Why You Need Peace To Live Long And Enjoy Genuine Happiness

Having a peace of mind is one of the best feelings anyone could experience on this planet. The world at large needs peace to bring love and unity among nations.

It is a good feeling to have a peace of mind.
Peace of mind is better than riches and wealth. It is priceless. Money cannot buy.

Having a peace of mind is better than having money and riches. It means the most powerful driving force making mankind move in and out daily is “money.” Yes, money. It can buy many things but not PEACE. Many fights for money irrespective of the level of damages they cause for others.

Amassing wealth for yourself without having your peace of mind is useless. Let’s consider some of the most disgusting moments people go through.

1. Having a lot of money without peace
2. Being in a relationship without peace of mind
3. Being in a marriage without anything like a peace of mind
4. Staying in a house with a nagging Landlord
5. Pressure, hatred, conspiracies at the workplace

This world lacks peace because of mankind’s greediness, hatred, racism, corruption, suppression etc. If it takes to let go of your past and anything burdensome to have your peace of mind why not?. Your life is very precious. If you lack peace and happiness for long you may not live long.

There are too many noises out there. Imagine staying in a house full of kids, quarrelsome people… Each morning, afternoon, night there would be intolerable cries, screams and all sorts of disturbances.

In a situation like this, how can you have your peace of mind to think, learn or plan your life?. I mean it would be hard for you to have a quality time to think plan and make reasonable decisions for your life?.

As human beings, we are expected to live in peace, love, and harmony. But history seems to repeat itself. Racism has never ceased, favoritism, hatred, war, tribal war, injustice, and other crafty devices disrupt the little peace we have.

The poor old man who sits in his rocking chair in his backyard enjoys a quality kind of peace. He is not in competition with anyone. The mind is always free of fear, curses, assaults etc.

In our age almost everything we do fuel jealousy, anger, hatred, mind-games, war etc. How can we have peace of mind when there is still the production of ammunition, genocide medical crimes etc.

Some world leaders today will choose war over peace. Why?. Because their hearts are corrupt, they don’t respect human life. They are agents of the Devil.

A Story To Remember

There is an interesting story about why having a peace of mind can make you live longer.

Once there were three friends; a bird, tree, and tortoise. The bird will stand on the tree, flying from one branch to the other delivering melodious songs. It was the bird’s habit. Singing makes it happy.

One day tortoise out of obsession informed the tree to tell the bird to stop singing. Because the song distracts its peace of mind.

The unconcerned tree did not bother to deliver the message. What happened next?.

A hunter heard the beautiful song, traced the direction… He shot the Bird. Whiles, he was about to pick it, there lies the tortoise. “Now what can I use to bind them to make it handy?”. He asked himself. He needed rope and firewood as well. So he cut down the tree…

Lack Of Peace Of Mind And Its Frightening Moment

Money has driven a lot of our youths into a painful and regretful situation. To the best of my knowledge, ritual money has deprived a number of African youths of peace of mind, as well as genuine happiness.

These guys would have all the monies to put up mansions but unable to sleep in. Evil forces haunt them day and night. Regrets sets in but it seems too late.
The Bible has made it clear that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

Can Anyone Bring Peace To This World?

For Christians, we want peace not as the world gives. For a family to enjoy peace of mind, there should be the existence of genuine love, forgiveness, compassion, support etc. This will in no small way extend to the entire society, country and then to international territories.

Do you think there is real peace in our homes? relationships? marriages? societies and countries?. That is very rare.

Perhaps there is peace but on a very low level. Our attitudes are still the same… Anger, intolerance, hatred, jealousy, racism, discrimination, war etc.

According to Global Finance, the Most peaceful country in the world in 2018 is Iceland. Below are the first 10 most peaceful countries in the world today.

1. Iceland
2. New Zealand
3. Austria
4. Portugal
5. Denmark
6. Canada
7. Czech Republic
8. Singapore
9. Japan
10. Ireland

For a complete list of countries or the criteria for rankings visit Global Finance for a clear insight.

You cannot buy peace. It begins with our behaviors in the house, schools, workplaces, and public areas. What is warm and heart-touching than living in a peaceful place that looks like Paradise?.



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