What Does Death Teach Us About Life? – 5 Lessons To Learn

Let us know what death teach us in life and learn from it to better our lives.

Death teach us lesson in life
Death teaches us a lesson in life

Inevitable death knocks at anyone’s door at any time, any day and anywhere. It befriends us, our families, our friends and those we love. Many of us fear death because it is very wicked. It makes us grief and loses the taste of life. But after putting us through all those pains, does it teach us any lesson?. Yes of course it does. In this post, I feel privileged to share with you the lessons death teach us in life.

These lessons will shape our lives after all the grievances. Death has made almost everyone on earth felt the pains of losing a loved one or someone closed to us. If you are currently grieving over the loss of a loved one, I would like to inspire you to know that; it is not only you who is grieving for losing a loved one.

Millions of people are grieving over the death of someone dear to them. Each day over 5 thousand people die, their families, friends, workers, church members, and sympathizers together form millions of people grieving over the death of their loved one. So what I will say to you is, you are not the only one grieving, we are all grieving so take courage and be steadfast in the Lord. Be attentive whiles I share with you the lessons death teaches us in life.

Here Are How Death Teach Us Lesson In Life

1. Reminder/A Forceful Journey For Everyone:
Death reminds us that it is responsible for separating us from each other as time goes by. Death wants us to understand that you can never hide from it. So far as you were born unto this planet, you should understand and accept the fact that your life journey will end in the grave. It is part of the life journey or the life transformations we will all go through. You can’t avoid it, so be ready anytime, anywhere. There is a certain interesting story I want to add to this. I believe some of you have heard it before. It all goes like;

Story #1 – Death Is Inevitable

A certain man was able to see death’s next target in life and so when he sees the one whom death embraces(in a form of a vision) he will announce it that tomorrow you “John”, Lizzy”, “Sam”, will die. He had the vision about death’s next target for long. Then, a time came when he was at a social gathering, he saw death approaching to embrace him. Come on, then he started hiding under the tables and chairs, running, jumping over people and everything there. He got tired finally and death embraced him. He was so sad because he was not ready to take that journey.

So dearest one, if you are still grieving over the death of someone, just forget about it and live your normal life knowing that it is a journey for all of us. It shall reach your turn.

Death is no respecter of anyone, no matter your education, wealth, fame or beauty, 6 feet you shall go. If you are a living soul today and you are arrogant that you respect nobody, know that one day death will teach you a lesson about humility and how useless you are by reminding you that the beauty or handsomeness you are proud of is mere dust. Have you visited the mortuary before?. I haven’t, but it is in my mind to visit there someday before I die. It would be advisable for everyone, especially the arrogant to visit the mortuary one day and find out the end of man. And I bet you, you will not come back and disrespect your fellow human beings or feel pompous as if you own the world. When you attend the funeral, it should remind you that one day you will also lie down humbly like the deceased person you are watching. That place (funeral ground) and the mortuary are the immediate places to teach you lessons on humility.

The bible said it is better to attend a funeral than to attend parties or other celebrations about entertainments. This is because death is inevitable. The bible has also said, it is unto man to die once and after that judgment. So as you see your fellow human laid down in the casket, begin to ask yourself,

so one day someone will carry me, bath me, cloth me and send me to the cemetery?”, “so one day I wouldn’t talk, nor breath again?”. Keep on asking yourself these questions and as you ask, you compare it to the kind of life you are living on earth and make the necessary changes before death lays its icy hands on you by humbling all your prudence.

3. It leaves fear in our hearts

Death, in general, is fearsome and so many people become afraid of it. A true Christian believer like me would never be afraid of death. And so I would urge all believers to show steadfastness in the Lord because death is a temporal sleep for us. When Jesus Christ, the son of God returns in his glory we shall come back to life and meet again. Death would be conquered in the last day. Jesus said he will wipe out all our tears, there wouldn’t be any more tears nor pains. I will inspire you with these messages so that you become courageous enough to stand the confrontations of death.

Do not fear death, fear God only because he is the only one who can destroy your body and soul in hell. Death can’t destroy the beautiful soul living in you. It is only the dust that decays. For we came from dust and dust we shall return. Don’t be like those who made death consumed them with fear in another story I heard.

Story #2 Relief Your Pains

The story goes like this; as the family members and all sympathizers gathered at the funeral ground, a vision came that anyone who leaves the funeral ground would die. Come and see fear and panic on their faces, some broke into tears, some collapsed. The situation was crucial for everyone at the funeral ground. People were looking at each other’s face with big question marks on their heads ???. “Who is stepping out ?”. Nobody was ready to die because they fear death. They all stayed at the funeral ground till the following day.

For more than 24 hours nobody tried to leave the funeral. This sounds so funny. Please don’t be like these people.

Although death will strike fear in you but do not let it consume you. Be strong and stand in the Lord. For he will be your comforter and refuge. I know you want to ask about what finally happened at the funeral ground. Oh, just forget about them. They have disgraced themselves for letting death put fear in their hearts so I don’t even want to know about what happened to them next. My concern is about you. Do not be like them.


Another lesson death teaches us about life is love. Death makes us notice how important it is to love one another whiles we have breath. When death separates us from people we know or love, we become disappointed and sad. This then makes us feel sorry for the person who has died. Showing pity is the result of the kind of love we have for the person and so we show our condolences by sending beautiful flowers to their graves. People who have been enemies to the deceased would also feel sorry and unhappy about the situation. This teaches them to show love to everyone on earth, including enemies.

Death is so painful that it drives people of all kinds of thoughts; whether good or evil to show passion to the lost one, his family and all sympathizers. Death can bring two resented families together. Their reconciliation will begin during the funeral preparation. If you haven’t talked with someone or greeted someone for years, you will do so whiles preparation of the funeral is in progress. This will end in solving any hatred and grievances amicably.

5. Procrastination

Death teaches us a special kind of lesson in life that, procrastination is a thief of time. Had I known is always at last.

Imagine you have a sister, a brother, a friend, a mother, a father, a granny you love so much. You want to tell him or her something touching from your heart or you want to ask him or her about something you have been curious to know about. You found yourself postponing it anytime the idea comes into your mind.

How would you feel, if you wake up the following morning to hear that death has laid its icy hand on the lovely person you want to share something with?. Disappointed? heartbroken? sad?…

The feeling would never be good for you because you procrastinated. After the person’s death has taught you a lesson in life I don’t think you would ever be a fan of procrastination.

In conclusion, death is very painful but it teaches us a lesson in life to the extent that our lives from now on changes for better life choices by making amends on past mistakes and empowers us to face life challenges without fear.

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