5 Simple Ways That Inspires People Dealing With Broken Heart To Smile

5 Simple Ways That Inspires People Dealing With Broken Heart To Smile

God is love and love is beautiful, but when a loved one is gone, it leaves a devastating moment in the lives of people. When your relationship breaks you would have to deal with a severe emotional pains. It’s time to check yourself.

dealing with broken heart
In dealing with broken heart, you need a positive mindset before you can take any further step.

As we live our normal lives daily, we must know that tomorrow is not promised. Anything can happen at any time. Today, the inspirational topic from African Paradise World is to inspire anyone dealing with a Broken Heart. Have you been broken-hearted?. Don’t worry much. You are not alone. A survey from eHarmony shows that 8,000,000 people in the UK alone suffered from ‘Broken Heart’ from the last 12 months.

To the married couples, here is a message for you. God detests separation. The Bible never condones divorce. Unless the reason is about infidelity. Even with that, you can choose to solve that amicably.

Before, I go ahead to inspire anyone in such a painful; Let us first understand something interesting about it.

The term broken heart was coined about 3000 years ago. The meaning is associated with both emotional and physical pains. Normally, the outcome of death or a romantic breakup brings about a broken heart.

In severity, it becomes “Broken heart syndrome” which looks a little like a heart attack. It leaves people with emotional trauma which can cause death very easily.

Anyone who has gone through a broken heart before will understand the excruciating pains people have to go through. The symptoms are numerous. Dealing with broken heart is not a joke.

The pain of a broken heart has sent many to their early graves. At least, let me give you some inspiration to overcome your pains. Broken heart pains are mostly known to come from a loss of a spouse or relationship breakup. But there is a different story somewhere else….when a beautiful relationship ends prematurely.

Simple Steps To Heal From The Pains

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1. Reset Your Mind

The first thing to do is about re-engineering your mind. Yes!, the mind processes all the emotional and physical pains. When you are in love, a chemical called dopamine floods your brain to make you happy. It reduces when you get broken-hearted.

The mind is the limit so if you are able to show positive vibes to your brain through positive mindset engineering, you will rise above your pains. “Feel good hormones” will flow through your brains.

2. Accept The Situation

What you have to do is to accept the situation. Did your lover break up with you?. Did death laid its icy hand on your loved one?. Don’t run away from this challenge. Face it and move ahead. There is nothing good in crying over spilled milk. And as a matter of fact, you can’t change the past. Yesterday is gone, bury all the bitter experiences and set yourself ready for tomorrow. Accepting your situation eases half of your predicament.

“Let go. Why do you cling to pain? There is nothing you can do about the wrongs of yesterday. It is not yours to judge. Why hold on to the very thing which keeps you from hope and love?”
-Leo Buscaglia

3. Use Encouraging Words Daily

In dealing with broken hearts, you must adopt the habit of saying encouraging words to yourself daily. Be positive over your challenge. You might not get anyone to inspire you so inspire yourself with positive words, especially when you are about to sleep. If the broken heart has left you with insomnia, you can overcome it. You can have sound sleep and wake up with hope the following day. Oh! YES, you can!.

4. Believe In Finding Someone Else

Besides, believe that everything is not over. Your life hasn’t come to an end. There are 7 billion people in this world and many of them are ready to make you happy. Believe in yourself that you will find someone to replace whatever you have lost.

5. Let God Take The Wheel

Since there is a lovable God who comforts us in times of trouble; Dealing with broken heart should be a thing of the past. God delights in our happiness. Pray to him to comfort you. He will help you spiritually and emotionally to become strong. All your physical pains will vanish miraculously.

“The Lord is near the broken-hearted; he is the savior of those whose spirits are crushed down.”(Psalms 34:18).

“He heals the brokenhearted, and bandages their wounds.”(Psalms 147:3)

Surely, God is closer to you, he will comfort you and replace everything you have lost. Have faith in God and pray daily.

Practical Ways To Help You Deal With Broken Heart

A break-up or loss of a spouse is one of the most painful things in life. It can leave painful and everlasting memories.

1. Change Your Lifestyle

In a situation like this, you have to change your lifestyle. I mean, forgo anything that reminds you of your ex or loss of a spouse.

If it’s some kind of music that reminds you of your ex, quit. If it is a kind of gift(like love cards, birthday cards, jewelry, etc.) that reminds you of the past, stop using them.

2. Break The Shackles

Break free from anything that sends instance memory of your ex. Rearrange your room settings and change anything that reflects on the relationship you had together.

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Looking at your old photographs might worsen your emotional pains. Why not hide them somewhere. Live life like it never happened.

3. Socialize

Socialize to reduce loneliness and overthinking. Dealing with broken heart is similar to dealing with depression. But depression is one of the symptoms of a Broken heart. You can also read my post on the 6 ways to deal with depression. Depression alone kills millions of people. Don’t fall victim.

Never Take In Alcohol or Hard Drugs

Don’t try to drink or smoke to deal with your broken heart. Be a man enough to face it and you will overcome it. Alcohol will worsen your feelings if it leaves your body.

The Bottom-line On Dealing With A Broken heart

A broken heart is not all about the death of someone you love. It is not also all about romantic love break up. Sometimes other things like disappointment, bad news, etc. can result in a broken heart.

Being in a relationship that is not based on true love is likely to end painfully. It is up to you to find out whether you are in a fake relationship or not Falling in love is normal but to fall for the wrong person is abnormal.

In the event of death, it is very unfortunate. Because death is inevitable. The best thing you can do is to look at the brighter side of death. This will make you know that death is not the end. There is still hope.

Remember that you are not alone. Those who are bold enough to fight their challenges are the real champs. Be one today.

Did you find this post helpful?. If “Yes”, then don’t forget to share with friends, families, and loved ones. I welcome your comments, contributions, and feedback.

NB: If you are a Christians who have been broken-hearted, I dearly recommend reading my recent post about these encouraging verses for the scriptures. You need that soul within you alive happy, content, and hopeful about the future. God can do that now. It is not too late. Somebody loves you. God loves you.

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