Payment For Sins In The End Time

Jesus made payment for your sins by shedding his blood so do not let his sacrifice be in vain else you will pay for it in the end time

Payment for sins

Payment For Sins – Something You Can’t Run Away From

Has anyone told you there is payment for sins we commit?. As we have been born unto this earth, we are responsible for all our actions. The Lord has set standards and basic clues for us to live on and one day he would hold us accountable for whatever we are doing, either good or bad we will reap whatever we sow.

Have you been terrified by the sound of thunderstorm and lightning before? I hope you have, even when you are in your room you could panic in fear. If that is the case, then ask yourself, can you withstand the sound of the last trumpet?. The last sound that every nation will hear and see the son of man come into the cloud to let everyone make payment of sins committed.

“And then shall appear the sign of the son of man in heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the sign of the son of man coming in the clouds in heaven with power and glory”(Revelation 1:7 and Matthew 24:30).

Fear God

Let me tell you this fact; God is more fierce and awesome than the lightning and the thunderstorms. He will come and make sure everyone makes payment for sins committed when he lived on earth since the time he was born.

The bible says he will come like a thief in the night(1 Corinthians 5:2). And my question is, are you ready for that dreadful day?. Millions of people living today are not concerned about the end times and its outcomes, they live life as if they created the universe as if they own everything as if he or she will not make payment for his sins.

Repent Now And Be Saved

Do not deceive yourself my brethren, for the one who holds the world in his hand is coming and that terrible day would make people scream and gnash their teeth. As for us Christians we believe we are in the end times and whatever the Bible has said will come to pass and whether we live or die our salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ is assured.

The time for sinners to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior is now. Do not wait till the end before you have a change of mind. Just like in the days of Noah mankind exhausted the grace period to meet their fate in the flood which swept them off the planet.

There are payments for sins but God doesn’t want anyone to perish in his sins. That is why he sent his only begotten son to come and die for me and you so that we can enjoy eternity in Paradise. But it would surprise you to know that, there would also be people who would not take this message seriously and keep on living ungodly lives.

Christ ensured the payment of your sins on the Cross in Calvary but if you would ignore his sacrifice then you would have to make payment of your sins instead. And you will do that by suffering in the lake of fire that burns with sulfur and brimstone(Revelation 21:8). The sinner would never go unpunished.

I am very much concerned about talking about our Savior Jesus to the entire world because it is through his grace that we still live, he is so real and everything about him is real, everything recorded in the holy books will come to pass. There is payment for sins we commit.

So my fellow reader, be on guard because the hour is near, if the lightning and the thunderstorms can terrify you, then think about the last day when the last trumpet would sound for the world to hear, you can’t imagine how terrific it would be.

During that time people would prefer to die but they wouldn’t, they would prefer the caves collapse on them to die but it would never happen. It had been too late for you, the only thing left is to make payment for your sins and that would be extremely painful.

If you sin, it is just like working and we all know every work done deserves payment, and this payment could be in any form. So the bible says your payment of sinning without repenting is death and this kind of death includes the physical and the spiritual being of you.

You will stop to exist because the paradise Jesus has made for us can’t accommodate wicked people.There would be no more sin, pain nor tears for Christ Jesus would end it all.

“For the payment for sin is death but the gift if good is eternal life through our lord Jesus Christ (Romans 6:26). Whiles the sinner has receives his payment the righteous would also receive their payment”; – The crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4:8).

And for those of you who are partly Christ-like and partly worldly, be very carefully because it is a kind of dangerous game you are playing. The Lord detest that. He says “Because you are lukewarm, and neither warm nor cold I will vomit you out of my mouth. (Revelation 3:16).

Whatever you are doing on earth,  heaven has recorded it and surely you will pay for it. It is inevitable, that is why I am much concerned about telling you. The only way is through Jesus Christ(John 14:6).

Look out for him now, repent, confess your sins, and receive him as your personal saviour for the hour is near. I would like to see everyone who comes here to read this article in heaven someday. Amen

The Bottom-line Of Payment For Sins

God is a fierce person and his anger is very destructive, he has shown us several examples in the bible about what he is capable of doing that you might not know. When God was taking the Israelites to the promised land, some of them provoked God, by disgracing his name, I tell you they didn’t go unpunished God killed thousands of  them. And the greatest lesson is taken from the story of Noah.

Sin was too much just like our days so ” God said to Noah , the end of all flesh has come; the earth is full of thy violent doings and now I will put an end to them with the earth (Genesis 6:13). Noah warned them, just like I am warning every sinner to repent but they mocked Noah and God. At the end when the flood came it swept them off. They payed for their sins.

Similar thing will happen when heaven blows the last trumpet  and the son of man comes to give judgement on all those who sinned and never repented(Matthew 24:39) there would be regrets on faces of people who didn’t listened to the word of God with seriousness. I am drawing your attention to how terrific and heartbreaking the sound of the trumpet will be.

The bible says he will come with the voice of the archangel so be ready to meet the Lord. Don’t make his payment for your sins be in vain else you will pay for your own sins at the end. Stay blessed and don’t forget to share to warn a friend about the end time.

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