How To Let Go Anything Unproductive In Your Life

To let go of anything unproductive shows a good sense of courage, maturity and determination for something better in life.

Letting go of anything that is treacherous to your life is good for you
Letting go is the food your depressed and weary soul needs to look happy.

Quite a number of people don’t have the gut to say its ok, time to let go. In this post, I would like to remind you that letting go should be part of everyone’s attitude. From friendships to relationships and life situations like death may affect you once in a while. It’s all part of the life journey. Some may be inevitable but you can put them under control.

I will help you find the most appropriate way to leave behind anything that doesn’t add value to your life. You have to know how, when and why it is necessary to let go.

Simple Facts To Consider

Time changes and so you must adapt to change. Anything that has become obsolete in your life needs to be rejected and replaced. It takes much courage to do that.

There are two things you must never forget if you really want to leave the awkward relationships and feelings behind.

♦ People change when they meet different people. They may likely not sync with you anymore.

♦ Time changes and so if you are not dynamic, friends and loved ones may not want you according to their new preference. You may as well not see the relevance of people who used to be important in your life.

Take a look at your beautiful skin. The outermost part(epidermis) continually wear out because it contains dead cells. In the same way, you should understand the simple logic of letting go of anything that is dead and unproductive in your life.

Let it be part of your human nature. Holding on unto something that is no useful hurts your emotions and total well-being.

Perhaps you would be interested to read my article about “why it is good to burn bridges.” Apparently, that is an extension of having a better knowledge to help you let go of the things that belong to the past and so are no more useful.

Things You Need To Make Letting Go A Possible Move

1. Courage
It takes much courage to say goodbye to people you once loved. It is so hard to say goodbye to things you were profound of. But you have to marshal the courage to burn bridges that lead to nothing.

2. A Clear Conscience
Listen to that little inner voice within you. Your conscience always judges you rightly. I mean it convicts you when you do something silly. Don’t allow self-conceitedness blindfold you of the truth.

If you don’t feel guilty, letting go wouldn’t be a problem. On the other hand, you may have to apologize or show remorsefulness to hold on a little while. Because you are the problem that needs to be fixed.

If you believe, the drama is enough and you can’t take it anymore, let go. I bet you, your conscience will never convict you. You would be proud you took such a bold step.

3. Readiness
You must be prepared to face whatever may come out of burning bridges with people. If you don’t have the heart to bear the consequences then I’m sorry for you. People leave their loved ones and rather feel the pains of a broken heart. My dear, you are not ready. This world demands people with strong emotions and mentality.

Let me give you this scenario; You have a lovely cattle that has contracted a mad-cow disease. This disease is incurable. I bet you, you can’t stay with madness so you have to get rid of it. You either kill it or give it out to whoever may need it. Now you are safe from any harm.

Possible Things People Find It Difficult Letting Go

Anything that makes you uncomfortable or gives you pains need to be scrutinized. Let go if you find it useless.

Life will always throw challenges of various degrees at you. Your resilience, patience, and wisdom would always be tested.

Let us examine some of the things we are forced to let go.

1. Death anxiety
To be honest, nothing hurt more than death. At a point in time, you will lose someone you love dearly. Death is inevitable and irreversible and so you have only one option: Let go!. Without saying much, I would recommend reading my post about how to deal with death anxiety. And For a better inspiration read the good lessons death teaches us. I am hopeful letting go wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

2. Broken Relationships/Friendships
Mankind cannot live without being interactive with other people. Friendships could break, relationships/marriage could break. That love which used to make people want each other may fade out. The one who will initiate the breakup would hardly experience the pain of broken-heart. On the other hand, the loyal partner would have to clean the mess.

There is no need crying over spilled milk. Letting go may save you from anxieties. Be steadfast and know how to deal with broken hearts effectively. Your ex will see you and bow his/her head down in shame.

when it is time to let go of love, don't hesitate
“Letting go means to come to the realization that some people are part of your history, but not part of your destiny.” — Steve Maraboli


3. Misfortunes
Each and every one of us is vulnerable to misfortunes. You might be a victim of a natural disaster, fire outbreak, injuries, dept etc. Most of these calamities may traumatize you to lose your consciousness. What can you do then?. It has happened. No amount of grievances can rectify the damages. You can start over again. Let go of the past. The time you spend on grieving could be transformed into doing something productive.

How To Make It Possible

Since you have found your courage with clear conscience and readiness, you are ready to let go of anything that is no more useful in your life. Do you think you are ready? I guess you responded “Yes.”

Now the following gems will help you a great deal to make letting go as easy as breathing the fresh air in the morning.

The fundamental reason behind any attempt of letting go is “CHANGE.” Be ready to adopt a new lifestyle with new friends and other things.

After you have successfully said goodbye to unproductive friendships, relationships, and other things, try the following:

1. Change Your Thought
The mind is a powerful weapon that holds your emotions, memories, and actions. Although science has indicated that the brain is bais. For more enlightenment visit “NeuroscienceNews” to understand the brain’s activity on beliefs and decision making. It is believed that the brain will easily remind you of unpleasant situations than good memories. However, you are always in control of your thought.

Kill all the bad memories that surface in your mind. You can do it. Adopt to positive thought when you are about to sleep. In the morning, let your mind be full of positive thoughts as well.

2. Change Your Environment
After letting go, it may be favorable for you if you change your environment temporarily or permanently. Your new residence will help you meet new friends, learn new lifestyles, culture and more other things that will help you restructure your life.

3. Set A Boundary
After letting go, make sure you set a personal boundary to sieve all the toxic people and fakes who will come into your life. This will be your shield that will protect you from fake people and things that don’t deserve your time and attention.

Those who really deserve to be in your life will never trespass your boundaries. The right people will always find you amusing and worthy of sharing thoughts and even secrets together.

4. Avoid Hatred/Anger And Revenge
Let go and let God deal with it. Harboring hatred in your heart will be like a thorn in the flesh. It will hurt you and the new life you want to live.

Forgive anyone who caused you pains. But never allow yourself to be fooled for the second time. You can exchange pleasantries with your exes but I don’t recommend going back after willfully letting go. Why?. Because I advised you to:

♦ Find your courage before you take such step

♦ Clear your conscience

♦ Show readiness for any consequences

The Bottom-Line

We live in a dynamic world. Childhood friends would not always be friends. As we grow, we lose friends for various reasons. Some of our loved ones will travel, die, reject us etc.

Time changes and causes an effect on our environments, lifestyle, and relationships. There would always be people and things that are worthy or unworthy of your time and energy. Know what is good for you and cling to it. Let go of anything that steals your happiness.

I am hopeful, from today, letting go wouldn’t be like a tug of war for you. Just do it if you believe it is necessary.



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