4 Major Life Transitions That Affects You

Life transitions begins right from birth to death which affect everyone living on earth today

Life transitions

Life is full of mysteries and events affecting every living thing.Sometimes  it leaves sweet memories in our lives,sometimes too a very unpleasant one.Here,I would like to talk about the four major important life transitions  and other minor ones we go through. However it is not everyone who enjoys all these major transitions in life.

Breaking Down The Mystery Of Life Transitions



First and foremost, the earliest life transition every person goes through is “birth” or “birth ceremony”.The moment you are born,the world welcomes you as a new gift to your parents and family.

In Africa for instance every new-born baby is named on the week day of his/her birth.The reason for the week interval is to decide whether the baby is just a visitor or  on earth to stay.Witnesses are to dress in white clothes because it’s a new life transition celebration that is a good omen.

A ceremony is held inviting both families of the couple and here the father brings out the name he want his child to bear, say  “Fred” in addition to his surname, let’s say “Thompson”.

The clan head holds the baby, put three drops of alcohol  or water on his tongue mentioning his name three times.The significance of this is for the child to be truthful when he grows up.He is expected to be honest about everything he sees.

This kind of life transition ceremony is popular  with the Akan tribe in Ghana.I do believe there are different ceremonies or recognition of  a new human in a particular family all over the world.At least everyone was once welcomed into this world by his/her family with a family name.


The next important life transition  is puberty. This is  about the growth of people from childhood to adulthood. It begins from the adolescence age(13 – 19).Around this age people begin to notice physical changes like growing of pubic hair,breaking of voice for boys and menstrual  cycle for girls.There are other significant changes that happens naturally.

The above two stages are very common and almost all of us have gone though it,the only variations would be in the kind of ceremony performed for us during the outdooring.


In furtherance, when we turn into adults we begin to have responsibilities by working to pay utility bills,taxes,buy food,cloths and all our basic needs.

This then ushers us to the third most important life transition in this world.However with this one it depends on personal preference as one can choose not to include in his or her life.This transition is marriage  or marriage ceremony.

Falling in love is natural and finding a life partner is morally, religiously,and culturally accepted in almost every country.

I think this is the sweetest part of life transition to the person in question.Marriage ceremony  officially unites a man and a woman as husband and wife.

Many people struggle all their lives to make preparations for this kind of life transition to earn the title Mr. And Mrs.Here a religious leader or  government official authenticates it and makes it legal with support from both parents of the couple. The fruit of marriage is children.

Children perfect marriages and makes it beautiful. In cases where bearing children becomes difficult, it reduces the happiness in the marriage. But whatever the case is, life must go on for the couples for them to fulfill their vow “till death do us apart”.

All  of these life transitions are very important but the saddest thing in life which is death is something that plunges people into sorrows. After life journey, people have to go back to dust and rest.


Death ceremony  helps friends,family members and sympathizers say good-bye to the deceased. This very transition is inevitable unlike the rest I have mentioned. It is very sad,yet worthy because no one on earth has to be immortal.

Death ceremony also differs from cultures to cultures,religion to religion  and countries to countries but in all, the most important thing is to bury the dead body in the ground.

Everyone who is alive would taste  death.However, it is not everyone who receives proper farewell ceremony but so far as the dead body enters the ground there wouldn’t be anything to complain about.The dead body could be cremated and that is the same thing.

As we live now we  can enjoy the third life transition I have raised in this article, “marriage”.It last for a lifetime until there is divorce or death.There are many rules and regulations that governs it, arbitration of any of them dents its reputation and happiness.

After considering all these life transitions, there are minor ones that also affects as.These includes recovery from illness, financial breakthrough, acquisition of jobs,behaviour change,ideological change and a lot more.All these together constituents what is known as life transition.

Importance Of These 4 Life Transitions

Now I want us to consider how important these minor life transitions can do for our lives by having great impacts on us.

Someone could be transformed by receiving healings to his illness and this would be an unforgettable life transformation in the person’s life,especially if the sickness or the disease was a chronic one. This is a painful experience or feelings that turns into a joyous one which relieves the person from uncomfortable situation to a pleasant one.

Some could be jobless for several years even though he has applied for job on several occasions but to no avail, leaving him into desperation and lost of hope The moment this person finally gets a job after searching for years he becomes relieved and happy.

This then begins the turning point of his life because through Job he can fulfill all his future goals.He would get salaries to pay for rents,bills and provide for his family as well as making expenses  on other important items and services.Money earned from the job acquisition could  turn his life into a Paradise.Money does all things as we all know but actually not all things can money do.

As for behaviour change it is inherent so a change it is  an impeccable breakthrough which deserves an ovation. Let’s take a nagging woman who has shown strange behaviours towards her husband stealing all the happiness from the husband. In a situation like this when the husband notices a great positive change of  behaviour in his wife he would surely feel happy for his transformed woman. It brings happiness back into the marriage.

The Bottom-line Of These 4 life Transitions

In conclusion, life transitions comes in many forms,it could be physical,emotional or spiritual which mostly  results in positive impact to the person in question. It is one of the important events in human lives.

At least we all love to see everything that is our heart-desire to yield good or have good effects on us.The final result brings happiness  as a  sense of relief to make life beautiful.

Nobody can’t live on earth without experiencing any form of life transition,situations could turn from good to bad though, but personally I would not call it life transition because I believe all life transitions have to be  positive apart from death which is inevitable, but religiously, there are a lot of benefits in that because the dead person has to rest in peace, wait for his judgment to enter into heaven. That is highly hoped for, but a sinner would definitely not go to heaven.

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