Here Are 3 Life Lessons From The Tortoise To Motivate You

It is time to get inspiration from this amazing creature called tortoise/turtle. Life is simple and beautiful. You only need to make the right choices that will bring happiness and success to you.

The best of life inspiration from the tortoise
Photo:  2 Turtles on a huge log. NB: Turtle and tortoise are both reptiles of the order Testudines but from different families.

Without inspiration, many of us wouldn’t be able to achieve any kind of success in life. God never intended anyone to fail, you have many other options. Just be open-minded, think deep and figure out what is best for your life.

We have heard a lot about the inspiration that comes to us through podcasts, audios, ebooks, books, speeches etc. They all have the same message which sums up as “Yes you can.”

However, today I have decided to take it from a different dimension. I call this kind of inspiration “tortoise inspiration.”

Why Tortoise Inspiration?

“Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.” – Plato

I believe we all know tortoise but few have much knowledge about their magnificent lives on our planet. Those who knew the sweet lives of tortoise envy them in many ways and I think I’m one of them. smh.

We, humans, love to have certain qualities of other creatures in order to handle different tasks and problems that crop up in our daily lives. Think about them; the courage and strength of a lion to face enemies, wings to fly in and out to make things easier and faster etc.

The tortoise is exceptional and so I recommend my readers to learn a lot from their lives.

Things To Learn From The Tortoise To Be Successful In Life.

You do have a lot of things in your mind. I mean your dreams. Yes!, you can’t deny that. But the biggest question is how can you make those dreams come true?….

Applying the qualities of tortoise into your life will surely sail you to success. Let us consider some of their qualities.

1. Slow By Sure 
The tortoise moves slowly to wherever it wants to go. No matter how long it takes, it will reach the destination. We as humans have a problem with ‘patience‘.

Despite the fact that we set long lists of lofty goals, we barely exercise the patience to executive them. Achieving your goals in life isn’t about a magic trick.

You need to prioritize your wants. Take one step at a time just like the tortoise. If you execute your dreams with the speed of light, you would crash.

A tortoise would not be good in a 100-meter sprint but the best for a marathon. No doubt about that.

Life is not a competition. We can never be equal just like the five fingers are unequal but play special roles in tasks available.

If you should compete with anyone, it should be your self. Let not the achievements of your predecessors make you envious nor feel important than your contemporaries.

2. Protection
There are countless enemies out there waiting to see you fail. You and your dreams are vulnerable to destruction. Have you instituted any protection for your life, dreams, and properties?.

If not then this point of ‘tortoise inspiration’ is best for you. You need to safeguard your dreams. Not everyone needs to know about your dreams. Some wouldn’t love it. Mankind could be very toxic at any moment. I never forget to tell my readers about the “4 reasons not to trust anyone.”

You don’t choose enemies, enemies choose you instead. You know why?. Because you are very important and it hurts them. Never mind, don’t underestimate yourself.

Back to your safety; just like a tortoise, Marlow’s Hierarchy of Needs” theory begins with Psychological need followed by “Safety Need.” Are your dreams safe? Are you safe your self?. This hierarchy is a motivational theory with valuable lessons in life. Get familiar with all the 5 hierarchy need that affect your life by visiting “VeryWellMind – Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.”

Look at the tortoise, it has a strong armor which is its shell. No matter how strong the enemy is, the tortoise will be safe. With the exception of baby tortoises which are vulnerable to predators.

Derive inspiration from this creature and you would always be one step ahead of success. The following are some of the most important things to do ASAP:

3. Mind Your Own Business
A tortoise does not need the presence of friends to pursue whatever it intends to do. They are always on the course and often comfortable living a solitude life. Never will it try to harm any creature nor create confusion. “If you never trouble, trouble will never trouble you.”

What do you think is the best lesson to learn here?. It’s simple: “Mind your own business.”
Concentrate on your dreams and forget about all the negativities.

By minding your own business, you will live in peace, health and enjoy a long life. No wonder the tortoise can live for more than a century.

In Summation

Life is simple. Don’t complicate your self. From today onwards if you will take this very ‘tortoise inspiration’ serious, your life will never be the same.

To be successful or unsuccessful, it all depends on you. Life is a journey (expedition), life is war and so not a good place for the weak and people with mediocre minds.

You must be very strong in the worst situations you find yourself. If you are tired, it doesn’t call for quitting. Learn when to rest to revitalize yourself to pursue your journey.

“Winners never quit and quitters never win.”
– Vince Lombardi

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