"A Butterfly Thinks Himself A Bird"

Why would you fight for what you can’t accommodate?. Know yourself if you are ready or not ready for a  particular task and life will always smile at you.

A butterfly thinks himself a bird
A butterfly thinks himself a bird

How exasperating it is to see people want to do things they are not ready for or undertake tasks far greater than themselves???. Let us listen to some wise sayings when wisdom talks all ideas and other assertions become redundant.”A butterfly thinks himself a bird”.This is a proverb and it is self-explanatory. Baby birds don’t fly without learning how to fly.

The “butterfly” here signifies anyone who tries to do things he or she can’t do. The above statement sounds like a poem, No!, I’m not writing a poem. This post is to advise and right all those going off-cliff of the life journey.

We always meet people in our daily activities, people make us smile and feel happy, others try to scare the hell out of us, others annoy us with nagging issues and finally, others take the biggest bite that they can’t chew right in front of us.

In this life journey we are all undertaking, we have to pass through a gradual life transitions without any haste. For in doing so, you will make peace with your self and everyone around you. When you are a  child; do what children do not what your parent nor adults do.

Many have inflicted themselves with pains for trying to “fly without wings”. Patience moves mountains, when it is time for you to fly higher like a bird( eagle), you will. How can a butterfly compete with the eagle?. Sounds funny?, Yes!. Some people are trying to do that and they need advice.

In other not to breach the life transitions or journey that we are all undertaking, consider the following reasons below:

1.Acknowledge Your Weakness
Know your limit, don’t dare go beyond it if you are not ready for the consequences and repercussions. As a kid, you have to play with kids, do what kids do. Wait till you grow into an adult before you do what adults do.

Your bones are not strong enough to fight the battle your father fights in life. As immature, do what unskilled people do, when the job position is beyond your managerial skills don’t take it forcibly. Hold on for the right time, life is not a competition.

2.The Power Of Respectfulness
Respect your elders, predecessors, Bosses, Parents, and anyone who holds a notable position over you and learn from them. Don’t use any greedy means to succeed them. When it is your turn to wear the crown, it would be given to you peacefully. You are a butterfly and so never think you can fly like a bird.

3.Proper Assesment
Know the kind of people in your inner circle and live life with them. The class of people you relate to are your contemporaries that include friends, colleagues/classmates, coworkers etc. Fly with them, because you share a lot of things or interests together. Birds of the same feathers flock together. What will happen to you if you leave your fellow butterflies to fly with a bird(eagle)?….

If you live life without haste, you live long in peace so know your limit, don’t fight over what you can’t possess, leave that to “whom it is meant for“.

Greediness and arrogance is the gateway to destruction, so embrace what you have and keep on doing what you can do till your strength increases to handle huge things in life. Life is always beautiful when you make the right choices.

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