Productive Ways Of Getting Over Death Anxiety

It awaits us all and so there is no need to find it difficult forgetting over death Anxiety.

Getting over death anxiety
Getting over death anxiety

In life, there is nothing mysterious than death, and getting over death anxiety is not easy. Death can knock on anyone’s door at any moment and lay its icy hand on him/her.

Death has been people’s enemy since God cursed the first man(Adam)  to death. Actually, there is physical death and spiritual death according to the bible. Man is made up of body and spirit.

A person’s spirit could be destroyed by God in the judgment day if he lived life without knowing Jesus. If you are currently grieving the loss of a loved one — I will say it is enough. Find time to read these 13 Bible verses about death. It will give you enough inspiration to smile despite your loss.

Finding Cure For Death

Many spiritualists and scientists have tried to find a cure for death but they never succeeded.

♦. Alexander Bogdanov, a  doctor, science writer, and a political thinker tried to live forever through blood transfusion but he died.

♦. China’s first emperor Quin Shi Huangdi took immortality pills but he couldn’t cheat nature so he died too.

♦. In Ghana, a popular fetish priest known as Okomfo Anokye said he was going to find a cure for death but he never returned, although he was too powerful to the extent that he could even teleport.

These are few of the many people who tried to enjoy immortality but they failed.

God’s Viewpoint On Death

In fact, God hates immortality and so every man on earth must taste death and in this case, it’s not a strange thing to be ready for your death at any moment, i.e. if you a true Christian. No need to be afraid of death.

However, God knows what is best for everyone, he is ever ready to help his children. I would like to use the bible as a reference to this topic because it is the only source that explains the mysteries surrounding death.

In this article, you would find out why your steadfastness in God is the best option when you lose a loved one. The person could be your father, mother, sibling, friend, family member etc.

Getting Over Death Anxiety Through The Power Of Inspiration

All of my life I have waited for a moment like this to tell a bereaved person how necessary and rewarding it is for getting over death anxiety.

The moment we come to this earth as infants, we become vulnerable to death at any moment. It is part of us, the saddest part of living as a human being. Since we accept growth as a normal thing, accept aging as a normal thing; then we should boldly accept death as a normal thing as well.

Every true Christian believer like me wouldn’t ever be afraid of death. The secret here is when we die our spirit lives and that spirit would be smiling to spend eternity with Christ Jesus.

For any Christian who doesn’t believe in life after death, I wouldn’t keep mute. I want to iterate that the spirit leaves the body to wait for judgment and Jesus said he who believes has passed on from death to eternity. That is why we should encourage each other that getting over death anxiety is very important.

Verily, verily I say unto you, he that heareth my word and believed on the one that sent me hath everlasting life, and would not come into condemnation; is passed from death unto life” (John 5:24).

Find the best ways to get over death grievances
The struggle of getting over death anxiety could last for years

This kind of Life Jesus was talking about is what should give us the full inspiration to stop grieving over someone who has journeyed into a different world. Why wouldn’t you accept that in faith?.

Do you want that loved one to enjoy immortality on earth?. It is impossible. Each day 5600 people die.  Let it go and live your normal life, there are a lot more from the bible to inspire you. Acknowledge that you cannot change nor cheat nature so once again I say let it go.

Getting over death anxiety is one of the hardest things in life but as believers in Christ, we shouldn’t grieve too much over death. Drinking alcohol to get over the death of a loved one wouldn’t solve the problem, the alcohol will leave your body and you will realize you have done nothing good to keep on moving in life.

Be a man enough to face your fears, face reality and you will overcome any anxiety that will come your way. Is there anything painful on earth than death?. No, and never would anything be painful and heartbreaking than death but here we are living as mortals and so death is inevitable.

For helping anyone to get over death anxiety it takes courage and understanding about the journey we are all undertaking.

Death must come for every one of us since there is afterlife somewhere we mustn’t grieve too much over death. I remember when my primary teacher told me that those who have died are even safer than us living on earth right now.

In fact, this assertion was very hard for me to understand so he went ahead to explain that the dead person doesn’t see anything and doesn’t feel any pain, this doesn’t mean there is no consciousness after death; the body goes back to dust but the spirit lives fully conscious in await for judgment.

In ecclesiastics 12: 7, Solomon who is the wisest man ever to live on earth said that the body goes back to dust, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.

Honestly, the spirit leaves the body at death (Further reading: James 2:26; Luke 23:46; Acts 7:59). The body then begins to decay and finally turns into dust. Just like what God has purposed but as for us we can see and feel with our bodies.

So should if Christ Jesus returns now, those who wouldn’t be part of the rapture would undergo serious torments. Meaning we have to get ready for the rapture.

That concept alone drew fear in me making me think I wish I’m dead already. No pains and that was funny. When I grew up, I did more research to get more insight about death and its implications.

What I found made me strong and never afraid of death. Though it is so hard to get over death anxiety this anxiety doesn’t solve any problem and it would be good to ask yourself how would you die and live again in the afterlife.

Death Is Very Normal So Get Over It

The one who has died has become your predecessor and you too will follow later on. There is no cure for death but there is a cure for the bitter feelings it leaves in our hearts. At the end of this world, God will end death by wiping away all our tears.

If I ever say death is not painful then I would be a bloody liar but since every one of us would die, we should consider it as a normal thing and accept it with faith.

How long can you grieve over someone’s death in life to reverse that?. It wouldn’t ever happen, so all the time you used to grieve would be a wastage. Please, I don’t mean you shouldn’t grieve over a dear one’s death but I mean too much of it is bad.

Get over it as soon as possible. Jesus Christ himself who has power over nature grieved over Lazarus’s death.”Jesus wept, thus the people who had come to mourn said

“Look how much he loved him”(John 35 -36).

Death Grievance Experience

Here I share one story of mine; my grandmother who was a loving and caring woman died when I was young. She had been on sick-bed for a couple of weeks and at one dawn I heard an indistinct chattering “she is gone“, “she is gone“…It was around 4:45 am and I woke up knowing that my lovely grandma had kicked the bucket.

I was grieved, I shed tears, I prayed; “God let her come back to life for it is not too late”…The day broke and she was dead indeed. God didn’t wake her wake up for me as I had prayed. Feeling very sad I found it had to sleep without having her memories in my mind.

I had a couple of dreams about her and all these dreams were the same dream repeating itself. In the dream I saw her standing in a bamboo forest whiles I stand outside. I called her several times to get closer to me but she would be standing there staring at me.

Looking desperate, I decided to reach her by self but she also began moving further into the forest… In fact, this very dream haunted me for long and I felt like God was explaining to me the separation between the living and the death. Now I believe her soul is resting in perfect peace till we meet again.

Now I am a grown-up young man and I have lived to understand death as a Christian. It is so hard for many people to get over death’s grievance and certain people grieve to the extent that they also end up in the grave.

Things To Do When Getting Over Death Anxiety Seems Impossible

People who find it difficult to get over death grievances need companionship from friends and loved ones. People shouldn’t let them be alone, else the pains might force them to harm themselves.

And if you find yourself grieving over a loved one’s death, you can find inspiration from the bible or get yourself closer to people who can keep you busy from the grievances.

Get motivated by verses like this:

“For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ, which is far better” (Philippians 1:23).

Now you can see I cannot talk about encouraging someone getting over death anxiety without the bible because that is the only thing which inspires me and makes me smile to my own grave.

Whatever Kind Of Death Shouldn’t Make You Tremble

Getting over death anxiety is truly difficult but I would like to tell every Christian believer that, it wouldn’t be necessary to grieve over the death of an aged in the sense that there is nothing more left for the aged to enjoy on earth but to join the heavenly choir.

Imagine an aged who can’t even sit upright, nor talk, eat on his own, bath, clean himself up…. dies naturally. I believe it is the most adorable kind of death that anyone could have in life. And there is nothing beautiful than aging gracefully.

On the other hand, the death of a young person or youth is much painful because this very person has a lot of strength to live life to the fullest but inevitable death could lay its icy hands on him.

And whatever the situation or the kind of death one encounters it shouldn’t let you lose focus of life. Believers should understand life as a gateway of spending eternity with Christ Jesus so always be steadfast.

Today, children and adults are dying haphazardly from accidents, negligence of life, diseases, suicides and a whole lot.

Death is very normal but when you live life anyhow you will meet death early before your time. There are too many alcohol related death issues recorded. We can only blame ourselves for this.

And my question is are you a born-again Christian and are you ready to enjoy eternity in the afterlife? If your answer is “Yes” then getting over death anxiety with the positive mind is what I recommend.

Don’t let it be a tug of war. Just let it go. Jesus Christ died, rose from death on the third day, spent forty days on earth, ascended into heaven and just before that he assured believers that he is going to prepare a place for us and where he goes we shall be there with him. Amen.

Chilling Warning To The Arrogant

Finally, to those who feel too important, I mean any Homo-Sapien who is arrogant has to be cautious. I assure them that one day death would humble them. If you dare me, visit the morgue.

If I wouldn’t recommend anyone to grieve over a good person’s death then why would I ever do that for an arrogant or a wicked being? But in most cases, you would realize that the eulogies of wicked people are so pleasant to cover every evil deed associated with them.

Let say the person was a serial killer, died without having a thought of repentance. And his eulogies are full of sugar-coated appellations, in this case, are we being honest to ourselves?.

I understand the reason is to sympathize with the bereaved family. Well, I don’t agree with that. Getting over death anxiety shouldn’t be difficult any longer after reading this article.

Why don’t we face the truth and be free? Stay blessed. Don’t forget to share this article to encourage someone today. I welcome all feedback, contributions, and comments.

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