3 Importance Of single Life Against 3 Importance Of Married Life:The Interesting Facts About Single Vs Married Life

Time to know about the importance of single life and other related issues that affect you.Single or married life?. Where do you belong?.

Importance of single life
Time to know the importance of single life compared to married life. Which is the best?

Importance of single life: In a beautiful world like this with beautiful people, no one certainly wants to be alone. But there are exceptions which we classify as normal. Relationships are parts of human nature. We cannot ignore it.

In this post, you will find out about the importance of single life. You will also know about the importance of married life. Then the bottom-line of Single Vs Married. Believe me, you will fall within one of these categories. And that makes an interesting topic to talk about.

First and foremost, let us consider what nature has bestowed on us; The divine ability to choose a life partner. After God made the first man(Adam), he also made a companion (Eve) for him. This is where the generation of humanity began.

Now, in our world today, the population of females exceeds males in many countries. China, for instance, has fought overpopulation for long due to the high fertility rate.

Back to the main topic; “Importance of single life. What makes one single depends on;

1. Personal preference

2. Situational conditions

Taking it one by one can help us understand the importance of single life.I n personal preference, the person in question decides what to do. Everyone has free will to make a choice for himself/herself.

A young man or woman can decide to stay single temporary or permanently. It is not always necessary to inquire about that person’s choice. But in most cases, it could be for religious reasons(celibacy) or taste of preference.

In situational reasons; The person in question who want to enjoy the importance of single life might rely on past-history. A past history might be a rape case that haunts the victim. A bad relationship experience, broken heart, marriage divorce etc.

Importance Of Single Life

People who decide to live a single life or falls in a single life category, enjoy these benefits;

1. They have unlimited privacy; Anyone living a single life enjoys a wide range of privacy. There is no companion nor spouse to explore your life with. Everything you do is for your own amusement and benefits. You don’t answer to anyone why you did not sleep on time, why you make too many calls, why you make too many friends. All these don’t concern anyone…

You can decide to travel anywhere for a number of days without answering to anyone. Because obviously, you are single so you answer to yourself. Whether your answer is tangible or not, there is no cause for alarm. Life goes on.

2.Economical: This is an exceptional importance of single life. Anyone living a single life knows that it is not expensive to live alone. On the contrary, it involves a lot of costs. A young man or woman who is single wouldn’t spend more than he/she needs to keep moving.

Your monthly salary ends up in your pocket without sharing any percentage with anyone. This could be a platform for “Mr. Single” or “Mrs. Single” to save a lot of money for the future.

Maybe that person can decide to use that money to marry in the future or when singleness becomes an obsession.

Some singles get scared of married. Why?, Because money and marriage had been inseparable twins. The layman will always run away from marriage because of the huge cost involved. This has given an advantage to the rich. Yes!, they are snatching all the beautiful women to their sides.

3.Enjoy The Favor Of Time: Singles really respond to time factor very often. This is because Hey! have fewer responsibilities compared to married couples. Singles often attend school, meetings, work and other programs on time.

After knowing about some of the importance of single life let’s talk about the importance of married life as well.

Getting married is the 3rd notable life transition stage people go through. It is a complicated journey to ride. Sure, there are a lot of benefits.

Importance Of Married Life

Looking at the importance of married life, what is marriage?. Before a man and woman become a couple; Let’s understand that, marriage is religiously/culturally and legally honored by distinctive people and other witnesses.

1. Companionship: companionship is what makes people run away from single life. Here, you have a companion to help you with all the burdens in life.

There is always someone to help you live life at home and outside. Your wife will cook for you, wash your clothes etc. Your husband will buy you all the material things you need as a woman. He will protect you from harm. Each other’s presence makes the perfect love chemistry.

2. Sexual Gratification: Sex becomes legal only if you are a married couple. Unmarried and having sex?. You are considered to be a thief. Sex is one unique thing that spice up the marriage. It brings mutual intimacy between the couples. This is what makes them one body. There is no need to worry about the bad weather if you are a married couple.

3.Respect: In life, married couples derive a lot of respects from people. The woman especially feels honored when she has a ring on her finger. This is the dream of many women today. They want to earn the title, “Mrs.”

After talking about the importance of single life and the importance of married life, what’s next?. Well, the next thing I want us to consider is the bottom-line. I mean the summary of single vs married life.

In one way or the other, everyone reading this post will fall into one of these categories. Are you part of the single life or married life?. You can share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Single Vs Married Life

The bottom line of Single vs married life shouldn’t raise an argument. Simply because everyone has the right to make a choice. Again everyone has a reason for being single or getting married.

There is no need to denounce a single life/celibacy, there is no need to denounce marriage too. It is not a crime to stay single nor a sin to stay single. It is not a crime nor a sin to get married. Just choose where you want to belong.

After considering the importance of single life and the importance of married life;(Single Vs Married Life), you can know what is best for you.

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