Knowing How To Make The Best Decisions Can Bring Success To You

Never be deceived, you can’t run away from decision making. Knowing how to decide on your own shows real maturity. Learn how to break the chain of mental slavery today and make the best choices today. Your decisions can change your life and that of millions in this world.

 Decision making strategies in life to help you become fruitful
Decision making shouldn’t be a problem anymore. You have all you need right inside your head.

Deciding on something crucial can put you in an awkward moment for long. In life, there is nothing sweeter than being your own Boss in the house, at work, school, etc.

But the best of it all is being in full control of your daily routines. You choose what to say, where you go what to buy, whom to date whom to help, etc. You happen to be the initiator and the finisher of decisions that affect your life.

Deciding on something is just like a transport mechanism that sends your wishes, dreams, and hopes to their destinations. With the exception of faith. Why? Because faith is a transport machine on its own and it works miraculously. It is as simple as this:

Goals/DreamsDecision  ⇒ Action = Accomplishment.

The focus point here is making the best decisions that fulfill a goal.

Eye Opener

Is there any difference between decision and choice? Yes, of course.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the two as:

Choice is the opportunity or power to choose between two or more possibilities, it comes from “to perceive.”

Decision is the act of or need for making up one’s mind, it comes from “cutting off”, a report of a conclusion.

In short making, a decision is more of a working process that needs deliberations. It can take days, months, etc. to finalize it. Like a bill that needs to be passed by parliament to become law.

Making your own decisions is an awesome feeling but has got poisonous effects if you make poor and unwise decisions about anything. This brings us to the. “law of cause and effects .”

In this post, I will take you through some of the most important rudiments of living a life that yields a productive result. just like the farmer who plants in the rainy season and enjoys a bumper harvest in the dry season. As you find yourself reading this — don’t forget to read my post about “How To Make Good Choices.”

Most often decision-making becomes unavoidable?. I guess you have. But deciding on something without action is useless. It is like chasing the wind or fantasizing about your favorite girlfriend/boyfriend. Step into the real world and achieve your lofty goals. It is not all that simple but feasible.

Understanding The Power Of Decision Making

I often tell my readers that choice making is unavoidable. People make choices to become successful. Others also make choices to end up in hot waters.

On a more serious note making certain choices can end your life. Does any choice worth your very dear life?. Ask yourself. I am right here to help you avoid making ridiculous decisions that would inversely ruin your life and every precious thing you hold dear.

Making a decision through thinking

There is either a positive or negative result to every single step you take on this planet. You need to think twice before taking your own decision.

Decision-Making Hierarchy

There are various ways of choosing things in our day to day movement and administration. If you believe you are your own Boss and so you will abuse people and infringe on their human rights I write to remind you that your master is somewhere watching you.

One day you would pay for it. Even if you think you hold the highest authority on this planet— one-day “death” will humble you. Evil rulers who decide for people may think they are enjoying the power of rulership… There are consequences.

Initially, I told you making your own decisions is the sweetest thing you could ever enjoy. On contrarily someone making decisions for you all the time is the most painful thing you could experience in life.

Ask a slave or a prisoner how it feels to be confined. Ask a wife who is married to an abusive and autocratic husband how it feels to be like a puppet. That kind of feeling is not the desire of anyone. But some of us are unfortunate to fall into the grips of monstrous people.

The Awkward Moment Of Failing To Make Crucial Decisions

If you could always have the freedom or the privilege to make your own decisions you would be responsible for all the outcomes. When you get ‘glory’ you enjoy. If it is ‘shame/pain you face it.

The moment you abuse your own power of quality discretions you become a fool. Had I known is always at last. But every mistake you make offers valuable lessons. If you adhere, you will rise straight to the top. And if you fail to learn any lesson, you become a fool again for the second time.

Be smart enough when making your own decisions. Why?. Because all or greater part of the consequences and the repercussions befall on you.

Making Your Own Decisions Like A Wise King

There is a saying that “common sense” is not common to common people.” And as a matter of fact, you must be very diligent when making a choice or deciding on something.

Making Your Own Decisions

Foolish people love the crooked way that leads to pains, suffering, and death. Not that they love pains and death, it is the consequence of their impatience and recklessness. But I hope you are not in that category of people.

Even if you are a judgemental person, you must judge righteously. All the time you must pray for wisdom to make positive decisions.

Making Decisions That Bring Results

1. Be patient

Take a minute, contemplate what you are about to say or do. Look the mind is a very powerful weapon and it works faster than supercomputers(until recently).

If you are uncertain give yourself more time or days to make decisions that would have a long-term effect on you. If it is an impromptu situation – you are on a time bomb. You are running out of time or patience? add the second point(think).

2. Think

You have the gift of making the right choices and wrong choices. We call this “free will.” Use that simple but powerful lever called ‘brain.’ You can come out with something useful.

Don’t panic. Listen to your intuitions for it is always right. Understand that your accomplishment starts with the decision to try doing something you desire without being afraid.

3. Be Observant

What is the current situation of your environment like?. I mean the mood of everyone involved in your jurisdiction. Do you smell a rat or something fishy?.

Answering this question to yourself can help a great deal. You can act like a psychologist to read other’s minds or intentions.

4. Ask questions if necessary

When things are not clear to you ask questions. Inquire about why you must sign this, do this, or say that.

5. Seek help/advice

This mainly applies to make your own decision in a way that will make the result last for ages. Sometimes the scene itself will require official training.

Just like starting a business, entering into a marriage, etc. You would need the help of successful businessmen and counselors respectively. They are your mentors or role models.

If you fail the first 3 it means you have already made a stupid decision. Why? Because the first 3 points I have raised here test your conscious mind. It is instant action.

The result of your failure might be irreparable so be very careful when making your own decisions.

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