Is Your Anger Fierce Like That Of Hulk?:Here Is The Best Antidote For Proper Anger Management

Dealing with anger is not a joke. It is one of the hardest thing about human nature to bring under control. Anger as a negative emotion is normal among Human beings, and even among animals.

Dealing with anger message
Dealing with anger shouldn’t be a problem if you really want to deal with it. My friend, you are not the comic hero “Hulk”. You are a human being. Control your temper.

There is no human without anger. It’s a natural reaction common to us. We all have it. Some are quick to anger, others are slow to anger. Where do you belong?. Quick or slow?. In dealing with anger, the person in question has to control himself/herself.

Anger is not taught in school nor in the house. It is an inherent character. Surprisingly, day-old babies even have anger issues. The sinless man ever to live (Jesus Christ) once got angry.

Anger is not a sin, but how you drive it at people or things can make you sin or commit a crime. If you allow your anger to control you, you will cause havoc and sin against God.

Science asserts that an angry man is just like a mad man. We actually have mere anger which is “annoyance” and an extreme one call furious or fierce anger. Some also may call it rage. This emotional feeling often leads to destruction. You know why?.

It is a negative emotion that triggers the part of the fight response in your brain. Any negative emotion has the power to destroy your very dear life. Don’t allow it to go out of hand.

Anyone who is furious becomes a dangerous person. Because the said person goes through physical effects, such as increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, and increased levels of adrenaline. Dealing with anger when furious might take a lot of time. That increased blood rate has to take time to return to normal.

Before I continue with issues of dealing with anger; I would like to make it known that I dislike quick-tempered people. They can ruin beautiful things like friendship, gatherings, marriages, fellow humans, etc. easily. The Bible has this to say:

“Do not make friends with an angry person, and do not associate with a wrathful person, lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare” (Proverbs 22:24-25).

Angry hulk failing to control himself

Sarcastically, even that geeen monster(Hulk) is being tamable. You can control that emotion if you are really ready. Anger is a gateway for the devil to destroy people.

The moment you get angry, you lose your mind, lest you have “self-control”. We all get angry at some points in time. But if dealing with anger is a difficult thing for you; Then the devil can use you as a potential tool of destruction. Your madness has to stop before you regret doing anything silly.

“Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.”
—Mark Twain

I have seen and known how anger has plunged people into troubles. Some are in jail for failing to control their temper. Yeah getting mad for a few minutes or hours could make you the most stupid and poisonous person on earth.

Are You Ready To Change? — Take The Following Measures

I don’t recommend any medicine for anger control. But practical ways to help you deal with your anger issues. Do you even know that anger could be used to do something positive and productive?.

Yes, this is what we call energy transformation. People turn such kind of negative emotions into positive energy that makes them correct their mistakes, work harder, etc.

A student can transform his anger emotions into something positive by studying hard to hit a particular mark. Someone could also deal with his anger by challenging himself yo be successor at something.

Now, dealing with anger with the following strategies would keep you safe from all its negative effects.

1. Self Control:

Control yourself when anyone or anything upset you. Learn how to exercise restraint when people push you to the wall. Even if you get angry, don’t go too far. Don’t let your anger control you. Self-control can make people respect you. It shows maturity.

There is an African wise saying that states,” If you are taking your bath and a mad man take your clothes away; You don’t run after him”. Why would you run after him.? Just let go. You need to know how patience can bring respect and and genuine happiness into your life.

Let people know that you are sane enough to stay away from problematic people. Some will test your patience, but be a man enough to hold your anger. Yes!, cease-fire!.

2. Avoid Annoying Situations:

For better results when issues are heating up, walk away. Don’t stand and stare at your trouble maker. Just walk away. All the drama will happen at your back. You wouldn’t be there to see those exasperating moments to unleash your anger.

3. Pray about it

We all know dealing with anger is something hard for the person in question when it is so intense; It feels like someone is running away with your most valuable asset. Should you give a chase? Pray for patience, love and understanding. Tell God to touch your lionheart. Like I said earlier, the devil finds his way through people’s anger. An angry man wouldn’t mind stabbing his friend without a second thought.

Pray and God will drive that negative emotion away. God will surely listen to your prayers. And the devil wouldn’t find his way to make you do something and regret for the rest of your natural life on earth.

Anger is a powerful weapon of destruction. Never let it take control over your life. I believe this article on ” dealing with anger” has helped you a lot.

To other extend, rehab can also do a lot of help to calm down anyone whose anger has consumed him. I mean those who addicted to it and can’t break free.

If you fall into the “furious/quick-tempered” class, administer the three antidotes above. Believe me, you will conquer anger problems.

Those who are quick-tempered scare people away. Please don’t be a scary Person. Be lovable by dealing with your anger issues effectively. Be your own watch dog.

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