What Is Your Share In The World’s Discrimination Among Humanity? — Thoughts From The Bible

Sisters showing no discrimination

The world discriminates against the innocent without a second thought. God’s love for all humans has been despised by wickedness. What does the Bible say about discrimination? Have you ever been hated or discriminated against before? I guess you have. It happens to almost everyone. However, this doesn’t mean we should call it “human nature.” … Read more

These 8 Bad Habits Examples Are Gradually Killing People — Don’t Be A Victim

A drugged girl showing bad habits examples

Knowing and avoiding these bad habits examples will make you more productive in life. Sacrificing your time for anything negative would prevent you from achieving success of any kind. We all fall short in one way or the order about certain things that drain our energies. Finding yourself in a habit that threatens your health, … Read more

A Fake Friend In Scope | A Comprehensive Guide To Spot Him Out In A Jiffy

A fake friend kicking his colleague into a river

Having a fake friend in your life could be very disheartening. If you fail to spot him out, you may have to deal with a lot of emotional and psychological damages for years. He has no genuine concern for your life, success, and happiness I’ve been receiving a number of questions about how to spot … Read more

Knowing How And When To Speak Your Mind Can Trigger Your Happy Hormones

Learn about how to speak your mind

You may be in trouble for expressing your speaking your mind about crucial things in life. There are rules and regulations governing us so learn how to speak your mind without getting into  trouble The world needs everyone’s reasoning power to make it a better place. It’s your right to share your thoughts without feeling … Read more

The Truth About How Technology Affect Society and Threatens Your Life

Robot Sophia's impact in our social lives

While our concerned youths are skeptical about the relevance of technological advancements, we must scrutinize it for our own safety. How does technology affect society? Let us find out The world is constantly going through an advanced kind of civilization. We are always affected by the introduction of technological gadgets. There are good sides and … Read more

Why You Must Spend Quality Time With Your Family In A Moment Like This

We make so many friends and broaden our social lives. But none would be sweeter than being at home. Spending time with the family is something you can’t afford to lose. Especially in a moment like this where we can’t get in touch with the outside world As social beings, we are always forced to … Read more

Get To Know About The Things That Destroy Destiny

Can anything or anyone destroy your destiny? Yes of course. It’s quite unbelievable how evil people shrouds our beautiful future and make it useless. He who foresees your beautiful future can destroy it or help you reach there. Somebody has been lurking in the dark for long to destroy your future. What destroy Destiny itself?. … Read more