Is Falling In love Normal? –  Find Out All The Interesting Facts

Is Falling In love Normal? – Find Out All The Interesting Facts

Love is one of the commonest words we use in this world but people seem to misunderstand its true meaning.

Is falling in love normal
Falling in love

There are different types of love, agape is the most powerful kind of love anyone can show but here in this article, I would like to talk much about romantic love. Romantic love has taken over the scene of life companionship. Now the question here is; is falling in love normal?. Yes of course.

Love is part of our human nature and we know that the one(God) who made us is love and has given us that emotions for us to express to our fellow human beings when they need arises. No matter your age, you can express love.

Even these days kids express romantic love to the opposite sex and this leaves people to question “is falling in love normal?”

A kid falling in romantic love is not normal and societies shouldn’t entertain that. The world shows explicit scenes everywhere, especially on television. Love is not taught, it has already been part of us since we were born but for a kid of say 12 yrs and below to wish for romantic love is evil, and to a larger extent some adults also get lost of the mainstream of love.

Kids learn what they see on the television or what their parents have been doing. I would iterate that for a kid to show romantic love to the opposite sex is morally wrong. Love is a kind of topic that excites a lot of people but sometimes falling into it becomes a catastrophe. That special someone you claim to love might be fake.

Now let’s find out what love is. It is sad to notice that this generation has misconstrued the word “love” to satisfy their desires. Love has been misunderstood as “lust’ and this has blind-folded many to figure out what true love is and what fake love is.

First, let me differentiate between love and lust.

What is love? Love is a strong feeling of affection.

What is lust? Lust is an intense sexual desire for someone.

From the two definitions, you could see that the motive behind “love” is to show affection or pleasure in someone and lust is the motive of having sex with the supposed person.

So to tell somebody that you love him or her, first your motive in question is to be taken into consideration. Girls are to diagnose the motives of men who propose to them only if they want true love, else falling in love wouldn’t be normal for them.

A guy and a lady falling in love

Falling in love is normal but today real love is hard to find, it is like the Siberian tiger, it’s in the wild. People deceive themselves with lust claiming it is love.

We live in a world that is mysteriously surrounded by evil forces and these evil spirits intensify the sexual desires in people by possessing them to commit fornication or adultery. Oh yes, married couples get their libido satisfied by someone else. This can’t be called love. It is better to call it a nightstand.

Is there any age falling in love

Like I said earlier love is very normal but to find yourself in romantic love, age is a reason. Here, it would depend on the cultures of the person in question as we live in a world made up of different people, beliefs, cultures, rules, laws, and other practices so it differs.

Lovers in the woods

In many countries, if a person becomes 18 years old, he or she is an adult already. So on average, this would be the ideal age for one to fall in love but if you are below, say 16 years you can still fall in love provided you would avoid lust by showing some decency.

When children reach adolescent age(13 – 19), they develop heighten feelings and that is normal. It shows a change in childhood into adulthood. Dating can begin from that age till he or she is mature enough to marry.

A clear example is about the soccer superstar, Lionel Messi who married his childhood girlfriend in “Wedding of the century”  in Argentina.

This is so perfect and adorable. It should tell you that genuine love can survive from childhood to adulthood. Hat down for Lionel Messi…

I believe most of you reading this article have fallen in love before right?. Oh yes!. Everyone wants to love and everyone seems to hate loneliness.

High School love is popular than love found in any kind of institution. But mostly, love found in High Schools is from the power of lust. Brokenhearts too are very common which leaves them asking, “is falling in love normal?”

My friend, for me I will be honest with you, you did not fall in love you fell in the deepest point of lust. After playing around with your sexual feelings and getting brokenhearted then you decide not to fall in love again.

Oh uh, that’s just a  fantasy because from High schools, you step into the real world of people with different mentalities and personalities so certainly a girl or a guy at the corner in your workplace will catch your attention then you fall into love again.

But there is nothing silly than dating the wrong person with all your heart. When it becomes broken badly you become the saddest person on earth. maybe your heart wouldn’t be normal again. It could go beyond mending so everyone should make sure that he or she chooses love over lust.

How to know when you are ready to marry someone?

When the beginning of a relationship is on love but not lust your marriage is assured. But it would cost every man who wants to marry because a man is the bread-winner of his family.

Married couple at dinner

Many marriage counselors believe for a man to fall in love and marry; That particular man should be mature enough in terms of decision-making, life planning skills, and financially stable. In this case, if you don’t have money, marriage would always be a wish in your life.

But to face life with boldness, with or without money still, everyone can marry and this requires having good plans. If you are a man and have fallen in love with a woman you love, no matter your financial situation you can still marry only “if”‘ you have good and possible plans.

These days many girls will leave you single if you don’t have money, but the good girl will stay with you when she realizes you have possible plans. The only thing left for you is to work tirelessly toward that goals and believe me you will make it.

On the order hand, if you are a guy who is in love with a woman and you don’t have any plans, I will insist your woman should leave you because you are like a cymbal brass. Sometimes it takes faith and prayers for anyone fighting hard to meet his goals in life. Never give up and remember that with God all things are possible.

It is not everyone who sees love as a normal thing. Some people don’t need romantic love, all they need is agape love. Agape love is the original love that gives birth to romantic love and all kinds of love, fake love excluded.

This means romantic love is a child of agape love. It is not Roman Fathers alone who choose to avoid romantic love. Some individuals so choose not to fall into that kind of love and it is not a crime nor a sin. Celibacy is a choice for anyone but Roman Fathers, it is a must. The individual practicing celibacy might have his reasons and that could be confidential or general.

In conclusion, I would advise everyone to test the authenticity of the so-called “love” they find themselves in. Someone would then ask about how to know true love in a relationship?

This is a very fine question and I will answer it in short and leave the rest for the bible to give us some insight. People have different behaviors and motives so these are the two major areas you have to tackle to find out if your lover is fake or genuine. Is she or her after your money, beauty, handsomeness, wealth, fame or he or she is after true love?. So what is true love?. The bible defines it perfectly for us;

“Love is never tired of waiting; love is kind; love has no envy; love has no high opinion of itself; love has no pride. Love’s ways are ever fair; it takes no thought of itself; it is not quickly made angrily; it takes no account of evil; it takes no pleasure in wrongdoing, but has joy in what is good. Love has the power of undergoing all things, having faith in all things, hoping all things”.(1 Corinthians  13:4 – 7).

No one can define love better than this. when love is left to work fully, there wouldn’t be anything like a broken heart or leave people to ask “is falling in love normal?”

Consider all the above reasons I have raised in this article and put them into practice and surely you will enjoy the best kind of love. Love is dynamic and if I say love is dynamic what do I mean?.

The love that sweetens your life can also kill your life if you fail to handle it well like an egg, so be cautious with the kind of people you fall in love with. Did you enjoy this article? Feel free to drop your comments contributions and feedbacks and don’t forget to share.

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