5 Things That Shorten Life Span:Don’t Be A victim Any More

In our 21st century, there are many things that shorten our lifespan. We are often not aware of them, but they are killing us slowly.

There are certain things that shorten life span.Example is mobile phone radiation.
Your life is precious. Let every minute of it count. Apply safety measures to live long. Don’t overlook at the little things that drain your life to be in your grave faster than usual. Stay safe.

We all like to enjoy life to the fullest, but there are certain things that shorten our lifespan. Many of us haven’t taken notice of that. It’s like a slow poison moving into our veins.

Today, I will share with you some jaw-dropping facts about some of the basic things we do that kill us slowly. Death is inevitable, but to dig your own grave faster than what nature has for you is quite sad.

Intense sensitization to the dangers of these things can help reduce the mortality rate in life. We ought to be very cautious about what we do every day and the kind of things we expose ourselves to in our environments.

Notable Things That Shorten Life Span

1. Mobile Phone

Our mobile phones have been our closest friends. Many of us can’t take one step outside our house without our mobile phones. Phones have become inseparable friends.

How does a mobile phone shorten lifespan?!. Phones use invisible rays of light for communication. It makes the phone generate a certain amount of radiation which is harmful to our health.

According to the “American Cancer Society” phone radiation causes cancer. A research group in Sweden also reported an increased risk of tumors on the side of the head where the phone is held.

There is evidence that longtime cell phone usage negatively affects brain tissue. Bear in mind that radiation becomes high when the phone’s battery is very low.

In order to protect yourself, you would need an anti-radiation sticker or solution to protect your life. Earpiece usage decreases the amount of RF waves that reach the head. Why not adopt this safety measure to enjoy a longer life on Earth? Remember, the earlier the better.

2. Sitting Down For Longer hours

Health experts have made us aware that improper sitting causes health problems in our spinal cords. Aside from that, sitting down for longer increases the risk of death.

Sitting down for more than 3 hours a day cuts off 2 years of your lifespan.

Researchers from Australia published that even regular exercise can’t prevent the negative effects of sitting down for long hours. That sounds weird, right? But it is factual. It is up to you to manage how to overcome this problem.

Most of us suffer from improper body posture. Can we prevent this practice from shortening our lives? Well, you can click here to read about the processes involved in giving your body a normal posture.

3. Too Much Television

It is hard to believe that watching too much television is one of the things that shorten lifespan. The rich men know about this secret, that is why they don’t spend several hours watching television.

We can learn some of these practices from rich men and other billionaires. Watching 2 hours of television a day increases the risk of dying early. It is as simple as this: Discipline yourself not to endanger your life with something that offers no value or less value to your precious life.

4. Dietary

Eating too much unhealthy food accelerates your death. Unfortunately, the stores and markets in our generation are polluted with chemical food items that are killing us slowly. Know which food items are made up of chemicals. Learn how to stay safe from chemical food to live longer.

Diets that are high in red meat and processed meat shorten life spans. It could cause Alzheimer’s disease, stomach ulcers, and cardiovascular diseases. Meat contains many carcinogens as well as saturated fat, which increases the mortality rate.

5. Sleep

Too much sleep or less sleep also shortens lifespan. The recommended sleep hours for everyone is “8 hours a day” Lack of sleep can cause health problems such as weight loss, memory problems, cancer, and other cardiovascular diseases.

You might be interested in my article on “why sleep is good for you”.It gives further insight into the importance of sleep and how to enjoy its benefits.

There is a saying that, health is wealth. , as a matter of fact, you must know how to value and protect this wealth to help you enjoy a longer life span. Even if you don’t have money take good care of your health — you will live long.

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