazy to sweat and earn from our hard labor.

A lazy man shouldn’t eat, but today, in our world lazy people are eating and enjoying more than those who are working and they do this through illegal means by indulging in fraud, bribery and corruption, lies, and many more.

These people lack wisdom and so they should go to the ants and learn wisdom. We have to love one another, care for one another, obey rules even if there are no rulers or leaders in our societies, workplaces, and countries.

The wisdom of human beings should help put things in order for the benefit of everyone.

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  1. Isn’t it so that investing in the future means to be ready for life after death, the life in the eternal presence of God? Ready for when Jesus returns. Gather love in wisdom as a unity in Christ, via the Spirit of God? We do not know if tomorrow (on earth comes). But we do know that we’ll live forever for God is eternal.

  2. Wow wow..this is an opening lesson and its powerful. At times we see things and read about things and we do not take note of them or taking them lightly. Thank you so much indeed we need one another without judging, being jealous of one another but being a helping hand. I pray that may the Lord gives wisdom, more than that of ants….Amen

  3. A great lesson from ants. They are organized in all their works. The have shown great cooperation and never stop until the task finish. They prepare for the future. All are busy.

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